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Pray for Leah Sharibu #FreeLeah

This teenage girl still suffers as a captive of the Islamic Boko Haram group in Nigeria. They call her an infidel, an unbeliever, beneath them and deserving of punishment. They say she will be their ‘slave for life’.

Why, what has she done? In the face of evil, this young girl refuses to recant her faith in Christ and convert to Islam…come what may.

Our ‘sister’ is in chains for Christ. Pray as if you were held captive with her, as you would want others to pray for you. #FreeLeah #Pray4Leah

Tonight on Persecution Watch: Prayer Requests from the Persecuted (Dec. 3, 2019)

Voice of the Persecuted (VOP) supports Christians suffering the worst kind of abuses for their Christian faith. The one thing they all have in common is they live in highly restricted Islamic nations or regions. We strive not only to help them with their physical needs, but also their emotional and spiritual needs. Prayer is certainly one of the most important aspects of our mission. There has not been a single conversation or communication without a request for prayer, never. VOP is always available, day or night, to act and pray when they have urgent requests.

We stay in contact and ask them to share specific prayer needs with us each week. Tonight we ask that you join us on the Persecution Watch conference call to pray for the immediate spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those we are caring for and another we hope to help in the future. Lord willing we can continue to do so. Women and children are always the most vulnerable where ever people are oppressed. On tonight’s call, we will be praying for two women who fled severe persecution but have not reached a permanent nation of safety. These women have also been a part of an underground movement to share the Gospel of Jesus with the lost. Their hearts still burn with the desire to share the Word of God with all.

This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14

We trust and believe God hears our prayers! Please join the call and unite in Spirit led prayer for these dear ones. Your prayers make a huge difference in the lives of our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. (See prayer points below call details)

In Christ love,

Lois Kanalos, VOP Founder

Nadia Dybvik and Merlaine Smokes, Prayer Call Moderators


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What is Persecution Watch?
Persecution Watch is a U.S. national prayer conference call ministry that prays specifically for the global Persecuted Church. For over a decade, Blaine Scogin has led this national network of believers who faithfully pray for the persecuted and the global harvest for the Kingdom of God. The group meets via a free call-in service every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at 9pm Eastern (please check your time zone). Blaine also serves as Prayer Director for Voice of the Persecuted.

On occasion, persecuted brothers and sisters have been invited on the call to share the trials they’re facing. The team serves to encourage them by washing their feet in Spirit led prayer. Time is often reserved for those on the call to ask questions. We believe this helps to gain a better understanding of the situation that persecuted Christians endure in their specific nations. Q&A also helps us to focus our prayers based on their current needs.

Persecution Watch also hosts callers who want to pray united from other nations. If your heart is perplexed by the sufferings of our persecuted brothers and sisters, you no longer need to pray alone. We welcome all who desire to pray for the persecuted church and consider it a joy to pray together with you. If you’re new to the call and can’t find your voice, listen in and pray silently or on mute. We are grateful and thank the Lord for bringing us all together to pray in agreement for our persecuted family in Christ.

Meet you on the call!

Prayer Points 

For Neda:

  • Please pray for her daughter who is suffering the pain of leaving all she knew, her friends, church family, and particularly her grandmother and aunt. She still has nightmares of authorities raiding her house and taking family from the home. Please pray for peace for her and that she can trust in Jesus in the midst of her pain.


  • Pray for Neda’s family members to be absolved of any charges and able to join her in the near future.


  • Pray for the situation of the country they fled to as things have deteriorated for people in her ethnic group, among others, in this nation. Please pray that she can get to a safe country soon with her daughter.


  • People tell her that it is not wise to be evangelizing since they could be further endangering themselves. They are careful but the same way they never stopped sharing about Jesus in the home country, they cannot stop sharing about Jesus in this new place and many are coming to Christ. Pray for wisdom and protection for them. Please pray for the new believers that they would grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.


For Maryam:

Maryam cried and cried when she heard that there would be other believers praying for her. She said when she heard it, she fell on her knees and cried out and thanked God. She felt God’s love and provision when she heard others praying for her. She felt that she was not alone and that she had brothers and sisters standing with her in prayer.

