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Heinous Slaughter Of Innocents in Abuja “Unnecessary Distractions” Or Deliberate Act Toward Christians

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With news of the horrific bombing in Nigeria, killing 71 and injuring 141. We have to ask, why? Couldn’t the world/governments be doing more to stop this killing and reign of terror by the Boko Haram? 


Given the recent escalations in the attacks from the Boko Haram, we have to ask why.  When you look at the big picture of the history of the government in Nigeria, and the events of the recent past, with the firing of top Generals and who they were replaced with, you have to ask was this done to placate the Muslim population?  Or is there pressure from international leaders, including those in the west to form a coalition government with Muslims in power, similar to what is taking place in western nations?

 In Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood was put in power making a push for Islamic rule (Sharia), which caused the people to once again riot.  The Obama Administration seemed to back them. We are also seeing this happening in Turkey.  What is happening behind the scenes that never gets reported?
In 2014 alone, over 1500 have been killed by the Boko Haram. Watching the latest video footage from the Bombing in Abuja, you begin to see just how depraved the Boko Haram is.  The scenes show charred bodies, and body parts flying through the air of innocent civilians is beyond horrific.  The wickedness and degeneracy of this group is beyond anything imaginable.

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President Goodluck Jonathon visited the site and had this to say: “We console with our country men and women, we will continue to work very hard.  The issue of Boko Haram attacks is quite an ugly history within this period of our own development.  We will do everything to make sure that we move our country forward.  These are unnecessary distractions that are pushing us backward.”  

 I can’t help but notice his statement ‘This is an unnecessary distraction.’  What a choice of words.  I can understand why he has come under fire in the past.  I know he’s trying to instill calm, but distraction? Some officials are wondering why after a year of emergency rule it’s continues to get worse.  Could it be that the attacks on Christians as targets are getting worse, and the media is covering it up.  Pressuring even the President to cover it up and place more muslims in his government?  If so, this will not stop them, they will be more emboldened.  And as they increase their attacks, the citizens ask for help from the international community. They are left feeling helpless, ‘we have no where to go.’

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Recently Fox news reported that President Jonathon blames the governors in the northeast for not providing social programs and that is escalating the violent Boko Haram.  The Governors just lash out and say that President Jonathon’s government isn’t doing enough to curb them.  They reported that some have questioned whether this was tied to weakening the vote before the 2015 election.  They say that Nigeria’s military insisted just 2 weeks ago, that the evil group was on the run despite increases in of attacks by the radical Islamic terrorists. Seemingly invigorated by revenge. This is very important.  The MSM has downplayed the killings. They portray one side, the Muslim perspective.  We see this over and over with the CAR, reporting that the questionable Christian militia group, Anti Balaka are slaughtering Muslims.  When in reality this group is far from Christianity. They operate under the guise of religion.

Until the media stops portraying this, we will see a one-sided solution and nothing will be resolved.  There are those calling for President Jonathon to negotiate with the Boko Haram.  This is a terrorist group who is as bad and affliated with Al-Queda.  They kill innocent men, women, children, just for the purpose of slaughtering them. Nigeria’s military has come under fire recently for killing unarmed men in Abuja last year.  Acting on a tip, they fired relentlessly into a building where working men were sleeping.  Men who were later found to have no ties to Boko Haram.  A month ago, the army was ordered to pay reparations to the victims. There are also reports of corrupted government officials having men posing to be the Civilian JTF arresting Christians claiming they are Boko Haram members. They are then handed over to the Army, jailed and sometimes killed before evidence is shown to prove that they were innocent Christians.

Fox News also reports that the most challenging and violent uprisings are from the North and it comes from fighting between the Christian farmers and the nomadic Muslim herders.  What they fail to mention is that the Boko Haram frequently recruit the Fulani herdsmen, promising land in return for fighting for them. Chidi Anselm Odinkalu, chairman of the National Human Rights Commission has said that the massive pillage of state funds is the root cause for the unrest in Nigeria.  He also is quoted as saying “Corruption impoverishes people and human dignity over time is destroyed, and that really is related to the crisis of mass violence that we have, extremist violence.  Because people no longer believe the government can work for them and keep them safe, they turn to circles of narrow identity based on faith and clan relationships and pit themselves against the state.” That quote could be true and false at the same time.  True, because we are seeing this attitude in Nigeria and the CAR.

People are afraid, they can only see so much killing before they turn to other avenues for protection. At times they are told by the authorities to form vigilante groups to protect their villages. In September of last year, President Jonathon met in Washington with President Obama, while they talked about Nigeria’s future as an energy producer, Obama had this to say about the violence:   “But this I think underscores the degree to which all of us as an international community have to stand against the kind of senseless violence that these kinds of groups represent.  And the United States will continue to work with the entire continent of Africa and around the world to make sure that we are dismantling these networks of destruction.”   

