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‘Church in Chains’ – You are My fine jewel sparkling for all to see

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Church In Chains by Jessie Campbell

Like the constant pounding of the waves, so is My heart-beat towards you. Even, yes even in the darkest of hours, the bleakest of circumstances, the seemingly hopeless future… Yet I remember you. Yet I AM with you. Yet I, your Father indwell you, My habitation.
Though the sword be sharp and the whip tear, I have not forgotten you My children. You are a glory to those who have endured not as you. For you are My gleaming gem that only the pressure of extreme persecution can produce… a refined sturdy faith emboldened by the very death with which they threaten. You, a witness to even those, your persecutors, for you take their breath away by your immovable stance that Christ is Lord regardless of their threats, assaults, imprisonment or even death.
You are My fine jewel sparkling for all to see. The value of My Son shining in your very choice to stand fast. Oh how I adore you. Oh how you uplift your lesser brother who still finds comfort his mainstay. You, My darling have much to teach him and the world. For a faith tested to lasting endurance is a faith worthy of ME. And do not fret My child when you see the terror of their eyes, the fruit of their words, the horror of their actions, because remember this, they do not own your soul… that prize possession belongs solely to ME, the Maker of it.
So stand fast My fine gems, stand fast for the world is watching in awe. Your brethren are praying fervently and singing praise to Me for your unimaginable strength. And most importantly I, the One who planned you feel every strike upon your back, every curse heard to your ears and even the sword that cuts you down. For I too suffered unendurable agony, that you and even your enemies might one day be brothers. For you see no sacrifice in Christ is ever wasted… it always rises from the dead to sing of the eternal glory of the Cross and Him crucified.


  1. reesm5 says:

    I have only just read this and it is so lovely I can almost hear the voice of the Lord. It reminds me of Fashid Fahti’s poem and it is breathtakingly beautiful. I will keep this, I do not know the lady but she has a beautiful gift.

  2. margaret florey says:

    I have only read this once but what a beautiful word from almighty god to those we pray for in prison I shall keep it to reread as it uplifts my spirit it seems so long that some have been in prison for so long

  3. Eddie says:

    Thank you. I am uniting all my sufferings with our Lord on the cross. Nothong is wasted when offered in, with and through our Lord Jesus Christ who suffers with us and in us. To the Blessed Trinity be all glory. Amen. This was so lovely and I found it accidentally. It really helped lighten my pain load a little bit. It was as if Jesus was speaking directly to me. God bless you.

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