This is the reaction the persecuted have when they hear you are praying for them. In Christ, connected in love and concern as true brothers and sisters. Somehow a weight is instantly lifted and God gives them the strength to press on.

  • She is very sick and has not been able to leave her bed. She believes she has an ear infection, but the earliest that the doctors will see her is in a few weeks. Please pray for healing for her and that she would be able to get treated soon.


  • A generous donor was able to cover Maryam’s living expenses for the month of December. She had been saving and not using heat. With this donation she was able to call someone immediately and connect heating back in her apartment. She was in tears knowing that she would be warm this winter.


  • She wants prayer for her son who is left behind in her home country. She is worried about him and wants prayer that God would guide him and direct him in his life and to provide for him.


  • Maryam specially wants prayer for her walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. That her character grow in Jesus and that she would be a good example and witness to those around her and that they would come to know our Lord and Savior.




Tonight on Persecution Watch: I Hear Your SOS

(Voice of the Persecuted) As I head out to my local grocery store, a new song plays on the radio in my car and I listen.  Right away my mind quickens my heart and I think of the children and young teenagers of Northern Nigeria.  The words to the song sing on the airwaves,

“You are not hidden.  There’s never been a moment you were forgotten.   You are not hopeless, though you have been broken.  Your innocence stolen.  I hear you whisper underneath you breath.  I hear your SOS – your SOS.  I will send out an army to find you in the middle of the darkest fight – it’s true.  I will Rescue you.”

About the same time as Lauren Daigles song hit the airwaves here in the States, I noticed a news article that popped up on my phone.  It was a story of two young Nigerian girls, Binta Umma and Maimuna Musa.  They had been kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2016.  The girls’ family members were killed in front of them and they were taken away deep into the forest.  There in the jungle and far from home, or any help, they were married off to Boko Haram soldiers.  They were verbally and physically abused, often food was withheld, and they were forbidden to leave their grass huts.  One of the girls became pregnant and gave birth at age 14, but within a year the baby died from a fever.

The soldier husbands decided it was time for their wives to become suicide bombers.  They told the girls to think more of God and begin to prepare for their mission.  Boko Haram often deceive women by telling them they will not die on such a mission.  Others said that even if you die you will be in paradise.  Both girls were scared when they heard they would be forced to carry a bomb to kill people.  They had only two choices, escape or die.  The militants readied the girls in a four-day training period. They were told where to go, how to explode the bomb, and where they could find potential victims.

Binta lamented that as soon as the vest was tied to her body, she lost any hope of survival.  The militants sent her out on a day when that was cloudy with no sunshine. She walked until she reached a major road and looked for soldiers to rescue her.  She did not want to attack people; she didn’t want to die.  Both girls having similar stories and tell of how they just kept walking until they found government soldiers.  They did find them and fortunately for these girls, the soldiers were looking for them too.

These were not your typical soldiers trained in warfare, but rather trained to disarm children and teens who were being used as suicide bombers.   They were looking for children with bombs strapped to them. They could help them by disarming, detonating or destroying the bombs strapped to their bodies. These soldiers were on a very dangerous mission to set these young ones free and stop an attack before it happened.  These are a new breed of soldiers called EOD specialists who work for the Nigerian government and trained by the US Army.  They risk their own lives in order to set these children free from the suicide mission they have been forced to perform by Boko Haram.  This scene is played out over and over in Northern Nigeria.  A place where it is estimated that Boko Haram is holding 10,000 plus children captive and enslaved—waiting to send them on a deadly suicide mission.

Today, Nigeria is a country rich in oil and natural gas.  It’s seeking to present itself as the image of modern Africa, but the country is far from united.  The country has nearly 200 million people with 230 different ethnic groups and in the year 2050, Nigeria is expected to out-populate the USA.  Although Nigeria collects billions of dollars in oil revenue each year, more than 60% of Nigerians live in poverty.  Many on less than $2 a day.  In the North East, the poverty rate is even higher.  The nature of governance in this area is poor to begin with.  Poverty, illiteracy, a high infant mortality rate, inequality, along with neglect by those with political power have helped sow a rebellious brand of Islam in the North East.   Islamist leaders use as their role model one of the world’s most brutal and dogmatic Islamist movements.  It is a recipe for disaster and a watershed about to burst.   Millions have been dispersed having to flee their villages where Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsman have waged a so-called Holy war.  No one is safe. Not a Christian or a Muslim.  If you do not conform to the extreme interpretations of the Quran, you are considered an infidel and hunted down and killed.

