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New Revelation: Previous US Administration Facilitated Christian Genocide in Nigeria

by Raymond Ibrahim for Gatestone Institute —

  • “On March 23, 2015, President Obama himself took the unusual step of releasing a video message directly to Nigerians all but telling them how to vote. In that video, Obama urged Nigerians to open the ‘next chapter’ by their votes.” — Goodluck Jonathan, former president of Nigeria, in his new book, My Transition Hours.
  • “Christianity is on the brink of extinction in Nigeria.” — Bosun Emmanuel, the secretary of the National Christian Elders Forum,June 23, 2018.
  • “Hundreds of indigenous Numan Christians in Adamawa state were attacked and killed by jihadist Fulani herdsmen. When they tried to defend themselves the Buhari govt. sent in the Airforce to bomb hundreds of them and protect the Fulani aggressors.” — Femi Fani-Kayode, Nigerian lawyer, author and former Minister of Aviation, Daily Post, December 6, 2017.
  • In March 2014, after the United States Institute for Peace invited the governors of Nigeria’s northern states for a conference in the U.S., the State Department blocked the visa of the region’s only Christian governor, Jonah David Jang, an ordained minister.

In a bombshell revelation, Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s former president (2010-2015), has accused the Obama administration of meddling with his nation’s politics in order to replace him with its current president, Muhammadu Buhari — whom many blame for facilitating the persecution of Christians. In his new book, My Transition Hours, Jonathan writes:

“On March 23, 2015, President Obama himself took the unusual step of releasing a video message directly to Nigerians all but telling them how to vote… In that video, Obama urged Nigerians to open the ‘next chapter’ by their votes. Those who understood subliminal language deciphered that he was prodding the electorate to vote for the [Muslim-led] opposition to form a new government.”

A 2011 ABC News report provides context:

The current wave of [Muslim] riots was triggered by the Independent National Election Commission’s (INEC) announcement on Monday [April 18, 2011] that the incumbent President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, won in the initial round of ballot counts. That there were riots in the largely Muslim inhabited northern states where the defeat of the Muslim candidate Muhammadu Buhari was intolerable, was unsurprising. Northerners [Muslims] felt they were entitled to the presidency for the declared winner, President Jonathan, [who] assumed leadership after the Muslim president, Umaru Yar’Adua died in office last year and radical groups in the north [Boko Haram] had seen his [Jonathan’s] ascent as a temporary matter to be corrected at this year’s election. Now they are angry despite experts and observers concurring that this is the fairest and most independent election in recent Nigerian history.

That the Obama administration may have imposed its will on a foreign country’s politics and elections is hardly unprecedented. Recall the administration’s partiality for the Muslim Brotherhood during and after 2012 presidential elections in Egypt; or its unsuccessful efforts to oust Israeli prime minister Netanyahu with U.S. taxpayers’ money; or its efforts — with an admittedly unverified “dossier” (herehere and here) — to prevent then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump from being elected, or by discussing an “insurance policy” in the event that Trump won. Moreover, texts by Peter Strzok revealed that Obama “wants to know everything we’re doing.”

So in Nigeria, the Obama administration, it seems, sought to right the apparently intolerable wrong of having a duly elected Christian president in a more than 50% Christian nation.

Two questions arise: 1) Is there any outside evidence to corroborate Jonathan’s allegations against the Obama administration? 2) Is Buhari truly facilitating the jihad on his Christian countrymen?

The Obama Administration’s Pro-Islamic/Anti-Christian Policy

Former Nigerian President Jonathan’s newly published accusations appear to correspond with the former U.S. administration’s policy concerning Muslims and Christians in Nigeria.

To begin with, the Obama administration insisted that violence and bloodshed in Nigeria — almost all of which was committed by Muslims against Christians — had nothing to do with religion. This despite the fact that Boko Haram — which was engaging in ISIS type of atrocities: slaughter, kidnap, rape, plunder, slavery, torture before ISIS was even born — presented its terrorism as a jihad. In one instance it even called on President Jonathan to “repent and forsake Christianity” and convert to Islam as the price for peace. The Obama administration, however, refused to designate Boko Haram as a foreign terrorist organization until November 2013 — years after increasing pressure from lawmakers, human rights activists, and lobbyists.

For instance, after a Nigerian church was destroyed in an Easter Day 2012 bombing that left 39 worshippers dead — one of many such deadly church bombings over the years in Nigeria — Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Johnnie Carson, said, “I want to take this opportunity to stress one key point and that is that religion is not driving extremist violence” in Nigeria.

Instead, “inequality” and “poverty” — to quote Bill Clinton — are “what’s fueling all this stuff” (a reference to the jihadi massacre of thousands of Christians).

Apparently to prove that it believed what it was saying, the Obama administration even agreed to allocate $600 million in a USAID initiative to ascertain the “true causes” of unrest and violence in Nigeria, which supposedly lay in the socio-economic, never the religious, realm.

