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Eyes On Persecution and Human Rights Abuses: Rage Grows In The CAR


(Voice of the Persecuted) We have reported on the violence in the CAR since they were placed on the World Watch List (#16) for persecution that took place in 2013.  It’s been relatively quiet for some time, or the authorities have gotten better at covering up.  Now we hear allegations of French soldiers raping children as young as 9 yr. old for food.  I don’t know if this is true, but we will be watching and attempting to verify this.

What we do know about the CAR and the refugee camps would make you recoil.

“There was a whole world that revolved not just around the French soldiers, but also the European force, especially at night-time,” a UN diplomat in Bangui said on condition of anonymity.  A former camp resident, Elias Mboro Te Zogne, is convinced some of the displaced were exploited in exchange for food.  via Rage grows in C.Africa over French troops in ‘child rape’ scandal.


  • The French has had a presence since the 1920’s.
  • Fighting broke out between government, Muslim, and Christian factions in December 2012, leading to ethnic and religious cleansing and massive population displacement in 2013 and 2014.
  • While corruption ran rampant in government and the media. The UN portrayed this violence as Christian against Muslim, a religious war.
  • In the past, Christians and Muslims have relatively lived in peace, until armed groups invaded.
  • Michel Djotodia took over as president and in May 2013. He was the first Muslim to hold that office in the mainly Christian country. Djotodia was a leader of the almost entirely Muslim Seleka rebel coalition in the December 2012 rebellion against President François Bozize. Following a peace agreement, Djotodia was appointed to the government as First Deputy Prime Minister for National Defense in February 2013. When the peace agreement unraveled, the Seleka captured Bangui and Djotodia took power on 24 March 2013 and declared himself President.
  • Central African Republic’s Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye requested a UN peacekeeping force from the UN Security Council.
  • May 31 former President Bozizé was indicted for crimes against humanity and incitement of genocide.
  • The security situation did not improve during June–August 2013 and there were reports of over 200,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) as well as human rights abuses and renewed fighting between Seleka and Bozize supporters.
  • September 2013, Djotodia officially disbanded the Seleka, but many rebels refused to disarm and veered further out of government control.
  • The conflict worsened towards the end of the year with international warnings of a “genocide”and fighting was largely from reprisal attacks on civilians from Seleka’s predominantly Muslim fighters and a  called Anti-balaka.
  • Djotodia was eventually pressured to step down as president.

We watched as reports surfaced of brutality and horrific slaughter from the Seleka (Muslim rebels), and the Anti Balaka, who the media touted as Christian.  But we found in our investigation, they are far from Christian.  We also reported that The Lord’s Resistance Army still has a presence in this region, which this violent militia strongly resembles. They also practice many pagan rituals such as wearing amulets filled with their victims blood to ward off enemy attacks. The LRA abducted large numbers in the thousands (more than 6,000 in 1998 alone) of children, forced them into combat, and slavery.  Abducted and raped, maimed and tortured females.  Selling some to arms dealers.  They wanted to  form, so they said, a democratic government based on the Ten Commandments.  What Ten Commandments they were following is yet to be divulged, as this group is not even proximate to Christianity.  Their actions prove they do not follow the commandments of the Bible.

Very few media outlets report the similarities between the LRA and the Anti Balaka which are staggering. “As the years progressed, the LRA lessened their attacks in Uganda and began to attack other regions. They spread to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sudan, and the Central African Republic (CAR). The LRA continued to move between these 3 regions and evaded capture despite the efforts made by joint military operations of the countries. The LRA continued to plague these regions with their only goal being survival. They performed raids on remote locations to gather food, money, or people which would help sustain their rebellion.” (quote from Global Security.org)

rebels have infiltrated refugee camps disguised as civilians perpetrating crimes.  This video was published in January of this year.  We will update on this as information becomes available.