Lauren’s song “Rescue” continues…There is no distance that cannot be covered over and over.  You’re not defenseless.  I’ll be your shelter.  I’ll be your armor.  I hear you whisper underneath your breath.  I hear your SOS-your SOS.  I will send out an army to find you in the middle of the darkest night- it’s true.  I will rescue you.  I will never stop marching to reach you in the middle of the hardest fight- it’s true. I will rescue you.

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world.  On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds!  2 Corinthians 10:4

Below is a list of prayer points for tonight’s Prayer Watch call.  You are invited to join us as we pray for the Children of Nigeria. We will take up our weapons of righteousness and do battle in prayer on behalf of these dear children and the nation of Nigeria.  The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective and Jesus wins…Jesus wins every battle!  James 5:16

Sister Leigh, Prayer Team Moderator

Prayer Points following call details

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Prayer Points:

Groups, like Boko Haram, who align themselves with ISIS strap bombs to the waists of young children and teens.  They call them ‘cub fighters’.  These children and teens who number more than 10,000 are held against their will and are sent into marketplaces in villages or anywhere else people gather.  At least 57 children and teens have died in northern Nigeria after being forced to carry out suicide missions. 67% of them were girls.

🙏 Let’s Pray for these dear ones. Pray that the love of Jesus would reach them.  Pray that they would not be lost in suicide missions, but that Jesus would make a way of escape for them.  Pray that they would find freedom from the bondage of the teachings of the Quran and would come to know Jesus and His great love for them.

As you can imagine, finding these children in dense forests and roads to disarm, detonate the bombs is a VERY dangerous job.  Many of the EOD Soldiers have lost their own lives in trying to dismantle the bombs.  Boko Haram also uses remote control devices to set the bombs off if the children try not to complete their mission.  When an EOD soldier is approaching the child or teen, a Boko Haram member is following them and will detonate the bomb as soon as the soldier reaches the child.

🙏Pray for the brave team of EOD Soldiers.  Pray for their protection.  Pray that they will continue to find ways to stay a step ahead of the tactics of Boko Haram and find new ways to deal with them.  Pray for the US Army personnel who are willingly helping these brave soldiers to fight the war on Boko Haram’s suicide bombing practices.  Pray for their salvation and a continued amount of success!   

Nigeria has millions of professing Christians, but the church has been largely silent on the mounting situation with Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsman.  Part of that is because of disunity between the different denominations.  Only recently has the church begun to come together to act as one body and stand together on this.

🙏Let’s pray that the church would rise up and become fully unified.  Pray that the Christians would unite in prayer and find commonalities between themselves so that they would stand strong together and that they would take up the sword of Truth, the Word of God and put on their Shields of faith and stand together and begin to seek Heaven for an end to the reign and rule of Boko Haram over their people and lands.  God says that if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and I will heal their land. 

The situation in Northern Nigeria needs international attention.  If left without restraint or the attention of the media the situation is likely to become a watershed of people fleeing to European nations ill equipped to handle the massive migration of the millions of people who are already displaced by Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsman and the death toll will rise just as it did like the war in the Rwanda genocide where 1/2 million people were slaughtered before anyone acted.  People in Nigeria are begging for help.  They are asking if anyone in the West is listening?

🙏Pray that the news media will report in headline news the situation in Northern Nigeria with Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsman.  Pray for Leaders around the world and the United Nations to sound the alarm and respond to the crisis.  Former Congressman Frank Wolf from Virginia is urging Christians here in the US to call their congressman and ask that a special Envoy be appointed so that we can be informed and begin to step in to respond to the needs of this crisis.  In the past, appointing a Convoy has been a successful pathway to resolving conflicts such as this.

🙏Let’s Pray that there will be a barrage of media cover and attention given to this crisis.  Pray that the stories of these children and teens will get into the news media outlets and across the internet.  Pray that Churches and aid groups will become informed and made aware of the needs of Nigerians and will willing help and pray.  Pray that world leaders and the United Nations will take action to stop Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsman.