Also telling is that, although the Obama administration offered only generic regrets whenever Christians were slaughtered by the dozens — without acknowledging the religious identity of persecutor or victim — it loudly protested whenever Islamic terrorists were targeted. When, for instance, Nigerian forces under Jonathan’s presidency killed 30 Boko Haram terrorists in an offensive in May 2013, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (who is also mentioned in unflattering terms in Jonathan’s memoirs) “issued a strongly worded statement” to Jonathan, reported Reuters: “We are … deeply concerned by credible allegations that Nigerian security forces are committing gross human rights violations,” Kerry warned the Nigerian president.

In March 2014, after the United States Institute for Peace invited the governors of Nigeria’s northern states for a conference in the U.S., the State Department blocked the visa of the region’s only Christian governor, Jonah David Jang, an ordained minister. According to human rights lawyer Emmanuel Ogebe:

“After the [Christian governor] told them that they were ignoring the 12 Shariah states who institutionalized persecution … he suddenly developed visa problems… The question remains – why is the U.S. downplaying or denying the attacks against Christians?”

More recently, Ogebe, of the U.S. Nigeria Law Group based in Washington, told Gatestone in an interview that the Obama administration “State Department actually said they preferred a ‘Muslim majority’ country to explain why Obama chose to visit Senegal instead of Nigeria. Ironically, Jonathan sided with the US on Israel in the UN while Buhari voted against the US/Israel in the UN.”

Muhammadu Buhari’s Role in the Jihad on Christians

Indicators that Muhammadu Buhari — whom the Obama administration helped make president of Nigeria, according to Jonathan — is empowering the genocide of Christians follow.

After Goodluck Jonathan became president, thousands of Christians living near Muslim centers in Nigeria were killed. Since getting what they want — a Muslim president, Muhammadu Buhari, in 2015 — Muslims have attacked Christians in ways that are being characterized as a “pure genocide.”

As the Christian Association of Nigeria, an umbrella group of various Christian denominations, said in a recent statement:

“There is no doubt that the sole purpose of these attacks is aimed at ethnic cleansing, land grabbing and forceful ejection of the Christian natives from their ancestral land and heritage.”

To begin with, significantly more Christians have been massacred under Muhammadu Buhari than his Christian predecessor — mostly by Muslim Fulani herdsmen, who regularly launch raids on Christian villages. In just the first six months of this year, 6,000 Christians were slaughtered in the name of jihad. It took three times as long for the Fulani to kill only 1,484 Christians under Jonathan’s presidency.

Any number of prominent Nigerians have accused Buhari of turning a blind eye to Fulani atrocities. He “is himself from the jihadists’ Fulani tribe,” Ogebe told Gatestone.

According to Rev. Musa Asake, the General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria:

“Under President Buhari, the murderous Fulani herdsmen enjoyed unprecedented protection and favoritism… Rather than arrest and prosecute the Fulani herdsmen, security forces usually manned by Muslims from the North offer them protection as they unleash terror with impunity on the Nigerian people.”

Similarly, according to prominent Nigerian lawyer, author and former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode:

“… the Muslim president [Buhari] has only awarded the murderers with impunity rather than justice and has staffed his government with Islamic officials, while doing essentially nothing to give the nation’s Christians, who make up half the population, due representation.”

Like the Obama administration, Buhari also attributes Fulani persecution of Christians to “poverty, injustice and the lack of job opportunities.” As the Christian Association of Nigeria retorts, however:

“How can it be a [secular or economic] clash when one group [Muslims] is persistently attacking, killing, maiming, destroying, and the other group [Christians] is persistently being killed, maimed and their places of worship destroyed?”

The National Christian Elders Forum is more direct concerning the source of violence:

“JIHAD has been launched in Nigeria by the Islamists of northern Nigeria led by the Fulani ethnic group. This Jihad is based on the Doctrine of Hate taught in Mosques and Islamic Madrasas in northern Nigeria as well as the supremacist ideology of the Fulani. Using both conventional (violent) Jihad, and stealth (civilization) Jihad, the Islamists of northern Nigeria seem determined to turn Nigeria into an Islamic Sultanate and replace Liberal Democracy with Sharia as the National Ideology. … We want a Nigeria, where citizens are treated equally before the law at all levels….”

The Buhari government has even been accused of participating in the jihad. For example, one especially savage Fulani “attack razed several [Christian] villages in the southern part of the state [leaving 100 dead], and a military jet bombed a Lutheran church and other targets,” says one report, before adding: “Some people suspect the jets were deployed in collaboration with the terrorists because their bombs hit villagers.”

Fani-Kyode has been even more direct in his accusation against Buhari:

“Hundreds of indigenous Numan Christians in Adamawa state were attacked and killed by jihadist Fulani herdsmen. When they tried to defend themselves the Buhari govt. sent in the Airforce to bomb hundreds of them and protect the Fulani aggressors. Is this fair? WORLD TAKE NOTE!”

