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Fighting the good fight – Inspired by the faith of the Abedini’s

fighting the good fight-VOP

Lisa, USA

I have had the pleasure of becoming Facebook friends with Naghmeh. She has shared this journey with millions of Christians and others who are not. Her and her husbands journey has moved me and inspired me to stand up for my faith in Jesus Christ, King of all Creation with more boldness and courage. How God is using her family to be glorified is incredible and such a blessing. And, how many are knowing our God for the first time through this family is truly amazing!  One day, I pray God will bring Pastor Saeed home to America. It will be such a blessing to meet him on American soil, that day—I pray.

Thank you for starting these testimonies.


We thank you, sister for sharing how this persecuted family has inspired your own faith.  God is strengthening the Body of Christ, even in and through persecution. Our God is with us, may HE be glorified. We will be praying with you, Lisa!


VOP Prayer Team

Tell Pastor Saeed that we understand, and we will pick up the cross and follow Christ as he has.

Join in this project to let the Abedini’s know how they have inspired or renewed your faith. Each testimony will be a source of encouragement to them and the Body of Christ. When the family is reunited, we will gather the stories to be published in a book and presented to them as an appreciation for their steadfast faith. Together, we will be able to provide a little insight into how God has worked through them to be a blessing to more than they realize.  Add your testimony below. If your church has been active in praying for this persecuted family, inform them of this special mission so they too can share their thoughts and be an encouragement.

Be encouraged, view submitted testimonies HERE 

 inspired by faith


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