Jihadist believe Islam will not be lost in Nigeria. They have chosen this area because of the country’s vulnerabilities. Based on statistics, they dream Nigeria will outpace the USA in population by 2050 and be a nation for Allah.

🙏Let’s Pray that the plans of the enemy will not be successful.  Let’s Pray for the militants of ISIS, Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsman that Christ will be victorious in their lives.  Pray that they come to know that Allah only offers the way of destruction and Jesus offers the Way, the Life and the Truth.  Pray that these who have been deceived will have a desire to lay down their weapons of warfare and trade them for weapons of righteousness found only in Jesus Christ and be set free. 

Leah Sharibu is one of the 100 schoolgirls abducted from Dapchi School in Nigeria on February 19, 2018.  Because Leah would not renounce her faith in Jesus Christ, she has been held captive while her other classmates where let go. Boko Haram has declared her to be a slave for life.  As Christians, we know that in Truth Leah will never be a slave to Boko Haram because of her declared love and confession of faith in Christ. She is now a bond servant to the Lord Jesus Christ, and no one can ever separate her from His Love.

🙏Let’s pray for endurance and continued grace for Leah to handle the challenge with which she has been given.  Pray that while she is in captivity she is surrounded by the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Pray that she is unharmed.  Pray that she is able to testify to others the love of her Savior and given the grace and strength to show compassion on her captors.  Pray that God will make a way of escape for her and she will be set free.  Pray that the world knows who Leah Sharibu is and that Leah’s captivity and testimony will not go unnoticed.

With an ever-exploding population, is Nigeria is ripe for the Harvest?

🙏Lets Pray audacious prayers that those 200 million souls will not be lost to Islam or any other deception but instead there will be a sweeping move of the Spirit of God across the land of Nigeria and the Harvest will be great in so much that it will turn that 200 million number on its head for Jesus Christ!  Pray for the Harvest!  Pray for the Rescuer of Nigeria to be Victorious!

And finally, does prayer work? Yes, it does!  Recently 6 girls who were abducted were released.  Their parents said that every time Boko Haram would call to demand a ransom, they could hear the girls in the background being tortured but they kept praying.  Many others also prayed for their girls and today they praise God for the release of their loved ones, and they attribute the prayers of the Christians to the release of their children!


(Voice of the Persecuted) Leah Sharibu was taken captive on February 19, 2018 by the Islamist militia, Boko Haram. October 26th marks twenty months of Leah’s captivity and concerned citizens will gather in Washington DC, and across the globe, to pray for her safe release and call on governments to act on Leah’s behalf. To give all an opportunity to pray, Persecution Watch has scheduled a call-in event for those unable to attend a physical location. See details below

The Nigerian government was able to negotiate the release of her 104 classmates but because Leah refused to convert to Islam, she remains in captivity and the government has been less than forthcoming about securing her release. Although Nigerian leaders have made occasional pronouncements and assurances throughout her captivity, Leah remains a hostage and her family continues to wait and pray for her release. After false hope and unmet expectations, it is unknown what this Christian girl is having to endure solely for her Christian beliefs. Leah is not alone in her plight. Christians around the world are persecuted daily for their faith, facing threats of beating and death, and are often forced to flee their homes for fear of retribution.

Nadia Dybvik, Persecution Watch team moderator, who will be leading the call-in event shared,

Nadia Dybvik of Persecution Watch Photo: Voice of the Persecuted

“As a young girl in Italy, I was very shy, didn’t have many friends and often felt lonely and depressed. I remember looking up to the vast and beautiful sky dreaming that somewhere over the clouds was a mighty God in a mighty big mansion. I hoped for Him to look down and take me up with Him. I imagined it was a place of peace flowing with love. I wanted to go there and to be with this mighty God. That was so many years ago and I realize now that l genuinely didn’t know our mighty and loving God back then.

I am no longer that lonely, depressed, shy little girl. 36 years ago, I gave my life to Him and finally became a child of God. He has come into my heart and forgiven me for all the wrongs I have done.