It is also worth noting that, although Christians were only recently the majority of Nigeria’s population, the ongoing genocide against them has caused their population to drop — to the point that Christianity in Nigeria “is on the brink of extinction,” warns Bosun Emmanuel, the secretary of the National Christian Elders Forum. Last summer he said that Muhammadu Buhari “is openly pursuing an anti-Christian agenda that has resulted in countless murders of Christians all over the nation and destruction of vulnerable Christian communities.” Accordingly, “the Church has been weakened and unable to stand before its enemies. Realistically speaking, Christianity is on the brink of extinction in Nigeria. The ascendancy of Sharia ideology in Nigeria rings the death toll for the Nigerian Church.”

Raymond Ibrahim, author of the new book, Sword and Scimitar, Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West, is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute and a Judith Rosen Friedman Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

Goodluck Jonathon

Obama’s Refugee Policy: Yes to Potential Terrorists, No to Genocide Victims


Originally published by the Gatestone Institute

The Obama administration has been escalating a policy that both abandons Mideast Christians and exposes Americans to the jihad. Late last year it was revealed that 97% of Syrian refugees accepted into the U.S. were Sunni Muslims—the same Islamic sect to which the Islamic State belongs—while fewer than half-a-percent were Christians.

This disparity has since gotten worse. From May 1 to May 23, 499 Syrian refugees—a number that exceeds the total number of refugees admitted during the last three years—were received into the U.S.  Zero Christians were among them; 99 percent were Sunni (the remaining one percent was simply listed as “Muslim”).

These numbers are troubling:

First, from a strictly humanitarian point of view—and humanitarianism is the chief reason being cited in accepting refugees—Christians should receive priority simply because currently they are among the most persecuted groups in the Middle EastAlong with the Yazidis, Christians are experiencing genocide at the hands of ISIS, as the State Department recently determined The Islamic State has repeatedly forced Christians to renounce Christ or die; has enslaved and raped them, and desecrated or destroyed more than 400 of their churches.

As Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) put it this March, “Without doubt, Syrians of all confessions are being victimized by this savage war and are facing unimaginable suffering.  But only Christians and other religious minorities are the deliberate targets of systematic persecution and genocide.”

Sunni Muslims are not being slaughtered, beheaded, and raped for refusing to renounce their faith since it is identical to ISIS’.  They are not having their mosques burned, nor are they being jailed and killed for apostasy, blasphemy, or proselytization.  On the contrary, non-ISIS affiliated Sunnis are responsible for committing dozens of such atrocities against Christian minorities every single month all throughout the Islamic world.[1]

Unsurprisingly, many Sunnis entering America and Europe—including the terrorists who killed 120 people in Paris, 32 people in Brussels, and 12 in California—share the same Sunni-sanctioned hate for and opposition to non-Muslim “infidels.”  Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admits that ISIS is “taking advantage of the torrent of migrants to insert operatives into that flow.”

Even if one were to operate under the assumption that refugee status must be made available to all Syrians, regardless of religion, the simple demographics of Syria expose the pro-Sunni, anti-Christian bias of the current Obama refugee policy:  Christians account for 10% of Syria’s total population—yet they account for less than .5% of the refugees.  Sunni Muslims are 74% of Syria’s population—yet 99% of those received into America.  In other words, there should be 20 times more Christians and about one-quarter fewer Sunnis granted refugee status than there already have been.

Finally, the excuse given by those who defend this disparity does not pass the smell test.  According to the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR, Christian and other minorities “fear that registration might bring retribution from other refugees.” So supposedly they do not register and are left out of the process.  Indeed, as ongoing reports reveal, the majority of those at refugee camps—Sunnis—are persecuting the Christians in their midst, sometimes killing them.  During one Mediterranean crossing from Libya to Sicily, Muslim “refugees” shouted “Allahu Akbar!”  as they hurled as many as 53 Christians overboard.

Although the U.N and U.S. know that Sunni refugees are terrorizing Christians in their camps, they abandon the true victims who deserve sanctuary in the West, while “humanitarianly” taking in their persecutors.

The Catholic Church and several mainline Protestant denominations are equally guilty.  Most recently, “Christian refugees [were] ‘let down’ by Pope [Francis]: he promised to take them to Italy but then took only Muslims instead.”

Such hypocrisy has been on open display since the question of refugees was first raised in America.   Months ago, Barrack Obama—who was raised a Sunni Muslim—described the proposal that preference should be given to Christian minorities as “shameful”: “That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,” loftily added the American president.

Today, however, it is clear from the statistics alone that there is a very clear bias[2]  in the refugee program: it favors those most prone to committing acts of terror in America while ignoring those experiencing genocide.  It is the Obama administration’s own refugee policies that are “shameful,” “not American,” and do not represent “who we are.”

