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Chaos In The Central African Republic, Making Sense & Asking Questions

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Violence is erupting yet again in the Central African Replubic (CAR). Voice of America is quoting Amnesty International as stating that so called Christian Militia named ‘Anti Balaka’ are wreaking havoc. For many of us, it raises some questions. There are claims these so called Christian militia carry the blood of their enemy around their necks to give them strength, among other charms and potions for luck. This is not the actions of a Christian. It is not Christian doctrine or belief, just the opposite. However, it sounds a lot like the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army.’

womenRead Amnesty International’s Report here. Let’s pose some questions to try to get some answers. Reuters is reporting that the US government is threatening sanctions of the Religious groups involved in the violence. Really? Sanctions?

Kerry said: “Preventing the violence from gaining further momentum and costing more lives will require all of CAR’s leaders, past and present, to be clear in condemning it.” CAR is an oil rich nation, but the money is not with the populace. In fact, many are exceedingly poor. So where is the money? And why are the tribes causing war’s to gain control of it? These are questions that need answering.

Another question: Who is running the military in CAR? The Military, called ‘FACA’, has a very troubled past at best. They have a rich history of mutiny, and France intervening to gain control.

“The Military of the Central African Republic cannot–even with the support of France and the Multinational Force of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (FOMUC)–exert control over its own borders. Hence, armed groups are regularly entering the country from Chad and Sudan. The President said in an interview that he has a good relation with neighbors and fellow CEMAC countries, “put aside the incident with Sudan when the border had to be closed since militia entered C.A.R. territory”

France, accompanied by the Multinational Force In the Central African Republic (FOMUC) are attempting to reform the Army and to make it more ethnically diverse. They are very divided by tribes and tribal peoples. Each tribe loyal to the leader of their own choice.

The next question is why the media isn’t reporting on the Lord’s Resistance Army? They are in CAR, with the Independent reporting on this today. They say that Kony and the LRA’s ouster from Uganda, have been wreaking havoc in the CAR. In November, the now ousted President Djotodia claimed to be in negotiations with Kony for his surrender. This is not your typical ‘Holy War’ as some are trying to portray. There has been a slaughter here done to Christians and Muslims alike.

The Seleka have been compared to the ‘Janjaweed’ a ruthless, souless group of rebel murderers. And the Lord’s Resistance Army who also claims Christian roots, and is hunted internationally for horrendous crimes rivaling none. Rape, murder, you name it, they are guilty of it. They even kidnap and force children to participate in their wars. So why isn’t the media reporting on this? Why are they not telling us that this evil is residing in the CAR?

Lots of unanswered questions, no one seems to be asking. Mainly, they are only reporting on the violence between Christians and Muslims. Those headlines seem to draw more readers. In the meantime, innocent people are being tortured, burned, raped, hacked to death, and beheaded. The world has no solutions, only sanctions.

Authorities examine good luck charms used by Anti-Balaka fighter

Authorities examine good luck charms used by Anti-Balaka fighter

I don’t have an answer to what the solution would be, but I do know that reporting on the root cause and forcing dark rulers to come into the light is a start. The subject of ethnic cleansing is never easy, but that is what’s taking place in this country. The tribes are fighting over the rights to minerals and oil rich lands. And the world watches and waits, because they will pick up what’s left over. Not a pretty picture, when you start to peel back the layers. Pray for the people of CAR.

Here is a report from the Pulitzer Center on the activities of the Lord’s Resistance Army in CAR. It does shed some light. Titled ‘Lord’s Resistance Army in Obo, CAR’ It was done in Late 2010

In answering questions it’s important to go back a little in time. This next video done by the Pulitzer Center titled “”Peace” in Central African Republic: Locals Assess UN Peace building Endeavor” show’s some of the politics involved, and history needed to understand it today.

Here is a video of prayer for Central African Republic— Pray with them.(Prayercast | Central African Republic)


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