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Deal Struck With Boko Haram For Kidnapped Girls?

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The back room deals that have been done in secret over the last months and years have turned the world on it’s heels and set off wars and rumors of wars in almost every part of the globe.  While I am overjoyed and encouraged by the news that Boko Haram will release the 200 kidnapped girls taken by them months ago, I’m also wondering why now?  Why have they waited so long and what exactly are they promising and what have they been promised?

Photo via: Irish Times

Photo via: Irish Times

Boko Haram has terrorized, tortured, raped and killed thousands of innocent people in recent months alone.  The government of Nigeria has been virtually powerless to stop them.  They have faced increasing pressure from Western governments to negotiate and cave in to seemingly nonsensical resolutions.  It has been rumored in the past that the government of Nigeria turn over more control to Islamists.  Someone is funding these demonic entities, and it’s been proven that there is a super highway from Sudan and other parts east to Nigeria from the northern most parts of Africa and as far away as the Middle East. Weapons have been seized traveling through this highway. And refugee camps have been rife with these terrorists described as infiltrating wreaking havoc and fear.

Media outlets including the BBC reported Nigeria’s military has agreed to a ceasefire with Islamist militants Boko Haram – and the abducted schoolgirls will be released.(More)

The kidnapping of the Chibok schoolgirls raised outrage across the world.  But quickly quieted, amidst rumors that the girls were sold in open slave markets, leaving the world to wonder if they were still alive, or faced a fate worse than death.  In a world that lauds freedom for all, slavery is abundant and out of control in the eastern half of the world.  And global leaders are found not only silent, but complicit, conniving and conspiring with the very evil that they denounce.

It’s been said that the military was demoralized when it couldn’t prevent or secure the release of the girls.  It has also been said that negotiations would only strengthen and embolden this terrorist group.  There has been confusion, outrage and desperation over the last months.  (Read here) & (Here)

This is a developing story and with our Nigerian contacts, we will keep on top of it and keep you updated.  Please take a moment to pray for these precious girls and their families.  Pray for God’s intervention.  Pray for wisdom for the leaders involved in these talks. And pray for Nigeria.

By C. Refsland VOP Advocate


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