“For God so loved the World that He gave HIs only son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

As I look at the picture of this young girl named Leah, my memory brings me back in time when I was her age and my heart cries. If I had known Him then would I stand firm or would I deny Him so that my life would be spared? I hear His Word, “If you deny me, I will deny you”

Oh, what a faith to have at such a young age. Leah knows the Lord as her Savior, and when she looks up in sky, she knows for sure the true Living God. What a mighty work the Lord is doing through this young girl, what a testimony to all. I’ve never met her but love her so dearly. She loves Jesus this I know. I pray that I too will demonstrate my faith in Christ as firmly under all circumstances.

After her kidnapping, at only 14 years old, she wrote a note to her family.

“I know it is not easy missing me…I am confident that one day I shall see your face, if not here then there at the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

As I read Leah’s note to her mom, I hear Him whispering a very familiar verse to me,

“Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering” Hebrews 13:3.

How can I not obey? I will remember and I will Pray! I’m asking, “Will you also pray for Leah and the many brothers and sisters in this world suffering for their faith in Christ?” I personally invite you to join the call-in event.

Thank you for standing with Leah and the persecuted church. I look forward to meeting and praying with you on the call!”

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1 p.m. EDT
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If you would like to host a vigil for Leah or find one near you, please visit pray4leah.org for more information.

Persecution Watch is a prayer call ministry dedicated to praying for the persecuted. The weekly Persecution Watch Prayer Call meets at 9 pm Eastern every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  For more info contact: pwprayercall@gmail.com  

Prayer vigil on October 26, 2019 for Leah Sharibu in Washington D.C. #FreeLeah #ItsTime

A global prayer vigil will take place on October 26, 2019 for Leah Sharibu.  For those unable to attend the D.C. vigil, information is provided on the Pray For Leah website to help you find or host a prayer vigil for Leah in your area.

Leah was abducted by the Boko Haram on February 19, 2018 with more than 100 of her classmates in Nigeria. She was the only Christian who was abducted and the only one who was not released because she refused to deny Christ. It is time to bring her home. Go to http://www.pray4leah.org to find a vigil near you. #Itstime #FreeLeah

Voice of the Persecuted is asking you to pray and to be a voice by spreading the word on social media, at your church, and in your community. Voice of the Persecuted will be at the vigil in Washington D.C.. If you’re attending, we hope to see you there!

We encourage you to also sign the petition urging the president of Nigeria to secure the release of Leah. SIGN HERE

Nigeria: President ready to negotiate with Boko Haram for release of 200+ Schoolgirls


Chibok Schoolgirls forced to convert to Islam by Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria

NIGERIA Voice of the Persecuted (VOP) Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, a former dictator, who took office in May, stated he had no new intelligence on over 200 schoolgirls (majority Christians) kidnapped nearly two years ago in April 2014. His government is now willing to negotiate with any “credible” Boko Haram leadership for the release of the schoolgirls. Their case captured international attention when it made global headlines. We pray for their return as for the thousands of girls kidnapped during the course of 6 years, yet rarely cover by the media.

276 girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants from their school in the town of Chibok in northeast Nigeria. Some of girls were able to escape soon afterwards, but nothing has been seen or heard from around 200 of the girls since a video released, last May.

This video shows a clip of the girl in the 2014 video. One girl describes seeing some of the schoolgirls months later during her captivity.

In a radio broadcast, President Buhari said, “We are prepared to negotiate with them without precondition.” He relayed they wanted to make contact and added, “we are looking for a credible Boko Haram leadership that will confirm that the girls are alive.”  “We want to be sure that they are complete, safe.”

He said it was the honest truth that the government has no information on the girls, including their health condition.

In their six-year terror campaign to create an independent Islamic state in Nigeria, Boko Haram has brutally slaughtered thousands of people. 2.2 million people have fled their communities, many completely razed, now refugees in their own land. They are called IDP’s, Internally Displaced Persons.

Last week, Buhari’s announced that “technically” the group had been defeated. But his words proven false by a wave of attacks and suicide bombings that killed over 50 people, injuring many more in the weary northeast of the country.

Sources on the frontlines told Voice of the Persecuted(VOP), “Our hearts are heavy. They claim they are meeting the December dead line even after lives have been lost. We have come to lose confidence in our military. In regards to last week’s attacks, we were told some had to flee for safety, but things have improved.