It’s also been reported about the refugee camps from Sudan to the CAR and into Nigeria and Libya.  And arms trafficking in this region has been verified.  They’ve built a super highway from the Sudan to the coasts of Africa.  And it’s been said that when the IDP’S moved from the Bangui airport into the refugee camps, the fighting between the 2 rebel groups worsened. This is when the division occurred in the population, as media and government quickly snatched the opportunity to fuel an ethnic war.

Human trafficking in this region is dire and spine chilling.  The rebels infiltrated the camps kidnapping young boys for fighting, and raping the women and the girls.  There are also report the boys are used for sex slavery. The world in essence has turned a blind eye.  The UN labeled it the ‘Silent Crises.’  And in a modern society of short-attention spans, the focus shifted to the Boko Haram and the helpless people of the CAR were left to the genocide. Ethnic cleansing in the CAR and all of Africa continued. And it appears that world powers stepped in to vie for and divide the spoils— minerals, diamonds, and oil.  The CAR is one of the richest areas of Africa but the people some of the poorest, living in squalor and fear.  We all watched with horror as innocent people flocked to the airport in Bangui, only to be met with even more horrid conditions.

The French sent in forces to help and calm the chaos. They seem to be the only stabilizing force anywhere in the area—things are not always what they appear to be.  Are these forces helping or the cause of further abuse? We will be asking questions and watching this very closely.  To take advantage of those who are suffering is the worst of Human Rights Abuses.  We cannot sit by and ignore the cries of the innocent.

Remember to pray for the victims of this conflict and the many suffering in the refugee camps.

C. Refsland, VOP Advocate/News Analyst & L. Kanalos, VOP Founder/Advocate

Voice of the Persecuted

CAR: Report claims attack on Our Lady of Fatima parish and killing of priest was carried out by foreigners



(Voice of the Persecuted) We have continually reported on the network of terror that is growing in the CAR and spreading to other regions of Africa. We repeatedly ask why the main stream media keeps portraying the Anti-Balaka as a Christian vigilante group? With a little research it is easy to find this couldn’t be farther from the truth. We have shown the resemblance of their actions to the Lord’s Resistance Army and their strange pagan-like rituals that go completely against Christianity. Others are beginning to see how the MSM has only fueled and provided propaganda tools to the rebels.  Here is a significant report from the Fides agency.  The route from Sudan to Libya has become a dark pathway for evil.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the innocent people of Africa.

Bangui (Agenzia Fides) – The perpetrators of the attack on Our Lady of Fatima parish church in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, spoke neither French nor the locale Sango, Fides was told by Archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalainga, archbishop of Bangui, who added: “The attackers shouted in English, ‘open the door’”. 

On 28 May, men armed with automatic weapons and hand grenades attacked the parish where a number of persons had sought shelter from violence. The attack left 18 people dead including a Catholic priest, Rev. Paul-Emile Nzale aged 76. According to Fides sources at least 42 people were taken hostage and the bodies were later found. However Archbishop Nzapalainga cannot confirm the news. “Some survivors whom I met told me people were taken away, but on their whereabouts voices are contradictory: some say they were killed others affirm they are still alive” the Archbishop said. 

The attack has increased tension in the capital. “The city is totally paralyzed. Demonstrators calling for the temporary government to resign were dispersed by the army. Tension is high and no one knows what is going to happen” concludes Mons. Nzapalainga.

According to Fides sources, the attack on Our Lady of Fatima parish was carried out by foreign jihadists who now have complete control of Muslims living in the Km 5 district of Bangui.

“Although the authorities pretend not to notice, many Central Africans know that jihadists terrorists from Sudan and Nigeria have infiltrated into the Seleka and are now in the Km 5 district. Likening the anti balaka to Christians, the western media offered these criminals a perfect means of propaganda”, our sources conclude.

Bishop Nestor Desire Nongo-Aziagbia, Bishop of Bossangoa,had earlier told Fides Agency about the presence of foreign jihadists at km 5 (see Fides 28/4/2014).

