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Egypt: Another Christian Girl Kidnapped; Indifferent Police Complain about Muslims Dying in Syria

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By Coptic Solidarity The 20-year-old Christian youth was on her way to St. George Church in Sohag governate during the early morning but never returned, according to her brother during a video interview.

The family later received a phone call from a certain “Muhammad” who said that if they wanted to see the girl again they’d have to ransom her for 250,000 Egyptian pounds.

When her brother went to the authorities, the head captain told him, “So what, one Coptic girl missing? Look at how many millions of Muslims are dying in Palestine. Who would’ve thought so many millions of Muslims would die in Syria?  And you’re bothering us about one girl?”

When her brother said “That’s not our issue, these are different countries, we are here to find our missing sister,” the captain, somewhat sarcastically responded, “Sure, go right ahead, look on.”

The family went to another police department but they responded in the same way—again mentioning how Muslims are dying, so how can they worry about one missing Christian girl?

According to her brother, not one person in authority did a single thing; nor did they even pretend that they would.

He concluded by saying that, word among people in the street is that there is a certain sheikh, living in a certain street, who has many kidnapped girls.  The police know exactly about him, and yet no one is doing anything about it.



  1. Chris says:

    I pray that the Lord will give bring conviction to the hearts of this family’s neighbors and city, and that there will be Muslims also who bristle at kidnapping anyone’s daughters for profit. May God provide this young lady with a means to escape.

  2. bwdell says:

    Also praying for justice and for God to rescue.

  3. charles walter doughty Evangelist says:

    Isaiah 28:15-18 speaks of a covenant with death. God said it will not stand. Only Jesus could covenant with death and Hades-sheol and emerge victoriously. Mohammed covenanted with death and death swallowed him up forever. His disciples covenant with death consistently. They have a hopeless cause and destiny and rather than humble themselves and seek HIm who has the key to death and hades, they rise up in wretched anger and seek to kill, torture and humiliate others. Their God of death has deceived them,
    Those Muslims who die in Syria, Palestine or other areas may be innocent but they are not kidnapped, murdered and humiliated by terrorists. There is a difference between war causalities and macabre torture and butchery. A murderer cannot murder to celebrate his religious cause, kidnap, rape, humiliate girls and sell them into sensual bondage and expect grace from God or man.
    God is not mocked, “What a man sows, he shall also reap!”.

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