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Young Christian Girl Abducted And Forcibly Converted To Islam In Rahim Yar Khan


CIP reported that Yousaf Masih and his family were living in Sadiq Bazar became victims of persecution. On 4th March their daughter, Komal Yousaf was abducted and then forced to convert to Islam. Yousaf Masih and his wife Rubina worked in a factory to feed their family. Muhammad Aslam who worked in the same factory asked them to accept Islam, so he could marry their daughter. Aslam is already married and has 2 children.

On 24th February, Muhammad Aslam along with some Islamists came to the victim’s house and tried to forced them to convert their faith to Islam. Yousaf and his wife decline Aslam’s offer then he and his associates left in anger. Yousaf Masih complained to the manager of the factory, but no action was taken against Muhammad Aslam.

On the 4th March while on their way to work, Yousaf and his wife got a call from a neighbor who told them that Muhammad Aslam along with few armed men intruded their house and had taken their daughter Komal.

The couple rushed home and found their daughter missing. They went to the local police station to register a FIR against the culprit, but the police refused to registered the report. Instead they stated that their daughter had accepted Islam and married to Muhammad Aslam.

Muhammad Aslam and a Muslim Cleric, Qari Javed bullied Yousaf’s family and told them if they did not stop following the girl they will kill them. They said if they converted to Islam they could meet their family.

Yousaf Masih contacted Pastor David, who is his cousin from Multan. He immediately called NGO WVIP for assistance. WVIP started making efforts to rescue the girl, however police refused to cooperate. On 15th March with the efforts of NGO and Local Muslim lawyer, the culprit was forced to produce the girl in the committee which was design to settle in clash. When Komal was produced she told that he by force took her from the house and made her sign papers. She also said that Muhammad Aslam sexually assaulted her everyday.

The report added, “Targeting minor Christian and minority girls in Pakistan is a [pleasurable] event for Muslim males. There are hundreds of girls like Komal who was abducted rape and then forcibly converted to Islam.”

Christians in Pakistan

Tortured And Jailed Christian Girl On Fabricated Charges Gets Bail

Pak-girl-attackedToba Tek, Pakistan: September 18, 2013. (PCP) Iqra Saddique, a young girl from a village Siowaal, Toba Tek Singh was illegally detained by four policemen and a private citizen, Arif Gujjar, on July 28,2013 after she denied to their demand of fornication with them. One of the policemen is identified by name as, Javed. The policemen and the private citizen after being denied by the young girl. They broke open the door and entered her house brutally torturing her with extreme cruelty. All the accused policemen and the private person dragged her out of her house and they threw her the yard kicking, slapping and punching the young girl. The policeman, Javed and Arif Gujar tore her clothes (shirt and trousers) that she became completely naked in front of a large crowd.

After the brutal torture and inhuman violence on the young lady, the policemen tried to forced her to sit on motorcycle in the middle of two male policemen. When she refused it resulted in more torture. The policemen took the young lady to the police station where she remained in illegal custody with no documented arrest. After five days, Aug 5, 2013, Sadaf Saddique (Attorney at law), along with others from Pakistan Christian Congress, media, NGOs and others went to the police station to ask about the young lady. The police first denied,  but then affirmed the custody of the young lady to avoid pressure of the NGOs and others present. The police falsely accused the young lady in a robbery case.

Mr. Sadaf Saddique (Attorney at Law), Mr. Akram Waqar Gill CEO Pakistan Christian Congress, Mr. Shahzad Fate president Pakistan Christian Congress Toba Tek Singh, Rashid Jalal and Ayub Anjum rights activists, struggled together for justice for the young girl. After a long battle and procrastinated litigation, we were able to prove that the young girl was falsely accused by policemen to cover their brutal and inhuman violence. During the process to free the young girl, the police tried to frame the young lady as a convict. The police also conspired together to stop a medical exam, so that their torture of the young lady could not be confirmed.

After being released on bail, Iqra Saddique with the help of Mr. Sadaf Saddique (Attorney at Law) has, today on 18-09-2013, submitted her application to the District Police Officer. Iqra brought charges against the policemen who tore her clothes exposing her in public, tortured and kidnapped her and then sexually tormented her in illegal police custody.

The Pakistan Christian Congress and society will not let this severe and harsh persecution to go in vain. If the caretakers of the society will infringe upon the rights of the people, then who else can the public trust? That is the question every reasonable person must ask!

Please pray that God may allow us to stand firm against all kinds of persecutions and that we continue to be the watchmen of the rights and lives of the oppressed, the poor and the needy ones!

It is also noteworthy to mention the crime of the policemen falls within the ambit of Section 354 A Pakistan Penal Code and is punishable by death sentence. If a woman is exposed naked to public view and seen by people on the street, the crimes falls under section 345A PPC.

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