Buhari, a Muslim, mentioned to journalists that he could ban the wearing of hijabs or other headwear by Muslim women if insurgents continue to use veiled females to carry out suicide attacks. “Hijab will have to be banned if this continues,” he said.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu stated on Friday,

“Everything will be done to balance national security requirements with the rights and obligations of citizens under their religions as protected by the constitution.”

While noting that the increasing abuse of the Hijab by terrorists to perpetrate criminal mass murder and other atrocities is a reality, he asserted that the government would address the security challenge in consultations with Muslim leaders so as to find a workable solution.

Today, President  Buhari said a committee to rehabilitate infrastructure and resettle IDPs will soon be inaugurated.

The committee, will be led by a frontline statesman, Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, a retired lieutenant general. It will also include Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, a statement by spokesperson, Garba Shehu, said.

Buhari announced that all forms of assistance and aid in this respect, generated locally and from foreign countries as promised by the Group of Seven of Industrialized Countries (G7) would be channeled through the committee when inaugurated.

He said he had compiled a list of damaged infrastructure,including schools and bridges and handed it to the leaders of the G7 and the United States, adding that “I didn’t ask for a Kobo (in cash). It is up to them to choose what they will undertake. Already, some of them have sent teams to verify our assertions.”

He also decried the impact of the Boko Haram violence on women and children, declaring that they are its worst victims.

“In the North-East, what I saw for myself and on those clips is a source of concern for people with conscience,” he said. “They are mostly women, and children who are orphaned. Some of them don’t even know where they come from. This is the pathetic situation in which the country has found itself.”

He said the fight for the return of the Chibok girls was ongoing and “continues to be a most worrying issue” to his government, emphasizing that the administration will do all within its powers in making the best efforts to secure their freedom.

Based on latest assessment reports, many areas remain too dangerous for return. It’s also believed the planned closings of government IDP camps will not be possible as seen with the latest attacks. Boko Haram is not defeated and still remains a deadly threat.

VOP is aiding an IDP camp caring for Christians who have faced incredible persecution. Nearly every person has lost loved ones, at the hands of Boko Haram militants. The road ahead is long, both physically and emotionally. The well project to protect these dear ones from disease has begun! The the ground appears very difficult and after drilling to a great depth, drillers feel the need to change location. Pray this project goes smoothly and more funds will not be necessary to finish the well. Daily, those in the camp draw water from a local well and must carry the water back to the camp. It’s also believed to be contaminated by overuse causing an outbreak of Cholera.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Much help is needed to continue covering basic needs for persecuted families, orphans and widows in the camp, approx. 400 people. Your gifts make it possible to get food, clothing, medical needs/care and fresh water to the suffering. These brothers and sisters need us to step up.

Together with your generous help, we can reach the goal to alleviate horrific suffering. In darkness and desperation, let us serve in love, with open arms and giving hands to provide light and hope.


Everyday, we thank God that He is working through you to care for His children and further His Kingdom! As you greatly bless others, may God continue to bless you. Thank you so much for your support. We couldn’t do it without you!
You may also send your gift to:

2740 Third St
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Rape Swept Under The Rug in Pakistan

(Voice of the Persecuted) We’ve have learned a heartbreaking story out of Pakistan that has been ‘swept under the rug,’ not reported in the media or in Police headquarters.  Through our contacts we have been told about the fate of a Christian girl.  This girl took employment with a family in Pakistan cleaning, and serving the family.  It’s common in Pakistan for a family to have another woman in the house to help clean, and care for the families children.  She lived in a small quarter of the employers home.  We are told that when the man’s wife was away, this man would take the girl and rape her.  This happened many times.  The girl was so ashamed thinking that she did something wrong, she didn’t want to talk about it.  This too is the normal behavior for rape victims.  When she finally  report it to the authorities, the man wasn’t charged. She quickly withdrew her statement after threats to her and her family.  He threatened to kill her brother and her family.  She was victimized for several years before the girl was able to leave. My heart breaks for this precious girl and others who have endured such trauma.   It happens repeatedly in Pakistan and gang rapes are also frequent, but not often reported to the police or reported in the media.