Syrain Christian refugee children

Syrain Christian refugee children

[1] Even before ISIS’ new “caliphate” was established, Christians were and continue to be targeted by Muslims—Muslim mobs, Muslim individuals, Muslim regimes, and Muslim terrorists, from Muslim countries of all races (Arab, African, Asian, etc.)—and for the same reason: Christians are infidel number one.  See Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians for hundreds of anecdotes before the rise of ISIS as well as the Muslim doctrines that create such hate and contempt for Christians who are especially deserving of refugee status.

[2] These recent revelations of the Obama administration’s pro-Muslim and anti-Christian policies fit a clear and established pattern of religious bias within his administration.  Examples follow:

No Longer Hiding Behind Silence, State Department Finally Acknowledges Genocide Against Christians

Raise Your Voices and Wake Up the World!

House Passes Resolution Recognizing Christian Genocide, White House Determination Deadline March 17



Expressing the sense of Congress that those who commit or support atrocities against Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities, including Yezidis, Turkmen, Sabea-Mandeans, Kaka‘e, and Kurds, and who target them specifically for ethnic or religious reasons, are committing, and are hereby declared to be committing, ‘‘war crimes’’, ‘‘crimes against humanity’’, and ‘‘genocide’’.

(Voice of the Persecuted) On Monday night, the House voted to pass a resolution declaring the Islamic State to be committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East. The resolution passed 383-0, which many are calling a miracle! To all who have prayed, Thank you.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) issued the following statement on House passage of H. Con. Res. 121 and H. Con. Res. 75, which condemn the atrocities committed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and ISIS:

What is happening in Iraq and Syria is a deliberate, systematic targeting of religious and ethnic minorities. Today, the House unanimously voted to call ISIS’s atrocities what they are: a genocide. We also will continue to offer our prayers for the persecuted.”

Christians are also severely persecuted by ISIS and other Islamic radicals globally. They have been on a religious cleansing mission to eradicate Christianity in their quest for a purely Islamic Empire, ‘Caliphate’. In June 2014, The city of Mosul had fallen under the control of the jihadists.  Then, the call for Christians to leave rang out through loudspeakers in the city. The reason, the bishops rejected conditions being forced by ISIS to dictate terms to the Christians. The jihadists gave them an ultimatum, ‘Convert to Islam, pay an expensive religious tax (jizyah) or die’. The Arabic letter “N” for Nasrani (Christians) was marked on the doors of their houses to show they had seized the property belonging to the Islamic state.  The Christians were told, “There is no place for Christians in the Islamic state”.  An exodus began and in 24 hours 100,000 Christians fled from Mosul. Almost two months later, the jihadi militias conquered many cities and villages in the Nineveh Plain, causing the flight of tens of thousands of Christians.

Last year, the Obama administration considered a declaration accusing ISIS of genocide against the Yazidis, Iraqi religious minorities who have faced extreme persecution at the hands of ISIS. Stories of the Yazidis being slaughtered went viral when they were trapped by ISIS on Mount Sinjar in August 2014.

It was mind boggling that Christians were being excluded from its potential designation of ISIS genocide victims, and only including the Iraqi religious minority Yazidis. U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04), Chairman of the House congressional panel that oversees global human rights issues, was “shocked and dismayed at their exclusion.

ISIS has also committed genocide against Christians,” Smith said. “They have been systematically targeted for murder, torture, rape, displacement – extermination – the President should acknowledge this. I am shocked and dismayed that President would even think to exclude the present day genocide of Christians.”

Pope Francis had stated “Today we are dismayed to see how in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world many of our brothers and sisters are persecuted, tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus. This too needs to be denounced: in this third world war, waged peacemeal, which we are now experiencing, a form of genocide – I insist on the word – is taking place, and it must end.”

Ignoring Christians, and the full range of religious and ethnic groups who have been victims of the ISIS genocide, would continue the President’s policy of silence and weak response,” Smith said. “When will the President actually implement his own Presidential Study Directive on Mass Atrocities and National Security Strategy?”

Christians have lived in Iraq for two millennia but are feared to become extinct in the near future. Report after horrifying report has surfaced of Christians who were beheaded, kidnapped and raped, even crucified or burned alive solely for their faith in Christ.

Christian targetMany religious leaders also warned of the dangers of ignoring religious persecution, even Rabbi Adlerstein said,

“Too many of us thought that forced conversions and expulsions of entire religious communities were part of a distant, medieval past,” he said. “There was little that we could do to stop this horrible episode.

“It is not too late to realize that many others – Christians today, but certainly Jews, Baha’i, Hindus, Muslims and others – are mortally endangered by a potent religious fanaticism that threatens tens of millions, and which still can be resisted.”

The Obama Administration have long been pressured to recognize genocide against Christians, but the State Department has dragged out their so-called study as if there isn’t already enough proof.

Secretary of State John Kerry recently told Congress that the department was studying the situation to be sure it met legal requirements for declaring actions to be genocidal. Congress set a deadline for the Obama administration to make the determination on genocide by tomorrow, March 17.

