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URGENT: Fox Network Blocking Abortion Survivors Commercial from Super Bowl

Clip from Abortion Survivors commercial -Faces of Choice

(Voice of the Persecuted) URGENT PRAYER and ACTION NEEDED: In 2014, I met Lyric Gillett who was only 23 at that time. I kept my eye on her because I knew the Lord had big plans for this special girl. A little over 2 years ago, I asked many to pray for this brilliant, young woman who has a heart bigger than Texas and the tenacity to take on any challenge and reach the goal. God’s plans for her, I didn’t know but was very excited to find out. While I followed and prayed for Lyric, I would often be reminded of Isaiah 6:8—Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” I asked the Lord to guide Lyric’s path, give her strength, gather strong believers to encourage her and to expand her territory. It comes as no surprise that God led her to form and launch Faces of Choice, a mission which deeply touches my heart.

On January 24, 2020, Lyric shared about this relevant new mission.

“The culmination of years of work — or rather, the birth and the beginning of it — will be unveiled on the main stage at the March for Life today, in Washington, D.C., in a matter of minutes, as a commercial and media campaign I’ve entitled Faces of Choice. God gave me this vision four years ago, and just like a baby in the womb, this idea has been vibrantly alive long before it will be “born” this afternoon. It has been a labor of love to get here, with an incredible team of people sent directly by God’s hand.

This campaign focuses on the survivors of abortion: literally, those who were aborted, and survived. Their voices will change everything…”

Lyric recently described the struggle that she and her media buyer had to get FOX to clear Faces of Choice’s 30 second spot for Super Bowl Sunday. She’s accusing the network of censoring her commercial.

“They gave [us] the run-around for six months, and we still haven’t received an answer. With the news that five more spots were made available for purchase, My Faith Votes has incredibly partnered with me to create a petition and email campaign for Faces of Choice, to ensure that these survivors’ voices are heard. “Choice is not merely a word. Choice has a face, and choice is a person. Their voices need to be heard, not silenced by the media’s agenda to ignore them into oblivion.”

Gillette told Faithwire, “The main goal [of the commercial] is for everyday Americans to actually see choice — to be able to look it in the eye. It is ironic and it is incensing to me that these survivors of abortion had their very voices almost stolen from them from the moment of conception, and now the media is doing that again.”

AGAIN, I ask that you pray for Lyric and the Faces of Choice mission. Please sign the petition here to support the effort for the commercial featuring abortion survivors to be aired during the Super Bowl. Stay up to date by subscribing to their email list. You can also follow them on Facebook here. Share and ask all your family and friends to also get involved, then follow up. It has long been said that it takes a village to raise a child. Now, in this present age, I say it takes a village to save them. Thank you in advance.

God bless you all,

Lois Kanalos,

Founder, Voice of the Persecuted

You may be wondering why we are sharing about Faces of Choice when our mission is to cover, care for and be a voice for the persecuted Church. Our Founder is also a voice for at-risk babies in the womb. She has taken part in and endorses campaigns to save them and their right to life. From time to time you will see us raise our voice for the protection of these incredibly vulnerable children who cannot speak for themselves. We ask that you too will consider standing up for these little ones and keep them in your prayers.

Do You Have A Few Seconds? A Simple Thing You Can Do And Show Persecuted Christians You Care


Can you take a moment…make a moment to sign this petition started by Pakistani Christian refugees? They need 100 signatures, but only 33 have signed it in 2 days. We can do better than that! Let’s set a goal of 1000 signatures. Let’s stand in solidarity and show them they are not forgotten! WE CARE! In CHRIST, One Body


Not One More Dime for Persecution


Petition to Stop Giving Our Tax Dollars to Nations that Persecute Christians

Eight billion dollars.

That’s roughly the amount of money U.S. taxpayers have paid Pakistan as it persecutes Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five sentenced to die for her faith.

How many billions are you willing to pay persecutors?

As a wave of persecution sweeps across the Middle East – and Christians flee for their lives – it’s time for the money to stop.

Already there is growing support for basic human rights and basic common sense on Capitol Hill.

Join the ACLJ and[over 132,000] as they demand the U.S. government stop funding nations who persecute Christians.

To Congress and President Obama:

We must stop sending billions of our taxpayer dollars to nations that persecute Christians.  It’s that simple.  Not one more dime for persecution.  Cut off American foreign aid to any country that persecutes Christians.