Rights workers and activists in Pakistan say that the police attitude is that if a girl comes forward to report a rape, she is shameful and has defamed her family.  Automatically they say she is lying.  And many times the burden of supplying 4 witnesses as sharia law commands is impossible.  The courts will not allow DNA evidence even when it proves guilt.  In January of last year, a girl was raped, killed and hung from a tree in the Layyah district in Punjab.  This case mirrored one in India where a girl was gang raped and found hanging from a tree.  In March of last year a young girl was gang raped, and then set herself on fire in protest after the police released the men responsible without pressing charges.  Five men kidnapped her at gunpoint and raped her.  Her brother said this:  “She was already depressed after going through the trauma, but after the release of the accused, she lost all hope of getting justice and set herself on fire,”  There is no justice for these heinous acts.  Rape and domestic violence against women are widespread in Pakistan.  From what we hear Human Rights abuses in Pakistan abound, especially with women and minorities, and often within the Christian population.

Some facts about domestic violence in Pakistan:

  • Domestic violence in Pakistan is an endemic social problem. According to Human Rights Watch, it is estimated that between 70 and 90 percent of women and girls in Pakistan have suffered some form of abuse.
  •  An estimated 5000 women are killed per year from domestic violence, with thousands of others maimed or disabled.
  •  The majority of victims of violence have no legal recourse.
  • Law enforcement authorities do not view domestic violence as a crime and usually refuse to register any cases brought to them.
  • Given the very few women’s shelters in the country, victims have limited ability to escape from violent situations.

Reporting of these abuses is very difficult.  “Freedom of the press is allowed but any reports critical of the government policy or critical of the military is censored. Journalists face widespread threats and violence making Pakistan, one of the worst countries to be a journalist in, with 61 being killed since September 2001 and at least 6 murdered in 2013 alone.  Tv stations and news papers are routinely shut down for publishing any reports critical of the government or the military.”

While everything is portrayed as normal, these awful abuses are taking place.   And this only covers one aspect of the abuses coming out of Pakistan.  Christians are killed and imprisoned on an almost daily basis.  Asia Bibi is still in prison awaiting a death sentence by hanging because she was a Christians and took a drink from a Muslim well.  Pakistan is one of the top receivers of aid from the West and the US.  It’s time to hold these countries accountable.

Nigerian Christians-The Wearing Down Of The Saints

Members of self-defence groups against Boko Haram to Gombi in February 2015. (VOA-Wikimedia commons)

Members of self-defence groups against Boko Haram to Gombi in February 2015. (VOA-Wikimedia commons)

As violence escalates, threats abound and body counts rise, we pour over reports from Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon for the latest on the developments in in the fight against Boko Haram. We see nations joining together in this fight, governments accusing one another, allegations of corruption and all manner of evil being manifest.  Threats of evil growing and threats to conform nations to world views.

What else are we witnessing?  The faithful being led to slaughter as lambs.  The heartbreaking grief of their families. The world with it’s watchful eyes, some in shock, some in fear, some in disbelief.  We watch the faith of our brethren in the midst of evil, in spite of the fear they face.  We see them crying out to the global community for help.  Crying out to the world body of Christians for prayer.

In a report shared by BBC, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos said 

“Brothers and sisters, there is no better time to storm the heavens with prayers and petitions than now.”

What we are seeing particularly in larger areas like Maidaguri is the wearing down of the Saints.  How in their attempts to praise and thank God for His love and guidance, they are prevented from gathering in houses of worship. They are fearful not only for their lives, but for the life of their Nation.  Neighboring countries have united and are beginning to combat this evil with reports that 300 Boko Haram have been killed just in the last hours.  Recently, Maidaguri has come under attack with threats of being taken over by Boko Haram.