Co-sponsor of the bill, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry said, “this trans-partisan resolution will further compel the State Department to join the building international consensus in calling the horrific ISIS violence against Christians, Yezidis, and others by its proper name: ‘GENOCIDE’.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins commented:

“I commend the House for unanimously voting to declare ISIS’ atrocities against Christians and others as genocide. While condemning and stopping ISIS’ bloody rampage against Christians and other religious minorities is a priority for the House of Representatives and most of the Western world, including the European Parliament, it has unfortunately not been a priority for the Obama administration.

“President Obama keeps talking about ‘rising above ideology and partisanship.’  Maybe it’s time he took his own advice.  More than 200 Democrats and Republicans cosponsored this House resolution addressing an issue it shouldn’t have to: the genocide in the Middle East.  If the Obama administration were as ‘appalled,’ ‘horrified,’ and ‘concerned’ about the annihilation of Christians as the White House says it is, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebr.) wouldn’t have had to take the unusual step of addressing the crisis before the president does so.

“America has lost its chance to take the lead against ISIS.  But regardless of the timing, our national security, vital interests, and essential values demand that we act.  While the word ‘genocide’ alone won’t stop the suffering, it will certainly go a long way to sparking a series of mostly non-military actions that can bring help and hope to our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering for nothing more than being identified as followers of Jesus Christ.

“Every day that goes by without America’s help is a lost opportunity.

“Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in ISIS territory. And pray for our nation, which should always be leading on religious liberty — not following.”

During last week’s press breifing with Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked:

Q    Okay, and another question.  This came up yesterday in regards to the State Department’s pending decision on whether to declare genocide with regard to ISIS.  The European parliament has already made its decision, based largely on the same Genocide Convention that the U.N. approved in 1948, and the U.S. is a party to, with 147 nations.  I want to ask, if the U.S., if they make a decision not to call it a genocide, it would almost be an outlier in making that decision.  Do you think there would be some international outrage if the U.S. decides not to call it a genocide?

MR. EARNEST:  Well, Fred, because there’s an ongoing process to take a close look at this, and because State Department attorneys understand how important this issue is, I don’t want to say anything that presupposes an outcome one way or the other.  What I can tell you is that this is something that the State Department is continuing to look at, but it certainly has not in any way delayed the administration from taking aggressive action to protect religious minorities that are being targeted by ISIL, including Christians that we know are being targeted by ISIL in that region of the world.  So the determination is important, and the process for reaching that determination is ongoing, but it certainly is not going to have any impact on the ability of the United States military or the willingness of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces to order military action against ISIL to try to protect religious minorities in that region of the world.

Q    In that sense of it, do you think it doesn’t matter necessarily, from the U.S. perspective, what it’s called as long as the U.S. is taking the same action either way?

MR. EARNEST:  Well, these kinds of issues are quite serious, both from a moral perspective but also from a policy perspective.  And that’s why the State Department has been so diligent in doing the necessary work to reach this determination.  But when it comes to the kinds of steps that are necessary to try to protect religious minorities and ultimately to degrade and ultimately destroy a terrorist organization that targets religious minorities, I think the President’s willingness to use military force against those terrorists has been unsparing and that will continue.

Last week, the Knights of Columbus (K of C) and In Defense of Christians (IDC) presented a report to the State Department. It is the largest compilation of what has happened to Christians in the path of ISIS and irrefutable evidence of genocide against Christians by ISIS. Read the report here.

Many Christians refugees are running out of safe places to go. They’re even being persecuted at refugee centers in Europe. Where, when and how does this end? As their brothers and sisters, when will we speak out in solidarity with our suffering brethren and do more about it? In a nation with a population of 75% Christians, certainly our leaders will have no choice but to hear our resounding cries. For those paying attention, it is plainly obvious intervention for the protection of persecuted Christians globally is absolutely necessary and cannot be ignored.  As the Daesh (ISIS) told the Christians in Mosul, “There is no place for Christians in the Islamic state”. 

Silence-in-the-face-of-evilWe at Voice of the Persecuted believe that as a direct result of U.S. involvement in the Middle East and other regions, Christians have now found themselves homeless. Trapped in countries where they will continue to be hunted down, we can either help them to have secure areas within their homeland, or offer them a safe haven within our own. Many persecuted Christians from across the globe are facing worse or similar persecution in nations within which they are again a minority. Despite their effort to escape intolerance, they are simply introduced to nothing more than a geographical change.  We highly support the notion of allowing them a special exception for refugee status in the USA. This is not about a religious test, nor a form of discrimination towards Muslims. It’s about saving the lives of those who face extinction in Islamic countries. Our brothers, sisters and their children who are brutally killed and abused for nothing more than their faith in Jesus Christ. The One who came to save the world, our precious Lord and Savior.