Over 40,000 Sign Petitions Calling on Atlanta’s Mayor to Reinstate Christian Fire Chief Who Was Fired for His Biblical Beliefs

Kelvin Cochran was terminated from his role as Atlanta Fire Chief in January 2015 after espousing his Christian beliefs in a self-published book, "Who Told You That You Were Naked?" and sharing it with employees. Photo: Courtesy of the City of Atlanta

Kelvin Cochran was terminated from his role as Atlanta Fire Chief in January 2015 after espousing his Christian beliefs in a self-published book, “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” and sharing it with employees.
Photo: Courtesy of the City of Atlanta

Various Christian and social conservative activist groups have launched petition campaigns requesting that the mayor of Atlanta reinstate the city’s former fire chief, who was fired last week after the city investigated a book he wrote that included short passages affirming his Christian belief that homosexuality is wrong.

Family Research Council, National Organization for Marriage, The American Family Association, Life Site News, and Faith Driven Consumer have all launched online petitions that’ve received thousands of signatures, thus far, in support of the canned fire chief, Kelvin Cochran.

After Cochran released his religious book, Who Told You You Are Naked? for a Bible study at his church, which gay activists claim is intolerant, he was suspended without pay in November by the city’s mayor, Kasim Reed, for one month. Upon returning to work last week, the mayor informed Cochran that he was fired.

According to media reports, there are two passages in Cochran’s 160-page book that were found to be critical of homosexuality, and deemed by some on the city council as conflicting with the views of the city. READ MORE

We must stand up for our rights if we expect to keep them. Sign one, or all of the petitions to stand with this Christian brother. One day, we may need him to stand with us! Blessings and thank you in advance.



@ ActRight


@ LifeSiteNews

@ Faithdriven Consumer 

The family of Kenneth Bae is asking for our help – #FreeKennethNow

American citizen, Kenneth Bae sentenced by North Korea to 15 years in a labor camp

American citizen, Kenneth Bae sentenced by North Korea to 15 years in a labor camp

Who is Kenneth Bae?

Before his detention in North Korea, Kenneth Bae was always surrounded by friends, hosting meals and regaling everyone with hilarious tales and his renditions of Elvis tunes. He was the fun-loving uncle who showered his nieces with affection. He dropped out of college at the age of 22 to support his own young family. And after coming home late from working two jobs, he’d spend hours watching his baby son sleep.

Kenneth is a man who always does the right thing, no matter the cost.

Several years ago, Kenneth saw an opportunity that combined his entrepreneurial spirit with his personal convictions as a Christian. He believed in showing compassion to the North Korean people by contributing to their economy in the form of tourism. Based out of China since 2006, he started his own tour company specializing in tours to North Korea, a remote country filled with stunning vistas and a people proud of their history and tradition. His livelihood was to introduce the natural beauty of the country and its people to the outside world as a tour operator. His heart was to be a personal touch-point of compassionate humanity to the North Korean people.

On one of the multiple tours he had led through Rason (Rajin-Sonbong), a special economic zones for foreign investors, Kenneth was arrested by North Korean authorities on Nov. 3, 2012.  He was sentenced to 15 years in a hard labor camp for what the DPRK identified as “hostile acts” against the North Korean government.

In a video interview with Bae released in July 2013, he spoke of his deteriorating health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver and back problems. A month later he was moved to a Hospital due to his worsening health and reports claimed he had lost more than 50lbs.

Alarmed by Kenneth’s appearance his mother, Myunghee Bae pleaded with DPRK to allow a visit with her son. Her request was granted by DPRK authorities to arrive in Oct., 2013.  Prior to the trip, she discussed her concerns and asks for continued prayers.  During her stay, she was allowed three visits, totaling six hours.

Though her hopes to plead his case to officials were not realized, she stated as a message to them, “Please give him mercy and give him amnesty to send him home. We apologize as a family on his behalf, but his health cannot sustain any longer if he is sent back to the labor camp again.”

In January, Kenneth’s mother, and sister, Terri Chung attended President Obama’s State of the Union address. Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA) and Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) had offered the seats to them. Terri, his mother, as well as Kenneth’s son, Jonathan Bae met with public figures in New York and Washington DC, uniting with the goal of seeing Kenneth released from detention in North Korea.

