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Why Should The West Concern Itself With Elections In Nigeria? Read This

Why should the West concern itself with the elections in Nigeria, you ask.  You think the mudslinging during our campaigns are bad, what is happening in Nigeria is frightening, not only to the people there, but to the world.  Or at least it should be.  Take a look at what’s surfacing today.

“If Maiduguri falls into the hands of Boko Haram, it would be a disaster for Africa as a continent”  And that’s only a portion of the implications for the West and the world.

Snapshots of Chaos in Nigeria and the elections and what it’s about.  Who are the parties?

Ideology: Social democracy,Big tent Progressivism, Federalism Political position:Centre-left International affiliationSocialist International

Ideology : Social democracy,Big tent
Progressivism, Federalism
Political position:Centre-left
International affiliation Socialist International

Ideology: Catch all Economic liberalism, Political position: Centre-right to Right-wing Religion:Secular International affiliation:None

Ideology : Catch all
Economic liberalism,
Political position: Centre-right to Right-wing
Religion: Secular
International affiliation:None

We have been reporting on the increase of attacks in Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, and Chad ahead of the Feb. elections in Nigeria. We have verified that intense fighting is taking place in Maiduguri and surrounding areas by a force from Chad and the military of Nigeria.  Some reports claim that there is a civilian force also  combating this evil.  Reports are surfacing that offer proof that indeed this an effort to thwart the election. And at the very least throw off the outcome.  Nigeria is at a crossroads.  A very dark crossroad. One that could shake the world if the back and forth between candidates is true.  And it appears as if they are.  I wondered why John Kerry would visit Nigeria ahead of the elections and it’s becoming frighteningly clear.

Abuja (Agenzia Fides) – “If Maiduguri falls into the hands of Boko Haram, it would be a disaster for all of Africa”, says Fr. Gideon Obasogie, head of social communications of the Diocese of Maiduguri, capital of Borno State in northeastern Nigeria.

“Maiduguri is the state capital and the seat of Government, with all its structures, with a high concentration of state population and the commercial nerve of the northeast”, explains Fr. Obasogie. “If the city falls, citizens will be more facile to radicalization and the terrorists will have more conscripts. Maiduguri for Boko Haram would become a strong base and then rumble into Yobe, Bauchi, Gombe and Adamawa. Finally, if Maiduguri falls, the militants would control an airport and a military base with the 7 Div. This is really and truly dangerous for Nigeria, as it is a potential disaster for Africa as a continent”, emphasizes the priest. “So far – said Fr. Obasogie – the militants have conquered and occupied towns and villages near Maiduguri”.

The priest describes the situation in the capital of Borno State: “With the recent waves of attacks, there is so much fear and tension in the air. With the February Polls drawing ever close we see all sorts of personalities with well fashioned and designed promises too good to be taken as true; trooping into Maiduguri and the northeast, not to identify with us in our plight but to beg for our votes”.

“Citizens of Maiduguri as much as possible avoid crowded areas and the polling units would not be an exception, unless people’s security is assured and ensured. If anyone needs our votes, our safety must first be assured”, concludes Fr. Obasogie. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 05/02/2015)

Another report from Fides confirms the above dire situation that Nigeria and the Christian population faces:   “We risk seeing Boko Haram conquer the entire north-east before the end of the election, unless foreign troops intervene”, said Mgr. Doeme, referring to the presidential elections to be held in mid-February and to the coordination of the military actions of neighboring Countries against Boko Haram, after the latest raids of Nigerian extremists in Cameroon and the conquest of the base of the international force of Baga, on the shores of Lake Chad (see Fides 09/01/2015).
“The situation is very complex and the first victims are innocent civilians”, concluded the Bishop of Maiduguri who implies the existence of some “saboteurs” and accomplices within the Nigerian army, who favor the advance of Boko Haram for political reasons.”

Not only that, but we have reported on the checkered past of Buhari (has been referred to over the years as: “Janjanweed ticket”) who is running for President, and the smear campaigns on both sides, now this quote from today’s report by the PDP’s National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Olisa Metuh sends chills down the spine of those watching and know the groups behind the demonic slaughter taking place in the whole of Africa:  “We know that 90 per cent of these non-indigenes are supporters of the PDP. This is part of the APC  Janjaweed ideology to truncate democracy in this country.”  “The APC have been saying they were on top of the election, but now that it is obvious that PDP is on top, that President Goodluck Jonathan will win the election, they have resorted to causing mayhem.”  

 "Janjaweed are omnipresent. They are seen in marketplaces and within walking distance of refugee camps. They have terrorized black Africans in Darfur for more than a year."

“Janjaweed are omnipresent. They are seen in marketplaces and within walking distance of refugee camps. They have terrorized black Africans in Darfur for more than a year.”

We shared this report a year ago,  about the evil in the CAR and now there are those who are tying this in with the current violence in the Northeast of Nigeria.  Africa:  A Sinister Plot Behind the Massacre In CAR.