Until this country recognizes the modern-day genocide taking place against Christians, serious intervention on their behalf will not take place. We ask that you pray for the softening of our leaders hearts towards the extreme suffering of Christians in the Middle East. That they will do the right thing and call it what it is, GENOCIDE. We ask that you also pray for the leaders of restricted nations and those who persecute our Christian brothers and sisters. May they too have a softening of heart and come to know our Lord, Jesus Christ. Why have we not mentioned persecuted Christians suffering equally in other parts of the world? We’ll start with this vote and ask for their inclusion later. It must begin somewhere.

Please sign the petitions below and please share.


Together with your generous help, we can reach the goal to alleviate horrific suffering of our brothers and sisters in Christ. In darkness and desperation, let us serve in love, with open arms and giving hands to provide light and hope.


Everyday, we thank God that He is working through you to care for His children and further His Kingdom! As you greatly bless others, may God continue to bless you. Thank you so much for your support. We couldn’t do it without you!
You may also send your gift to:

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Call It Genocide: ISIS Victims Deserve the Designation


(Patheos.com) The clock is ticking in the final hours before Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement. Will the State Department make a determination of genocide for the victims of ISIS? And if so, will that critical determination be given only to the Yazidis — who definitely deserve it — or also to Christians and other religious minorities targeted for extinction by ISIS?

According to law, the State Department must make its determination to Congress by March 17. But before that, Congress is set to make its own determination. Scheduled for 6:30 PM tonight, Monday, March 14, the full United States House of Representatives will vote on U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry’s (R-NE) H. Con. Resolution 75 (mentioned in this previous post).

Explaining the rationale for this resolution, Fortenberry said in a press statement on Friday, March 11, “When ISIS systematically targets Christians, Yezidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities for extermination, this is not only a grave injustice—it is a threat to civilization itself. We must call the violence by its proper name: genocide.”

On March 2 the House Committee on Foreign Affairs passed the resolution by unanimous consent. And when it goes to the full House for tonight’s vote, it goes with 203 co-sponsors from both the sides of the aisle. Chances are very good that by tonight, the full House of Representatives will have taken a stand for the Christians, Yazidis, and other victims of the Islamic State’s horrific genocidal brutality.

But will that stand extend to the U.S. State Department? If the House passes the resolution, it will be more pressure on the State Department to come back on March 17 with a genocide determination that includes Christians.

It is absurd to even have to type that sentence! Of COURSE it is genocide. Statements have come out in recent days from several human rights organizations, Christian leadersnewspaper editors, and even top genocide scholars providing overwhelming evidence of ISIS’ genocidal intentions and genocidal actions. Previous to this, international bodies such as the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and others have declared ISIS’ actions to be genocide.

But the Obama Administration has attempted to justify a possible omission of the Christians by basing their determination only on the findings of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s report on the Yazidis. It is also reported that the State Department’s perspective is that ISIS’ actions against Christians can’t be considered genocide because if the Christians pay the jizya, the Islamic tax, they get to live!

On that topic, first of all, whoopee! How noble and magnanimous of ISIS (and every other Islamic supremacist group from the time that Islam starting invading) to allow people to pay a shakedown fee and then be allowed to survive and have a miserable existence as a conquered people, constantly humiliated and reminded of their second-class status!

Second, ISIS is not applying the jizya in the way that is prescribed by Islamic law.  The tax has always been onerous, but it has at least been within the realm of possibility for Christians to pay. The payments demanded by ISIS have been outrageous and nothing that anyone could ever afford to pay. And there have been cases where Christians have paid a “tribute” and then they or members of their families have been killed anyway.

And finally…ISIS is attempting not only to eradicate Christians, but to eradicate Christianity itself from the Middle East. Yazidis, Mandaeans, and the people of all the other religious minority groups are “offensive” to ISIS, but Christians are not just offensive, they are a threat. They know full well that Christianity is the biggest obstacle to their global Caliphate. They know that the “People of the Cross,” which is how they addressed Christians in their “snuff video” of the 21 Martyrs in Libya, are a threat to Islam. And although they can’t stop God from sending dreams and visions of Jesus to Muslims that are resulting in record numbers of converts, they can try to kill all the converts.

You can read about the difference the designation “genocide” makes for Iraqi and Syrian Christians in this article. But to see what is, call it by its proper name, and defend the victims of this evil is not only important for the victims of genocide. It is important for the moral health of our own nation and for our own spiritual health. God said it best (naturally), when He says in Isaiah 58:

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?
Is it not to share your food with the hungry
and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—
when you see the naked, to clothe them,
and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?

Then your light will break forth like the dawn,
and your healing will quickly appear;
then your righteousness will go before you,
and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.
Then you will call, and the Lord will answer;
 you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.

(Isaiah 58: 6-9, emphasis added)


Here are some prayer resources you may find useful:

Please pray for the House resolution tonight, and especially for the State Department determination on Thursday.

*”The Way of the Cross” is a painting by a Christian from the churches in the Nineveh Plains, now living in a village outside of Dohuk in the KRI. The rivers represent the Tigris and Euphrates, and so the lands that the Christians have lived in for 2000 years. They have always suffered, but always climb the way of the Cross. The snakes represent the evil that they must run from, and the black snake is ISIS.