Terri, Myunghee, and Jonathan also met with Secretary of State John Kerry. Below is a statement from his sister:

“We were honored to have the opportunity to meet with Secretary Kerry. Secretary Kerry was warm and sympathetic, and I want to thank him for affirming the commitment of the US State Department to securing Kenneth’s release. We are grateful for his support, and we appreciate the ongoing efforts of many at the State Department who have been working behind the scenes for the past 15 months to bring Kenneth home.

The past week our family has received overwhelming support from people across the country. It is clear that many Americans are invested in this cause to see this fellow American come home to his family. I see the heart, soul and hard work of so many people. We will never be able to thank you enough for your kindness.

I also hope and pray that the attention and care that people are showing does not end with the publicity of today. The fact is, my brother remains in detention in DPRK (North Korea) after 15 months, the longest detention of any American in recent times. We will not rest until Kenneth is home in the United States. We continue to implore our government to do everything possible to secure Kenneth’s freedom.”

Kenneth Bae was sent back to the labor camp in January. You can view his family’s emotional plea in this video interview on CNN.

Kenneth Bae spoke out about the harsh conditions at the labor camp where he is being held in North Korea, telling a Swedish diplomat that he is in great pain and wishes to be back with his family.

Bae was re-admitted to a hospital in Pyongyang in March but has again been sent back to the labor camp.

After CNN was recently allowed an interview with Kenneth and other American detainees. His sister, Terri fears for her brother’s serious health conditions afraid he may not survive much longer in the labor camp. See our Sept. 3rd report 

Kenneth Bae is the longest serving United States prisoner in North Korea. His family is appealing to the North Korean government to release him on humanitarian grounds. Efforts to seek Bae’s release have thus far been unproductive.

Kenneth Bae’s family and friends have connected with Voice of the Persecuted asking us to encourage the Body of Christ to pray and intercede for Kenneth. They are also asking everyone to help them close the petition his son, Johnathon started—doing what we can to help free Kenneth now.

It is important for you to join us in this mission for Kenneth, our brother in Christ suffering in North Korea, a country listed as the hardest place in the world to be a Christian.

Please pray for him daily. Be his voice by informing others of his story so they may begin to pray for him also. Remember to lift up his family as they too are suffering. And please SIGN the petition, today! Our brother, Kenneth Bae has NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN by his brothers and sisters in Christ!

freekennethbaenowFIND THE PETITION HERE

Stay up to date by visiting the Kenneth Bae group’s website or following them on Facebook or Twitter


Petition calls on UK Prime Minister to do more for Iraqi Christians facing genocide

Displaced Iraqi Christians

Displaced Iraqi Christians

Nicola Harris has started a petition calling on David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to do all he can to help displaced Iraqi Christians suffering persecution at the hands of the notorious Islamic group ISIS. This brutal group has been carrying out cold blooded attacks against Christians, other minorities and even their children. They have faced rape, being sold as slaves, torture and horrific forms of execution, including beheadings.

In the past, ISIS (ISIL) now calling themselves IS were known by another name: al Qaeda in Iraq. In Syria, the relationship became strained as ISIS defied orders of al Qaeda movement leaders. With ISIS continued defianace, the well known terrorist group, al Qaeda disavowed any ties with it’s radical franchise, ISIS.

Today, ISIS and al-Qaeda compete for influence over Islamist extremist groups around the world. Some experts believe ISIS may overtake al-Qaeda as the most influential group in this area—globally.

Nicola has asked VOP to sign the petition and we are asking you to join us. Pray for them, be their VOICE and sign the petition!

Thousands of Christians have had to flee Iraq, they have been given an ultimatum by the extremist group ISIS to convert to Islam: pay a tax or face death by the sword. I would like the displaced Christians to be given refuge here in the UK.

Christian properties and belongings have been sprayed with an Arabic letter ‘N’ for Nazarine and every thing they own has been confiscated simply because of their faith.

Christians have lived side by side with Muslims in Iraq peacefully for thousands of years but now most have sought refuge in Kurdistan.

ISIS are threatening to invade parts of Europe within the next five years and make the people who live there muslims by force.

In Britain, we live respectfully side by side with people of all faiths and of no faith. We should all have the choice to follow our hearts on matters of faith and not be forced to change our minds by knife point. 

I am a Christian… I am Nazarine…  I am ‘N’

“David Cameron: We call on the Prime Minister to accept applications that come in from Christians being displaced by ISIS in Iraq to be dealt with in a favourable manner.”



