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Sing a Little Louder (Persecuted Church)

Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”  All over the world, Christians are experiencing more and more persecution. Let us never be caught singing a little louder, ignoring, or forgetting the suffering of our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Inspired by the true story of an elderly man who in his youth witnessed the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust from the pews of his Church, Sing a Little Louder provides a stunning message for the twenty-first century and a revelation of the genocides that continue to exist today.

Immoral Silence from New Zealand Christians


(Narrow Way News) The immoral silence from NZ Christian leaders and secular media on the HOLOCAUST that is taking place worldwide targeted specifically against those who are called Christians. Nowhere have I seen any man from New Zealand who confesses with his mouth that Jesus Christ is his Lord any words at all about what is happening to THEIR brothers and sisters.

Strange and immoral silence from NZ Christians
As Jonathan Cahan puts it, it is a strange and immoral silence from all throne rooms, governments, secular media outlets, religious organizations, those in leadership in the christian sector and the list just goes on. Not so long ago it was reported that Saudi Agents had forcibly removed recently christian converts from New Zealand.

Was there any outcry from NZ Christians, NONE that I could find. Now if this is because secular media outlets refuse to report their comments, then one could understand. But in reality there is no reason at for the comments to be carried via alternative news sites such as, YouTube, twitter, christian blogs. So one can only think because there are no known comments from any Christian leaders here in New Zealand, none were made in relation to what had happened right on their own backdoor step.

Secular media outlets, well the above story was carried in very limited form by the reporters paper and that was minimal at the least. There should of been an outcry over what happened here just as there should be an outcry what is happening in relation how Christians worldwide are NOW the most persecuted group by governments, organizations, Islamic groups, United Nations, and many other secular groups for DEATH, RAPE, TORTURE, STARVATION and much worse treatment just because of their faith in Jesus Messiah, the coming King.

So it is the same for the Christian holocaust that is happening right now, right this minute, we get this strange and immoral silence from all sectors in New Zealand and to our shame silence from the ones who are supposedly the brothers and sisters of those suffering these fates.

It appears that many have Holocaust amnesia, some purposely because this is their intent, to wipe Christians and Christianity from the face of the earth but this should never be the case for those who truly follow Christ Jesus in New Zealand. Where is your voice followers of Christ in New Zealand?

Jonathan Cahn full speech at the United Nations


Forgive or Forget: Survivors of genocide in the Holocaust, Rwanda & Cambodia

Forgive or Forget
By C. Refsland/VOP Advocate: Today is Holocaust remembrance day, and as I was preparing a post to remind us not to forget the horrors, I ran across this video. As tears came to my eyes, I realized I had to share this.

The public must become aware of genocide in the past, and present.  We are commanded to forgive, we are commanded to be a ‘Light Unto the World.’  As we remember the past and see it repeating itself today, let us band together in prayer, prayer for the innocents, prayer for those carrying out these atrocities to turn from wickedness into the arms of a forgiving God.

We are commanded to remember those suffering and in bondage as if we were with them.  For we are one body!  One Body in Christ.  My prayer for all the victims, is to find peace and comfort in the arms of our loving Savior.

Watch the harrowing testimonies of Freddie Knoller, Sophie Masereka and Sokphal Din, who lived through mass killings during the second world war, the Rwandan genocide and the Cambodian Killing Fields. The three work closely with the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust charity to raise awareness of genocide in the hope that others will be spared similar horrors.

*Warning* Graphic Content

America Must Do What It Can To Stop Persecution


I am shocked by the persecution of the Christian Copts in Egypt. The burning of the churches, the raping and murdering of nuns, and the killing of innocent men, women and children have horrified me.

As a Jew and a veteran of World War II, I have seen the horrors of minority hatred. We Jews, hopefully defiantly, say, “Never again will mankind repeat the Holocaust.” Yet today, we are witnessing the start of the same torture of the Christian minority by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

As an American free to do something, I say that the American government should do all it can to help this helpless people and not repeat the silence wintessed during the German experience — that being the persecution of Jews, gypsies, gays and other minorities in the last century. We are the moral voice in a cruel world. We are strong.

I pray all decent people will insist that their religions, government and social action committees fight this terrible evil. Too many religions have neglected persecutions for too long, but that’s what religions are for — to help God’s children. God help the Christian Copts through us. That’s what we are for.

Rabbi Sid Shanken, Boynton Beach for Sun Sentinel


New Holocaust On The Way

Featured Image

By Theodore Shoebat via Vine of Life

The recent events occurring in the Middle East indicate that there is a major movement to dechristianize the land, and that only means one thing: a holocaust will be happening against Christians. The heresy of Islam has been allowed to thrive and death and mayhem will be the only result of it.

Just this month it was reported that a massacre of the entire village of Dweir was executed in Syria, in which jihadists butchered almost all of its forty Christian residers.  Two Christians had their bones broken and their flesh burnt with fire before being executed by being shot in the head. After the massacre Syrian soldiers rushed in and a battle commenced.

The al-Nusra Brigade, a wing of Al-Qaeda, is very active in orchestrating terrorism in Syria, and now there is an Iraqi division of Al-Qaeda affirming links with this very group. The fact that Iraqi Muslims are partaking in jihadism signifies the important role which Saddam played in keeping order in the Near East. If he was still in power there would be no Iraqi Muslims engaging in a jihadist revolution, since Saddam would have quickly neutralized them. If the killing of Saddam never occurred, the Iraqi Christians would have never been murdered and forced into exile.

Now with the Syrian revolution ensuing, Syrian Christians will suffer the travails of the Iraqi Christians. Syriac Catholic Bishop Gregoire Melki of Jerusalem had this to say:

 We are very anxious when we remember what happened to the Christians in Iraq. We fear the same thing will happen to the Christians in Syria.

Hamas is planning on outlawing all Christian schools in Gaza; five of them exist and there is no doubt that a massacre of those Christians will take place. Father Hijazin said:

We will never accept this even if we have to close the schools

Muhammad denied Christ–the Way, the Truth, the Life–and thus brought about a movement which brings man to confusion and chaos, rejects truth, and embraces death.  Another holocaust will happen; it will be no different–if not worse–than the Armenian Genocide.


Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny

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