The Janjaweed are a ruthless group with the same ideologies as ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabob, the Seleka, and many other groups.  To form their own government, “Sharia” and rule the continent of Africa and the Middle East— with the end time goal of ruling the World.  They hate the West, they hate democracy, they hate Christians and other minorities.  They show no mercy in their murderous slaughter.  And now they have their sights on Nigeria.

Still other reports tell of the untold suffering of civilians most specifically Christians.  Doctors without Borders is desperately trying to send what aid they can.  Most have retreated to the bush as the refugee camps are either overcrowded or are not safe. The very least implication is that certified voters will be null and void as at least 1/4 of the population is displaced with more displacement every day.  Malnutrition is rampant, and disease is not far behind.  When you ask questions and seek the answers they are not hard to find, and it’s not hard to see that the interests of Africa are not for the innocent.  Pray for Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Screenshot: From "The Devil Came On Horseback" (Janjaweed)

Screenshot: From “The Devil Came On Horseback” (Janjaweed)


The Devil Came On Horseback:  A documentary about the Janjaweed, a Sudanese government backed militia, who have stolen, raped and murdered Sudanese people in Darfur. (Watch)  *Very Graphic*

Chaos In The Central African Republic, Making Sense & Asking Questions


Violence is erupting yet again in the Central African Replubic (CAR). Voice of America is quoting Amnesty International as stating that so called Christian Militia named ‘Anti Balaka’ are wreaking havoc. For many of us, it raises some questions. There are claims these so called Christian militia carry the blood of their enemy around their necks to give them strength, among other charms and potions for luck. This is not the actions of a Christian. It is not Christian doctrine or belief, just the opposite. However, it sounds a lot like the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army.’

womenRead Amnesty International’s Report here. Let’s pose some questions to try to get some answers. Reuters is reporting that the US government is threatening sanctions of the Religious groups involved in the violence. Really? Sanctions?

Kerry said: “Preventing the violence from gaining further momentum and costing more lives will require all of CAR’s leaders, past and present, to be clear in condemning it.” CAR is an oil rich nation, but the money is not with the populace. In fact, many are exceedingly poor. So where is the money? And why are the tribes causing war’s to gain control of it? These are questions that need answering.

Another question: Who is running the military in CAR? The Military, called ‘FACA’, has a very troubled past at best. They have a rich history of mutiny, and France intervening to gain control.

“The Military of the Central African Republic cannot–even with the support of France and the Multinational Force of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (FOMUC)–exert control over its own borders. Hence, armed groups are regularly entering the country from Chad and Sudan. The President said in an interview that he has a good relation with neighbors and fellow CEMAC countries, “put aside the incident with Sudan when the border had to be closed since militia entered C.A.R. territory”

France, accompanied by the Multinational Force In the Central African Republic (FOMUC) are attempting to reform the Army and to make it more ethnically diverse. They are very divided by tribes and tribal peoples. Each tribe loyal to the leader of their own choice.

The next question is why the media isn’t reporting on the Lord’s Resistance Army? They are in CAR, with the Independent reporting on this today. They say that Kony and the LRA’s ouster from Uganda, have been wreaking havoc in the CAR. In November, the now ousted President Djotodia claimed to be in negotiations with Kony for his surrender. This is not your typical ‘Holy War’ as some are trying to portray. There has been a slaughter here done to Christians and Muslims alike.

The Seleka have been compared to the ‘Janjaweed’ a ruthless, souless group of rebel murderers. And the Lord’s Resistance Army who also claims Christian roots, and is hunted internationally for horrendous crimes rivaling none. Rape, murder, you name it, they are guilty of it. They even kidnap and force children to participate in their wars. So why isn’t the media reporting on this? Why are they not telling us that this evil is residing in the CAR?

Lots of unanswered questions, no one seems to be asking. Mainly, they are only reporting on the violence between Christians and Muslims. Those headlines seem to draw more readers. In the meantime, innocent people are being tortured, burned, raped, hacked to death, and beheaded. The world has no solutions, only sanctions.

Authorities examine good luck charms used by Anti-Balaka fighter

Authorities examine good luck charms used by Anti-Balaka fighter

I don’t have an answer to what the solution would be, but I do know that reporting on the root cause and forcing dark rulers to come into the light is a start. The subject of ethnic cleansing is never easy, but that is what’s taking place in this country. The tribes are fighting over the rights to minerals and oil rich lands. And the world watches and waits, because they will pick up what’s left over. Not a pretty picture, when you start to peel back the layers. Pray for the people of CAR.

Here is a report from the Pulitzer Center on the activities of the Lord’s Resistance Army in CAR. It does shed some light. Titled ‘Lord’s Resistance Army in Obo, CAR’ It was done in Late 2010

In answering questions it’s important to go back a little in time. This next video done by the Pulitzer Center titled “”Peace” in Central African Republic: Locals Assess UN Peace building Endeavor” show’s some of the politics involved, and history needed to understand it today.

Here is a video of prayer for Central African Republic— Pray with them.(Prayercast | Central African Republic)


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