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Kevin Sorbo: ‘God’s Not Dead’ Star Takes Stand Against Christian Persecution

kevin sorboKevin Sorbo plays a militantly atheist professor in God’s Not Dead, but in real life the actor is taking a hard stand against what he believes is persecution of Christians in America.

The actor says there is widespread negativity toward Christians in Hollywood, and believers in general.

Sorbo said he doesn’t think an actors religious or political beliefs should have any bearing on the work they get, but noted that since becoming a more vocal Christian he has seen his roles decline.

“There’s some much bashing going on in the media and world for people who believe in God,” said Sorbo. “I’m just not afraid of the [politically correct] crowd I’ll go right back at them.”

Kevin Sorbo added that there’s a tendency within Hollywood for people to “attack anybody who doesn’t agree their way,” but at the same time demand tolerance for their own beliefs. Read more

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