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Retired Navy Chaplain warns it will be difficult for Christians joining the Military


Bott Radio Network President and CEO Rich Bott is joined by Eben Fowler of BRN covering from the 2016 Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC. This video clip is an interview with Wes Modder, a former Marine and retired military chaplain. The U.S. Navy threatened Modder in late 2014 with detachment for cause, removal from the promotion list, and a Board of Inquiry after Modder answered questions pertaining to marriage and sexuality according to his religious beliefs and denomination’s teachings during private counseling sessions. In September 2015, the Navy exonerated Modder, dropping all charges against him and allowing him to continue serving in his full capacity as a chaplain. Modder warns his case is not the last time you will see Christianity openly under attack in the Armed Forces. In fact, he believes the problem is getting even worse.

You can also view his interview with CBN here

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