And as in this report that we received from Fr. Gideon Obasogie states, Christians in the capital city (Maidaguri)  are really paying the price for their faith.   Their movements are so restricted they cannot even have a sound gathering on a Sunday to thank God for his love thus far and most particularly to pray for peaceful elections. The threats and distractions have become totally unbearable. The ferocious attempt by the unrepentant radical Islamist militants, Boko Haram to overrun the capital city of Maiduguri has been very frightening. I wonder and sometimes I am forced to think aloud, when will this culture of savagery and bloodletting end.   Is it that as a Nation we lack the inner capacity to abate it?    With the recent waves of attacks, there is so much fear and tension in the air. With the  Polls drawing ever close we see all sorts of personalities with well fashioned and designed promises too good to be taken as true; trooping into Maiduguri and the northeast, not to identify with us in our plight but to beg for our votes. 

Nigerians are beginning to feel like pawns in a vicious lethal game, not knowing who to trust.  It is very encouraging to know that neighboring governments are rallying together to combat this. But it’s discouraging that  promises and visits from dignitaries are not addressing the plight of the millions that have been displaced in a blatant disregard for human life and dignity.  We have reported that the refugee camps are grossly neglected.  They are infiltrated with rebels from Nigeria to Yemen.  Rebels use these camps as recruiting tools, even kidnapping, sex traffic and arms trades, with some reporting that there are sleeper cells living with the refugees.  The camps are very dangerous causing many refugees to flee into the bush with out even the basic of supplies to sustain them.

We received a report from our contact who recently visited a refugee camp and the testimonies are heart wrenching.   Sharing with the refugee’s what little they had,  they were told this:  “I have been here for 10 months without meat, produce, nor salt to put in our soups.”  These precious people also said to pray hard for normalcy to returned to the Gwoza local government so that they can go back home.  Others mirrored this request and testimony pleading to the Christians in Nigeria and abroad to continue to pray for them because they have no shelter or even a mat to sleep on.  One father describes the tears his son sheds at night for simply an orange. In October of last year Fr. Gideon Obasogie reported that refugees in the thousands were eating grass to survive.  This has also been reported by our contacts on the ground.  The aid efforts are grossly inadequate, with many afraid to travel to the hardest hit areas.  They ask prayers for the governments to return to normal.  That statement alone stands out like the elephant in the room.  What has happened?  What evil has overtaken and infiltrated even the basic of government in this nation?  This country can’t even guarantee the basics of safety to it’s residents.

The confusion of the people and the government is obvious in Fr. Obasogie’s report in his statement  “If anyone needs our votes, our safety must first be assured.”  Where is the UN, where is the world?  The BRICS nations have been courting Africa for some time for it’s minerals, and oil, but where are they now when the people of Northern Africa suffer so much?  It’s been said the US offered to train the military, but it’s unclear what happened, if it was rescinded or turned down.  It’s been claimed that the US supplied drones to help look for the Chibok schoolgirls, but appears to have short lived.  It’s also been said that the US is supplying intelligence, but that can’t be proven. France has a presence in the nation off and on, Chad, Cameroon and Niger are building troops, but where is the UN?

Church gathering Maiduguri, Nigeria (World Watch Monitor)

Church gathering Maiduguri, Nigeria (World Watch Monitor)

Maiduguri’s Christian population is at great risk.  Maiduguri is the state capital and the seat of Government, with all its structures, with a high concentration of state population and the commercial nerve of the northeast.  If it falls, the citizens will be more facile to radicalization. And the terrorists will have more conscripts.  If it falls, we have only succeeded collectively in empowering the terrorists, recapturing it would take some time and the consequences apparently would be deadly.

Nigerian Christians are wearing down, their faith is great in the face of persecution, however their needs are also great.  They need and deserve a government that will fight for them, fight for their rights, their dignity, their right to live in peace and prosper.  And their right to worship Christ.

Pray for Nigeria.  We will be lifting up Nigeria on our International Prayer Call ‘FIRE in FERUARY on Friday, Feb. 2oth. See details here

  • Pray for leadership that will provide just & fair judgements. Leadership with a love for all Nigerians
  • Pray for peace.
  • Pray for Boko Haram to be defeated.
  • Pray for normalcy to return to the lives of the people of Nigeria.
  • Pray for comfort.
  • Pray for strength and endurance.
  • Pray for the lost in the country to be found in Christ.

Above all Nigeria know that Christians everywhere are with you, we are praying with and for you, we are suffering with you and we are watching.  God is with you!

By C.Refsland, VOP Advocate/News Analyst


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