Seleka is the rebel coalition which took power in Bangui in March 2013, throwing the country into chaos. The anti balaka militiamen who chased the Seleka from the capital turned into criminal gangs now rampant in various parts of Central Africa. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 30/5/2014)


AFRICA: A Sinister Plot Behind The Massacre In CAR?

Seleka fighters in CAR

Seleka fighters in Central African Republic

There is a very dark spirit at work as world powers vie for control. Many know of the wars that wage in the Middle East and Africa. This report will help us breakdown the recent events taking place in Central African Republic (CAR). Blood-curdling news is coming out in this region….news of a systematic sectarian cleansing. I use the word systematic, as you will see the history of it being revealed and how it’s been building for years. One can connect the dots from Darfur and the ‘Janjaweed’ to the current crises and the interim president Djotodia. (More)

There is much controversy and darkness associated with Michel Djotodia, the self proclaimed president of CAR who has now been pressured to step down. He had formed the rebel group ‘Seleka’ to gain power. It’s been said that the uprisings happening now is not typical of Muslims forcing converts but a grab for power, what ever the costs. When you look a little deeper, you’ll find in Djotodia’s own statements.

In the months that followed Seleka’s takeover, the group was criticized for continuing to perpetrate violence against civilians. Djotodia was formally sworn in as President on 18 August 2013. On that occasion he said that he hoped to be “the last of my countrymen to have to take up arms in order to come to power”. He also vowed that he would not stand as a presidential candidate.

In deciphering this, we will try to peel the layers back to find what’s at the core. David Smith (Guardian UK) described it as, “A massacre of the innocents is taking place in the heart of Africa as the world looks the other way.” We agree and there is more to this, much more.

Major news outlets are reporting that Christians are committing atrocities of beheading children and even cannibalism. What is most disturbing is these reports, complete with video of so-called Christians slaughtering with a machetes, is the lack of proof or evidence to what is truly taking place.

They have even dredged up old reports of suspicious rumors that the prior president, François Bozizé was a cannibal who fed human meat to visiting dignitaries. The alleged accusations were investigated with no evidence ever found, charges were dropped and the president vindicated. But the propaganda makes for sensational headlines attracting many readers who will share with others. It’s hard to know how much truth is emanating from these reports, but when looking back at the history of this war and region, we can say it is eye opening.

This from Amnesty International in November 2013 show’s proof of the devastation in this country: (New satellite images reveal shocking aftermath of abuses in Central African Republic)

Expert analysis of new satellite imagery Amnesty International has obtained from the Central African Republic (CAR) reveals the shocking aftermath of recent human rights abuses amid spiraling violence by armed groups and security forces.

In the Bouca area, approximately 485 structures—represented here by yellow dots—appear burnt in imagery from November 2013. © DigitalGlobe 2013

Amnesty International continues to report the human rights abuses that may prove to be Crimes Against Humanity. They reported that since Dec. of 2012, hundreds of civilians have been killed while thousands are subjected to cruel torture, rape or other forms of inhuman and degrading abuse, which the Seleka are responsible for. There are claims of Seleka soldiers, bandits, and poachers burning properties and civilians end up suffering most in the power grab. These rebels are seeking revenge on Christians for supporting the new government. And reports of armed resistance groups fighting to protect themselves. Could it be an attempt to start a Holy War of Biblical proportions and why?

BBC Photo: Janjaweed

BBC Photo: Janjaweed

As the Janjaweed did in Darfur, the civilians watch their families being tortured, raped, murdered and their villages burned to the ground. With insufficient security being provided, they have rose up against the attackers.

The world turns the other way, while children are being recruited to fight, they too are tortured and killed. In one report a man describes the torture of his son. They spread a pepper paste on his armpits, legs and up his nose, then beat him almost causing asphyxiation. This horrific event is considered mild torture compared to what others experience.