Save 26 year old Rayhaneh Jabbari from being hanged in Iran

Rayhaneh Jabbari
Naghmeh Abedini has made us aware of a young woman who is about to be hanged in Iran. As Christians we know that the heart of God is love for all humanity regardless of their beliefs and background. Human Rights Movements, defense of innocent human life (sanctity of life), and equality for all have started with Christians. This is why we see such blessings and freedom in Nations that have been founded on Biblical principles and vise versa (the lack of these freedoms and value for human life) in nations that have rejected the message of Christ. As Christians, we should be at the forefront of defending human life.We ask you to sign this petition and ask others to do so. One human life matters to God. We ask you to pray for Reyhaneh, that she would know the Love of Jesus Christ and be renewed by His Love. As God has placed Pastor Saeed in Evin and then Rajei Shahr prison (and now in the hospital) to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ, that the Lord would also place people in Reyhaneh’s path to lead her to the most fulfilling relationship of all through forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ.

  Rayhaneh Jabbari is sentenced to hang for killing her rapist in self defense in Iran

Reyhaneh Jabbari is at risk of imminent execution for having killed a member of the Iranian intelligence services, Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a physician, who was attempting to rape her. Her execution verdict has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

Rayhaneh Jabbari is a 26 six year old woman who has been in prison for the last 7 years and is awaiting imminent execution[ by hanging].

Rayhaneh, an interior designer, was speaking on the phone about her work in a coffee shop, a conversation which was coincidentally overheard by Morteza who approached her for professional advice about renovating his office. They then set a date to meet at his office in order to see and discuss Morteza’s renovation project.

On the day of the meeting, Morteza picked up Rayhaneh in his car. On the way to his office, Morteza stopped at a pharmacy, purchased an item (while Rayhaneh waited in the car), got into the car again and drove to his office. After arriving at their destination, Rayhaneh realized that the place did not look like a work place at all as it was a rundown house. Inside the house, Rayhaneh saw two drinks on the table, Morteza went inside and quickly locked the door from inside, put his arms around Rayhaneh’s waist and told her that “she had no way of escaping”. A struggle soon ensued. Rayhaneh trying to defend herself stabbed Morteza in the shoulder and escaped. Morteza died from bleeding.

Lab analysis showed the drinks Morteza intended to serve to Rayhaneh contained sedatives. Regardless, Rayhaneh was arrested. There she was told by the authorities that the murder had been set up [by them] and was “politically motivated”. Nevertheless, Rayhaneh was tortured until she confessed to the murder, after she was given the death penalty which was upheld by the Supreme Court. As a result she is to be executed at any moment.

An interrogator went to the apartment and made a report. At that time Reyhaneh clearly stated to the investigator that she was innocent, that she had met Morteza for business meeting, and that said she killed him only in self defense to stop him from rape.

“The evening I was there, I knew that he wanted to rape me, so because of self defense I stabbed him and escaped,” she said.

During a meeting concerning the case at the Criminal Court Branch 74, the family of the victim — one girl and two boys — stood up and demanded a “death sentence.”

Reyhaneh explained that she had to defend herself: “

Now, any moment it is possible for her to be hanged. Her crime is self defense and she does not deserve to die. Please do not allow her to be hanged; she is now waiting for our help and support.

NOTE: In Iran men and women, including some minors, face execution everyday for some 131 offenses punishable by death under the fundamentalist Islamic Republic. Some of these crimes include adultery, theft, homosexuality, drug possession and political dissidence. Iran hangs more people per capita than any other country in the world, Since President Rohani’s election; there has been a sharp increase in executions. Trials in Iran fall short of International standards and the majority of those hanged did not even have access to a lawyer, jury, or even evidence.



Stand Firm Against a Nuclear Iran; Stand Firm for Pastor Saeed


Pastor Saeed has been betrayed.

The Administration reached a “deal” with Iran that did not require Iran to release Pastor Saeed.  It does not even require Iran to abandon its nuclear program.

Iran can still enrich uranium, it still holds Pastor Saeed, and it still threatens our allies. Yet America has agreed to ease sanctions.

This is intolerable.

We cannot ease sanctions until Iran abandons its nuclear ambitions and frees Pastor Saeed. Nothing less is acceptable.

Petition to Renew Sanctions Until Iran Abandons its Nuclear Program and Frees Pastor Saeed

Dear President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and Members of Congress,

We cannot abandon our own citizens or our allies. Do not ease sanctions against Iran until it ceases  its nuclear ambitions and releases American Pastor Saeed Abedini.


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