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Do You Have A Few Seconds? A Simple Thing You Can Do And Show Persecuted Christians You Care


Can you take a moment…make a moment to sign this petition started by Pakistani Christian refugees? They need 100 signatures, but only 33 have signed it in 2 days. We can do better than that! Let’s set a goal of 1000 signatures. Let’s stand in solidarity and show them they are not forgotten! WE CARE! In CHRIST, One Body


Over 40,000 Sign Petitions Calling on Atlanta’s Mayor to Reinstate Christian Fire Chief Who Was Fired for His Biblical Beliefs

Kelvin Cochran was terminated from his role as Atlanta Fire Chief in January 2015 after espousing his Christian beliefs in a self-published book, "Who Told You That You Were Naked?" and sharing it with employees. Photo: Courtesy of the City of Atlanta

Kelvin Cochran was terminated from his role as Atlanta Fire Chief in January 2015 after espousing his Christian beliefs in a self-published book, “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” and sharing it with employees.
Photo: Courtesy of the City of Atlanta

Various Christian and social conservative activist groups have launched petition campaigns requesting that the mayor of Atlanta reinstate the city’s former fire chief, who was fired last week after the city investigated a book he wrote that included short passages affirming his Christian belief that homosexuality is wrong.

Family Research Council, National Organization for Marriage, The American Family Association, Life Site News, and Faith Driven Consumer have all launched online petitions that’ve received thousands of signatures, thus far, in support of the canned fire chief, Kelvin Cochran.

After Cochran released his religious book, Who Told You You Are Naked? for a Bible study at his church, which gay activists claim is intolerant, he was suspended without pay in November by the city’s mayor, Kasim Reed, for one month. Upon returning to work last week, the mayor informed Cochran that he was fired.

According to media reports, there are two passages in Cochran’s 160-page book that were found to be critical of homosexuality, and deemed by some on the city council as conflicting with the views of the city. READ MORE

We must stand up for our rights if we expect to keep them. Sign one, or all of the petitions to stand with this Christian brother. One day, we may need him to stand with us! Blessings and thank you in advance.



@ ActRight


@ LifeSiteNews

@ Faithdriven Consumer 

Petition calls on UK Prime Minister to do more for Iraqi Christians facing genocide

Displaced Iraqi Christians

Displaced Iraqi Christians

Nicola Harris has started a petition calling on David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to do all he can to help displaced Iraqi Christians suffering persecution at the hands of the notorious Islamic group ISIS. This brutal group has been carrying out cold blooded attacks against Christians, other minorities and even their children. They have faced rape, being sold as slaves, torture and horrific forms of execution, including beheadings.

In the past, ISIS (ISIL) now calling themselves IS were known by another name: al Qaeda in Iraq. In Syria, the relationship became strained as ISIS defied orders of al Qaeda movement leaders. With ISIS continued defianace, the well known terrorist group, al Qaeda disavowed any ties with it’s radical franchise, ISIS.

Today, ISIS and al-Qaeda compete for influence over Islamist extremist groups around the world. Some experts believe ISIS may overtake al-Qaeda as the most influential group in this area—globally.

Nicola has asked VOP to sign the petition and we are asking you to join us. Pray for them, be their VOICE and sign the petition!

Thousands of Christians have had to flee Iraq, they have been given an ultimatum by the extremist group ISIS to convert to Islam: pay a tax or face death by the sword. I would like the displaced Christians to be given refuge here in the UK.

Christian properties and belongings have been sprayed with an Arabic letter ‘N’ for Nazarine and every thing they own has been confiscated simply because of their faith.

Christians have lived side by side with Muslims in Iraq peacefully for thousands of years but now most have sought refuge in Kurdistan.

ISIS are threatening to invade parts of Europe within the next five years and make the people who live there muslims by force.

In Britain, we live respectfully side by side with people of all faiths and of no faith. We should all have the choice to follow our hearts on matters of faith and not be forced to change our minds by knife point. 

I am a Christian… I am Nazarine…  I am ‘N’

“David Cameron: We call on the Prime Minister to accept applications that come in from Christians being displaced by ISIS in Iraq to be dealt with in a favourable manner.”



SAEED ABEDINI TRENDING! Help Keep The Attention On His Case #SaveSaeed

Saeed Trending
Saeed is number 9 on things that are trending on Yahoo! Let’s keep tweeting and sharing about Saeed!

American Pastor Saeed Abedini was moved from Evin Prison in Tehran to Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj – an even more dangerous prison where he faces life-threatening conditions and treatment. Many are sent there to disappear, or even be killed!

Join the cause let’s keep pressing on until Saeed is back home with his wife and kids where he belongs. Constant prayer but also constant actions. He is our brother in Christ and when your family is in danger you keep pressing on for their safety.  #SaveSaeed

Sign the NEW petition to urge President Obama to take immediate and decisive diplomatic action for his freedom. Time is of the essence!


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