The atrocities are not new. Amnesty International reports that it also happened during Bozize’s government and he also failed to intervene to stop it. Seleka members have grown from 5,000 in March, 2013 to 20,000 two months later. Most are criminals freed by seleka, highway bandits and poachers. I encourage you to read the detailed report by Amnesty International from March of 2013. (Here)

So why is the world silent? French and UN troops are there, yet still unable to end the chaos. World organizations are demanding for more intervention to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.

Noteworthy is the world’s power grab for African minerals, oil and other resources the past few years. Is this the reason they are pitting these people against each other? CAR is predominantly Christian, with a small percentage of Muslims. They say it’s hard to know the exact numbers, as the Christian population is sedentary while the Muslim population is nomadic. In the past, they have relatively lived in peace, until armed groups invaded.

On Saturday, reports of Djotodia’s resignation sparked celebrations in the Christian communities. The western countries of France, Germany and the UN had sent extra troops fearing another Rwanda. Interesting is an excerpt from Reuters

The loose band of rebels had been held together by frustrations over underdevelopment of the north and desire for control over gold, diamonds, uranium and oil. Many of its men were battle-hardened fighters from Chad and Sudan.

Again, we find small references to the reasoning further stirring these groups against one another. Major publications are highlighting videos which claim are Christians waving branches and shouting, ’We have killed the Muslim’, referring to President Djotodia.

doba-port-SoudanIs oil the real cause of this war? It has been reported by some that this is in fact the root cause, an oil pipeline in Doba. Apparently there is a 3-7 billion dollar pipeline between the Doba field in Chad and Cameroon. Could it be that investors were advised to stay away from the CAR, due to the instability that ramped up this so called sectarian violence? Could it be that the West and China were growing anxious and wanted those risks removed? It doesn’t take long while searching ‘Oil In CAR’ to find publications issuing warnings, as on Mining.com. and a publication called ‘African Energy’. Here is the lead into an article about the oil in CAR:

The prospect of Central African Republic eventually emerging as an oil producer is exciting a growing number of potential investors, including an aggressive New York-based private equity player, Chinese arms manufacturers, Gulf-based interests and a Brussels-based ‘NGO’ that won’t discuss its operations, as well as Colorado-based veteran Jack Grynberg.

I don’t claim to have insider information into these things, only a desire for the truth, no matter where it may lead. Evidence can not be found of Christians eating victims and beheading children that is not connected to the dark evil that has been emanating from this country. I will continue to watch and research, but for now much investigation still needs to be done. And with all the propaganda being shared, one must read between the lines.

The truth is over the last few years, Christian persecution has escalated dramatically in the Middle East and in Africa. Many are labeling what’s happening in the Middle East as a ‘Holy War’. Is it now spilling over into this region? What’s really going on?

religious warThis excerpt from an article in World Stage News also sheds light on how the violence against the Christians began:

WorldStage Newsonline— The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kaduna State has accused the police invading a church to disrupt their Sunday service, thereby trying to create a religious crisis in the state, saying they may have no option than to defend themselves.

Voice of America reports,  as new transitional authorities try to restore order in the capital, residents say this crisis is political, not religious and the solutions to country’s problems lie in the political sphere.

“There is no religious crisis,” said Bangui resident Brice Ngagoui. “It’s just political manipulation because the rebels that came to power, [President Michel] Djotodia, are majority Muslim. Politicians took this community affiliation to give a religious connotation to this crisis. But in reality there is not an inter-religious crisis.”

Most of the innocent and persecuted have not asked for money, though even the fortunate can be found living in squalor. The number one thing they ask for, our prayers. We must come together united in prayer. Pray like never before, it is our direct connection with God and they do make a difference, He hears. Encourage others to pray for the innocent, the lost, and our brother’s and sister’s unjustly suffering in the world. I leave you with this from Paul:

Hebrews 13:3

Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

By C. Refsland, VOP Advocate/News Analyst

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Articles may be reprinted with link and credit to VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED.

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