That’s a great statement, but again another question arises, as to just what the international community is doing?  Everyone is making trade deals, but nothing to stop these extremists from killing innocent civilians and religious minorities.  This last bombing appeared stronger in power than previous bombings.  Raising another question, Have they been given stronger and better munitions? In January of this year, President Jonathon fired his top military generals.  With no explanation.  In fact the only thing that came close to an explanation was a report in the NYT, that said they were fired after a court ruled they were illegally appointed.  The leaders of the Army, Navy and Air Force were actually leading the resolve to end the insurgency by the Boko Haram.  They said there was no evidence that Jonathon was dissatisfied with their performance. This also seems to be the norm lately even here in America to fire your top generals and replace them without explanation.  It begs the question who is leading who, and if rumors of pressure from International leaders, including western— to show preference to Muslims is not factual.

 Goodluck Jonathon is a Christian.  And it’s been said that this is the reason the Boko Haram are escalating. Is  that why he has been giving  preferential treatment to muslim appointee’s.  Crazy?  Not so crazy.  Who did he replace his national security advisor with?  Retired Col. Sambo Dasuki.  Who is this? According to the Vanguard,  He is a cousin to the Sultan of Sokoto, Nigeria’s highest Muslim spiritual figure.  He was also implicated in a 1995 coup attempt against the government of former dictator Sani Abacha and went into exile in the United States.  He also used to be managing director of security printing and minting company LTD.  He studied in the US and received a BA in International Relations and a MA in Security Policy Studies.  In addition to training in the Nigerian Army school of Artillery, he trained in Oklahoma and U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Ft. Leavenworth Kansas.

Now we have to point out the mysterious circumstances regarding this appointment and the death of the man he replaced (Azazi,) and a Christian Governor of the North,  Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa.   In June of 2012, Goodluck Jonathon returned from a trip to  Brazil and sacked the National Security Adviser, General Owoye Azazi and the Minister of Defence, Alhaji Bello Haliru Mohammed.  When Goodluck Jonathon appointed Sambo as his vice president, Yakowa moved to Governor of Kaduna State, and became  the first person from Southern Kaduna and first Christian to become governor in the state, which some Northern leaders didn’t like.  In December of 2012, both Azazi and Yakowa were killed in a  crash.  There were reports that the helicopter may have exploded before the crash.  Many Christians and media thought this was no conincidence.  But accident reports from the Navy revealed no such thing.  They said they thought it was human error or mechanical failure or both.  But never definatively said what happened.  And since it was a military crash only the military could investigate.  

Ok that has established enough questions for mysterious circumstances following their death. Remember we begged the question earlier from claims that western leaders were pressuring President Jonathon to form a coalition government with a larger muslim presence.  Even suggesting that this would help curtail Boko Haram.   Now that brings us back to today, if corruption, pressure and convenient appointments made from pressure from International bodies are responsible for seemingly unexplainable actions such as firing top generals without explanation, this could explain alot.


Also coming into light today, is the fact that the ‘White Widow’ has been tied in with the bombing in Abuja.  She has quite a violent history.  A caucasion woman born of a British military man, converted to Islam, and was said to have mentored under al-Shabaab terror chief Makaburi, A. K. A. Sheikh Abubakar Shariff Ahmed.  It is also reported that this attack in Abuja was revenge for his death a few weeks ago.  She is on an international most wanted list and is considered highly dangerous.  She is wanted in connection with the Westgate Mall Attack.  After this attack Makaburi stated that the deaths of innocent people were justified, as per the law of Islam, ‘Your innocents for our innocents.’   It’s reported that last year Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, & Al-Queda joined forces to form a new Pan-African Terror Network.  Covering the whole of Africa from East to West.

We know just enough about arms smuggling and rebel factions smuggling and kidnapping in area’s from CAR to Nigeria to know that this has happened.  We see the unrest in the CAR, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Libya, and routes between, and know that some of the militant groups we see are not what they seem.  And I might add, nothing has been reported about the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’ in quite some time.  General Ham from the Africa Command states that the groups are sharing weapons, money and training together.  These are each extremely dangerous and violent in their own perspectives, put them together and you have a mix of demonic power.  And officials say that she is wanted for links to the bombing of Abuja.  When you place her with the combination of Al-Queda, Boko Haram, and Al-Shabab, you get a cocktail of pure unadulterated evil.

So all events point to questions.  Questions about the terrorists, and why the world governments are not intervening.   The slaughter of innocents in the whole of Africa is reaching inconceivable numbers.  We will continue to report on this developing story.

By C.Refsland, VOP Advocate & News Analyst

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