Voice Of The Persecuted Editor’s note:  Please pray that hearts will be softened, and eyes open in this country for lawmakers to recognize the world wide persecution of Christians.

Majority of Americans – And Candidates of Both Parties – Say Christians Face Genocide in Middle East


NEW HAVEN, Conn. Press Release – By a wide margin, most Americans agree with the presidential candidates of both parties in calling ISIS’ atrocities against Christians in the Middle East “genocide,” according to a KofC-Marist poll conducted this month.

Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee and Martin O’Malley have all called the situation genocide.

By almost 20 points, 55 percent to 36 percent, Americans agree that this targeting of Christians and other religious minorities meets the U.N. definition of genocide.

In addition, nearly 6 in 10 Americans (59 percent), say they have heard “a great deal” or “a good amount” about the targeting of Christians and other religious minorities in the region by ISIS.

“The American people, together with presidential candidates and elected officials of both political parties agree that Christians and other religious minorities are facing genocide in the Middle East,” said Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson. “With such a bi-partisan consensus, inaction on a declaration of genocide by Congress and the State Department is unconscionable. An entire year has gone by with their silence. The time for action is now – while those being persecuted can still be saved.”

The survey came shortly after a broad coalition of religious leaders, researchers and scholars sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, urging – based on the overwhelming evidence of their targeting in Iraq and Syria – that Christians be included in any determination of genocide made by the State Department.

In addition, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) recently released a statement urging the State Department to declare what is happening to religious minorities in the region as genocide.

Pope Francis has called the situation genocide as well. During his trip to Bolivia, he stated, “Today we are dismayed to see how in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world many of our brothers and sisters are persecuted, tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus. … A form of genocide is taking place, and it must end.”

Bishop Oscar Cantú of Las Cruces, New Mexico, chair of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace, in a letter has also urged Congress to pass the “Genocide” resolution, H.Con.Res. 75.

The survey of 1,517 adults was conducted Dec. 1-7, 2015, by The Marist Poll sponsored and funded in partnership with The Knights of Columbus. Adults 18 years of age and older residing in the continental United States were interviewed in English or Spanish by (landline and cellular) telephone, using live interviewers. Results are statistically significant within ±2.5 percentage points.


Calling Out America’s Pastors: If You Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk Or Return To Silence

The Western Church has been silent way too long on Christian Persecution. Christian Leaders in Iraq say the silence of the West has condemned Christians to death. I couldn’t agree more, the silence has been deafening. Since our leader claimed it shameful to consider Christians for migration to the US, some in the church have jumped on the bandwagon totally ignoring the genocide in the blindness and refusal to admit this from our President. They now call for America to open it’s arms to Syrian Refugees regardless of their backgrounds.  All feeling quite guilty to follow Christ’s commands to care for each other and care for the widows and children.

I am not going to debate this, but will say the ludicrous accusations from our President that we want a test for religion is just that, Ludicrous.  …an age old manipulation technique to turn the tables on truth to shame others.

After two pages of personal information on the application for asylum in the U.S., it asks about religion.  Here is a snippet of the first question on part B:


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Here is another question that I found very strange:


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Really, how many will withhold information if it would put acceptance in jeopardy? Is it any wonder that legitimate Asylum seekers paperwork is buried under the hundreds of thousands of other paperwork?

My point is this, Church’s in the West, including America, have been deafeningly silent about Christian persecution. Seemingly refusing to acknowledge that they are suffering at the extent which is taking place.  I hear daily from Pakistani Christians in Thailand asking for help from the Church here.  Help for either sponsor their stay, or for aid to pay their rent and food costs…let alone medical costs.  Shame on the church.  Here is a actual message from a persecuted Christian in Thailand:

I am a Christian Asylum Seeker here in Thailand and I am sure you already know a lot about what is going on here. Recently, pressure by Thai government has made many people go back to Pakistan. What their condition is once they go back is not known. I know I cannot go back whatever happens because I would be arrested at the airport and put in jail and eventually killed. My families life, along with my own life is very precious. I am proud to be a Christian and although I lost everything that I worked for yet I am proud that I was able to help the less fortunate Christians in Pakistan. I did what I needed to do and have no regrets, but what is going to happen to us now. I have a request to please see if there is any church or organization that could help sponsor us, I know it is a difficult request but I know that if Jesus wants it to be so it will happen. I am asking in his name who can do the impossible. Please try and see if anything is possible, people like you are our only hope. Christmas is just around the corner and we are preparing to welcome our Saviour, but we at the same time are praying that we will remain safe and that he will protect us. I hope you do not think I am being bossy but it is just that at this time we are feeling neglected and forsaken. God Bless you and have a Holy Advent. Regards___

It’s only one of many.  I have learned that their faith grows in this darkness.  I’ve come to know their pain and suffering and it breaks my heart.  This is a little of the sufferings I listen to daily and then I see the indifference and silence by our church leaders is disheartening to me me.  One retired minister told me that the church he now attends is also silent with no reports shared on the Missions from their own denomination.  He took it upon himself to hang a poster of the missions around the world, trying to raise awareness in the congregation.

