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Modern-Day Martyrs Show Love and Forgiveness


Two years ago this month Beshir Kamel went on television and thanked so-called Islamic State terrorists for not editing out the last words of his brother and the other Egyptian men they beheaded on a beach in Libya. “Lord, Jesus Christ,” were the last words of the Coptic Christians slaughtered because of their faith. The courage and integrity of their witness strengthened Kamel’s faith. “We are proud to have this number of people from our village who have become martyrs,” he said after his brother’s murder. “Since the Roman era, Christians have… Read more

Persecution News Weekly Update – January 7 2013

Rimsha Masih’s Plea For Christians in Prison – Rimsha Masih, a thirteen year old girl who miraculously, got acquitted by a local court from blasphemy charges implores for Christians in prison who bear blasphemy charges. http://www.christiansinpakistan.com/rimsha-masihs-plea-for-christians-in-prison/#.UOq-sjYo4dX

Mideast Christians persecuted  – “The Christians’ difficult situation in the Middle East is somewhat similar to the situation of the Jews in Europe. The world’s relative silence in the face of their plight serves as another warning sign to those who believe the enlightened world is willing to lend a hand at times of crisis.” http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4327950,00.html

Burma’s Chin Christians face persecution in Buddhist Na Ta La schools – A reformist government may have replaced the military dictatorship in Burma, but that hasn’t stopped the persecution of ethnic minorities, according to human rights groups. http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1306688–burma-s-chin-christians-face-persecution-in-buddhist-na-ta-la-schools

Vietnam: CSW concerned about new decree restricting freedom of religion – Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) is deeply concerned about the vague and restrictive nature of a new “decree” in Vietnam relating to freedom of religion or belief that came into force on 1 January. http://dynamic.csw.org.uk/article.asp?t=press&id=1471

youcef-nadarkhani-150x150 Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani: ‘I’m Alive Because of God’s Will and Your Prayers’
From Nov. 29 2012 – At a recent national conference in London, newly freed Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani expressed immense gratitude to his many supporters who prayed for his release during his three-year imprisonment, saying that he is alive today because of “what your prayers did for me.” http://global.christianpost.com/news/pastor-youcef-nadarkhani-im-alive-because-of-gods-will-and-your-prayers-85815/#sOsaAiYdyFr2Zieg.99

alertTehran re-arrests Pastor Nadarkhani on Christmas Day – Youcef Nadarkhani, the Christian pastor who was freed from prison in Iran in September after an international campaign to free him, was re-arrested on Christmas Day in a move condemned by human rights groups. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/middleeast/article3646829.ece

Petition to Free American Pastor Saeed Abedini– Iran is imprisoning and abusing an American pastor because of his faith. Iran, home of one of the world’s most radical Islamic regimes, is holding American Pastor Saeed Abedini because he is a Christian, refusing to release him, and subjecting him to unspeakable abuse. At the ACLJ, we are launching an international campaign to free Pastor Saeed, and we need Americans to mobilize for religious liberty. Urge the President, the State Department, and every Member of Congress to take a stand for an American Christian. Click the link below to sign the petition!

“When I imagine your pain, I forget my sufferings” Iranian Christian Farshid Fathi, suffering for his faith in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, has sent a letter to the Sandy Hook parents who have lost their children. On hearing the news of the shootings, Farshid forgot about his own pain of being separated from his children, Rosanna (9) and Bardia (3) to reach out to the Sandy Hook parents. We can learn a lot about faith and attitude from persecuted Christians! Read more http://www.elam.com/articles/-When-I-imagine-your-pain,-I-forget-my-sufferings-/
Amid Instability In Egypt, Coptic Christians Flee To U.S.
Coptic Christians will celebrate Christmas on Monday, and many will do so outside their native Egypt. Since the revolution there, their future in the country has looked uncertain, and many are resettling in the United States. http://www.npr.org/2013/01/04/168609672/amid-instability-in-egypt-coptic-christians-flee-to-u-s
Muslims in Indonesia violating rights of Christians-Concerns are growing over at least 50 cases of religious freedom violations against Christians in Indonesia last year, as not only extremists but ordinary Muslims were responsible for many of the acts of intolerance and violence, according to a recent study. “Cases of intolerance against Christians remained high in the country” in 2012, Bonar Tigor Naipospos, deputy chairman of the Jakarta-based group Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace, told Morning Star News. According to a story by Morning Star News, Christians were targeted in at least 50 of 264 cases of religious freedom violations in 2012, more than any other group, Naipospos added.http://www.christiantoday.com/article/muslims.in.indonesia.violating.rights.of.christians/31396.htm

43 Nigerian Christians killed in attacks -Boko Haram militants are blamed for increased religious persecution in Nigeria, including the murder of 43 Christians and the wounding of many others in several year-end incidents, religious freedom watchdog groups have reported. http://www.sbcbaptistpress.org/BPnews.asp?ID=39463

sudan-map-2Cover-up: Christians becoming extinct in Middle East? =KHARTOUM/JUBA (Worthy News)– Christians in Islamist-run Sudan have ushered in the New Year amid ongoing airstrikes by Sudanese government forces that killed at least 11 believers before and after Christmas, while two priests remained detained for converting a Muslim.
The rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) said four people, including two children, were killed when the Sudanese military dropped nine bombs in and around the Christian village of Adar, also spelled as Al Dar, in the war-torn Nuba Mountains on December 26. Among the victims were at least two Christian women – identified as 70-year-old Kuku Tia and 45-year-old Aisha Tutu Tolodi, and children Rehab Adam Alful, 8, and her sister Najah Adam Alful, 4, local Christians and security sources said. http://www.worthynews.com/12071-sudan-army-kills-11-christians-in-airstrikes-priests-detained


What do you need to get done today? How about saving a man’s life?

Pastor Irani will not survive another 5 years in prison. He has been severely ill in jail in Iran – and he shouldn’t be in prison in the first place. Email the head of Iran’s judiciary now to demand urgent medical treatment for Pastor Irani, and plead for his release from unjust imprisonment. He is bleeding severely from acute stomach ulcers and colon complications, can barely walk, and has problems with his vision. The brutal beatings he’s received from prison authorities and other inmates have resulted in horrific injuries, and he urgently needs medical help.ActionRequiredHe could die in the next few months if he doesn’t get the treatment he needs. And he shouldn’t be in prison in the first place: he was charged with political crimes to cover up the fact that he was arrested because he’s a Christian and a church leader.

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