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Different faiths distributed Red Roses and Christmas Cards at the Churches of Rawalpindi and Islamabad city

Different faiths distributed Red Roses and Christmas Cards at the Churches of Rawalpindi and Islamabad city  photo-Christians in Pakistan

Different faiths distributed Red Roses and Christmas Cards at the Churches of Rawalpindi and Islamabad city
photo-Christians in Pakistan

Keeping in view the importance of Religious tolerance and interfaith harmony volunteers belonging to different faiths in Pakistan distributed red roses and Christmas cards at the Kahtoon-e-Fatima Church Islamabad and Philadelphia Pentecostal Church Rawalpindi.

The volunteers were the students from different universities of Pakistan. In the Early morning the volunteers reached at the Churches and at the end of Christmas services, they greeted the Christians Nationals of Pakistan on this very special day and presented red roses to them.

The volunteers said that the people belonging to different faiths and sects are integral part of the society where we are living today. The constitution of Pakistan protects freedom of all faiths existing in the country. We cannot make our society peaceful until we will not accept the differences among us and tolerate each other’s opinion.

The students were wearing T-Shirts with “I respect all the religions”. When the whole country is facing the wave of religious intolerance and extremism, Church administration and fellow Christians appreciated this gesture of love from these young students and served Christmas Cakes to them.

The volunteers also distributed flowers and cards at Nawaz-Shareef Park in Rawalpindi where Christian families were enjoying their day. On the question of media reporter from a private TV channel the volunteers said that we want to distribute the message of peace and diversity among the different segments of our society.

By arranging such events at public places we can create awareness in the public that together we are strong and diversity is the actual beauty of our society.

by Syed Haider Abbas  for Christians in Pakistan 

Send Pastor Saeed Abedini a Christmas Card. Tell him that he’s NOT FORGOTTEN!



Over 600 Christmas cards are being sent to the notorious Rajaei-Shahr Prison in Iran for American Pastor Saeed Abedini. He has been tortured and wrongfully imprisoned by the Iranian government for his Christian faith. His wife and young children are grieving in his absence. His life is now at great risk! Please join the Christmas mission to encourage and to let Saeed and Iran know HE IS NOT FORGOTTEN!


Dec. 2015 UPDATE:

Share a Christmas message with Saeed here

Georgia School Confiscates Christmas Cards

ga school

For as long as anyone can remember, teachers at Brooklet Elementary School have posted Christmas cards in the hallways outside their classrooms – until Monday.

When boys and girls returned from Thanksgiving break, they discovered that their teachers’ Christmas cards had been removed – under orders from the Georgia school’s administration.

Robb Kicklighter’s wife is a third grade teacher at the school. He said many teachers are disgruntled by the school’s decision to confiscate the Christmas cards.

“They took down the cards so the kids can’t see them,” he told me. “Some of the cards had the word ‘Christmas’ and some had Nativity scenes.”

Kicklighter said the cards were put behind an office door so only teachers could access them.

“It’s really sad because the students looked forward to seeing those homemade Christmas cards every year,” he said. “It’s stirred a lot conversation. This has been a tradition and the kids are wondering what happened to the cards.”

The Christmas card censorship comes as the Bulloch County Board of Education cracks down on religious expression in their schools.

bible_childTeachers have been ordered to remove any religious icons or items from their classrooms – ranging from Bibles to Christian music.

Teachers have also been instructed to avoid student-led prayers at all costs. Should they be in a room where students are praying, teachers have been ordered to turn their backs on their students.

It’s an attack on Christianity,” Kicklighter said. “It seems like every time we turn around, someone is offended.”

Hundreds of outraged residents have joined a Facebook page to protest the crackdown – and many are vowing to attend a school board meeting on Thursday to let school officials have a piece of their mind.

The Board of Education released a statement noting that there are “established legal requirements to which we must adhere.”

by Todd Starnes- Town Hall

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