If you’re unable to sponsor a family to come to the U.S.  at least sponsor one family suffering, like in Thailand, every month. Provide food, housing and medical.  You would be surprised what only $200.00 American dollars would provide.  How can you remain silent when Jesus commanded we care for our brethren?  You would rather jump on the wagon for our government than take care of our own???  Shame on you! If you are going to talk about it, put your money where your mouth is or go back to your silence.  We will be judged not only as Christians but as a Nation turning our back on God’s people.  If your church wants to sponsor a Christian in any way, we can make that happen.

It’s time to actually live what you speak.  Look at the picture below, it’s from the Central Jail in Thailand. Christians in shackles for fleeing darkness in Pakistan are now treated with this type of darkness.  Keep this image in your mind this Holiday season, Would I be faithful if this were me???  Help them!



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‘No Excuse’ For Obama Failing to Protect Victims of ISIS’ Christian Genocide

MDGovOMalleyDemocratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley believes the U.S. government needs to be doing more to help protect the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Islamic State’s “genocide” of Christians in Iraq and Syria.

At a time when President Barack Obama’s State Department is doing very little to allow the scores of persecuted Iraqi and Syrian Christians to come and live legally and safely inside the United States, the 52-year-old former Maryland governor wrote in a Friday op-ed published by Detroit Free Press that there is “no excuse” for the United States’ “inaction” on the issue of protecting the endangered Middle Eastern Christian and religious minority communities.

“‘Genocide’ is not a word to be used lightly. But it is not hyperbole to say Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria face genocide at the hands of ISIS today,” O’Malley, a practicing Catholic, wrote. “In the face of unthinkable terrorism and bloodletting on the basis of religion and ethnicity alone, the U.S. must do more to protect the Middle East’s religious minorities from extremists committed to their annihilation.”

As over 500,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians have fled from their homes to save themselves from being forced to convert to Islam or die at the hands of Islamic State, or “ISIS,” militants, O’Malley recently had the opportunity to discuss the concerns of the Chaldean Christian community with Chaldean-Americans.

O’Malley wrote that the the Chaldeans told him about the struggles that their loved ones are having trying to get asylum status so they find safety in the United States. Although the Chaldean community has lined up thousands of sponsors willing to take in their persecuted brethren, many of them are still waiting for the federal government to take action.

“We agreed that the extraordinary threat facing religious minorities in Iraq and Syria requires an extraordinary effort on our part to protect them. The complexity and difficulty of the situation is no excuse for inaction,” O’Malley asserted. “The Chaldean-American community has not only identified the locations of thousands of displaced Christians in Iraq, but has also organized thousands of sponsor families in the United States, ready to give them refuge if only they could get here.”

O’Malley cited how 20 Chaldean Christians have been detained for over five months in a San Diego prison after they were caught sneaking across the U.S. southern border in an attempt to find refuge. Although the 20 Iraqi Christians have sponsor families willing to take them in, the Christians remain detained for unspecified reasons.

O’Malley condemned U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for not obeying a resolution passed in Congress last year.

“Last year, the U.S. House took the positive step of passing a resolution on the status of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria. The resolution specifically called on the State Department to ‘help secure safe havens for those claiming amnesty,'” O’Malley wrote. “Unfortunately, we have fallen short of this goal here at home. Recently, I learned of the 20 Chaldean Christians who escaped ISIS in Iraq and have been detained in a San Diego immigration facility for five months. This is not the ‘safe haven’ that Congress intended. Barring a public safety threat, these refugees should be released to their families and given due process as the government considers their asylum cases.”

“Protecting religious minorities against ISIS and facilitating the safe passage of those in the most precarious circumstances is a moral imperative,” O’Malley continued. “We can and must do more.”

O’Malley continued by explaining that the Middle East was once rich with religious diversity having been the birthplace of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. But thanks to the senseless violence waged toward religious minorities by militants advancing ISIS’ distorted brand of Sunni Islam, Christianity in the region runs the risk of becoming extinct.

“ISIS’ plan to destroy Christianity in the Middle East is more ambitious than simply wiping out the Christian population; it also aspires to erase any semblance that Christianity ever existed in the Middle East,” O’Malley stated. “Last September, ISIS bombed the 7th-Century Green Church in Tikrit, one of the region’s oldest churches. And when ISIS took over Mosul last June, it destroyed or occupied all of the city’s 45 Christian institutions, converting one of its largest churches into a stated ‘mosque of the mujahedeen.'”

O’Malley is one of five candidates running for the Democratic Party’s primary nomination, including former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., former Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., and former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafe.

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‘No Excuse’ For Obama Failing to Protect Victims of ISIS’ Christian Genocide
By Samuel Smith
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