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Persecution Watch: The desire of our Prayers for the Persecuted


9/1/2020 (Voice of the Persecuted) Dear intercessors, how precious that the Father led me to read a past email written by our dear brother, Blaine Scogin, the founder of Persecution Watch.

Praying for the persecuted means we come face-to-face with the cross of Jesus. We come face-to-face with that same cross our persecuted brothers and sisters carry.  The desire of our prayers is to make that cross a little easier and that burden a little lighter for those who face death every day.

Brothers and sisters, the Father reminded me of the love we should have for one another.

“14 You are my friends if you do what I command. 15 I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. 16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. 17 This is my command: Love each other.”

John 15:14-17

Please join us tonight, as we lift up the persecuted church and the global harvest of souls.

In Christ love

Nadia & Marlene, Persecution Watch Prayer Moderators

Prayer Conference Call Details

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

From any location on your phone


9:00 PM Eastern

8:00 PM Central

7:00 PM Mountain

6:00 PM Pacific

Call in number: 712 775-7035

Access Code: 281207#

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What is Persecution Watch?
Persecution Watch is a U.S. national prayer conference call ministry that prays specifically for the global Persecuted Church. For over a decade, Blaine Scogin led this national network of believers who faithfully pray for the persecuted and the global harvest for the Kingdom of God.

The group meets via a free call-in service every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at 9pm Eastern (please check your time zone). Blaine also served as Prayer Director for Voice of the Persecuted and our missions became one. The prayer mission of Persecution Watch is an important part of our own.

With the passing of Blaine into glory on December 26, 2019, Voice of the Persecuted is committed to continue the prayer conference call for the persecuted along with our dedicated prayer warrior team.

On occasion, persecuted brothers and sisters have been invited on the call to share the trials they’re facing. The team serves to encourage them by washing their feet in Spirit led prayer.

Time is often reserved for those on the call to ask questions. We believe this helps to gain a better understanding of the situation that persecuted Christians endure in their specific nations. Q&A also helps us to focus our prayers based on their current needs.

Persecution Watch also hosts callers who want to pray united from other nations. If your heart is perplexed by the sufferings of our persecuted brothers and sisters, you no longer need to pray alone. We welcome all who desire to pray for the persecuted church and consider it a joy to pray together with you.

If you’re new to the call and can’t find your voice, listen in and pray silently or on mute. We are grateful and thank the Lord for bringing us all together to pray in agreement for our persecuted family in Christ. We can all be prayer warriors on this call!

NOTE: Persecution Watch has a new email address for the prayer team and those who would like to receive urgent prayer requests, weekly call prayer points and notification of special prayer events and special guest speakers.

Please fill out the form below to be included in our new distribution list to receive this important information. We are grateful for your prayers and to the Lord for guiding us as we continue the Persecution Watch prayer call mission.

Note to Voice of the Persecuted (VOP) readers: The Persecution Watch prayer team is also the prayer team of Voice of the Persecuted. SIGN UP today.

Prayer Director Blaine Scogin dies of cancer

Blaine Scogin, Founder of Persecution Watch Prayer Conference Call/Prayer Director of Voice of the Persecuted

(Voice of the Persecuted) To all who have been praying for Blaine Scogin, we sincerely thank you. In October, test results revealed that he had stage 4 Melanoma cancer. Blaine passed into glory shortly after midnight following Christmas Day. Brother Blaine was a generous, humble man who loved the Lord and God’s Word with all his heart. He strove to pick up his cross daily and live a life devoted to Christ. He was a role model to all who knew him.

Blaine began the Persecution Watch ministry, a U.S. national prayer conference call, that prays specifically for the Persecuted Church and the global harvest for the Kingdom of God. For over a decade, with perseverance and a contagious passion, he faithfully hosted the prayer conference call three times a week and encouraged all to join him. As the Holy Spirit led, Blaine occasionally opened the call for nightly prayer and these devoted prayer warriors were known to meet each night for well over a month. Blaine mobilized prayer for the IDOP and held other special 12 or 24-hour call events. He invited persecuted Christians to share with us and encouraged all to wash their feet in prayer. This deeply touched our persecuted brothers and sisters. They described it as being in the same room praying together with those on the call. I still receive messages of how the prayer team blessed them and they ask for continued prayer. Other ministries collaborated with Persecution Watch during these events and Voice of the Persecuted was privileged to be one of them.

Years ago, Blaine and I met through our calling and desire to serve the Persecuted Church. Not only a ministry partner, he was a brother in Christ and my very dear friend. Our friendship came easy. We understood one another and worked well together. Blaine was also a Board Member and Prayer Director of Voice of the Persecuted (VOP). His passionate heart for the persecuted and prayer was a perfect match for our mission that will be hard to replace. What a blessing to have met and come to know him. I’m forever grateful to the Lord for our meeting, which was truly a divine appointment! Words cannot express how deeply I will miss him and our daily communications.

Blaine was legally blind but he knew his Bible. He would listen to the audio Bible for hours each day. Blaine could quote full chapters and he powerfully prayed God’s Word with enthusiasm. He truly identified with the persecuted and his devotion for those suffering for Christ is unforgettable. He was one of the most gifted intercessors, I’ve ever known! This mighty prayer warrior was also a good leader and he taught in love. We have learned so much on how to pray for the Persecuted Church from him.

I have no doubt the Lord called Blaine to begin and lead the Persecution Watch ministry. Sounding the alarm, he was our wake-up call! His mission was to rouse the sleeping church to the reality of modern-day Christian Persecution, and activate the church to Biblically care and pray for them. Though the Scriptures tell us to relate to the persecuted as if we were suffering with them, persecution is a topic many don’t want to hear. Some, even in the church, still deny it’s taking place or ignore it completely. Anyone in a mission pertaining to the persecuted sometimes feel it’s a lonely place to be. I remember a time when our brother was feeling down. I encouraged him with the Word and told him that he wouldn’t fully realize the effect of his prayers and dedication until he was in glory. As others have shared, we can imagine the martyrs who have gone before Blaine as well as those yet to come, greeting him by name.

2 Timothy 4:7-8  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.

Though we deeply grieve the loss of our dear brother, we rejoice that he is now without pain or sorrow and in the presence of our Lord. I can almost hear his praises bellowing out above the crowd of saints worshiping Him. Until we meet again dear brother, you’re forever in our hearts.

Voice of the Persecuted is committed to continuing the important prayer mission that Blaine, our Prayer Director, began. Through the Lord’s leading, Blaine grew a strong prayer team who will continue hosting the Persecution Watch call. We encourage you to join them and pray united for the Persecuted Church. God had always been glorified on Blaine’s prayer call and In the words of our brother, “Lord willing, God will continue to be exalted on the call.” The Persecution Watch prayer conference call details are below. Please share with prayer networks, prayer teams and all who pray. As we begin a new season, may God greatly bless and refresh you and the mission in the coming year.

Later next week, we will be sharing the sentiments of those who knew and worked with Blaine as a tribute to our brother. If you would like to be a part of this memorial tribute and share your heart for Blaine, please send it to info@voiceofthepersecuted.org by January 12, 2020 to be included. (date extended)

Your sister in Christ,

Lois Kanalos (Founder, Voice of the Persecuted)

Persecution Watch Conference Call 

From any location on your phone 

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 


9:00 PM EST

8:00 PM CST+

7:00 PM MST

6:00 PM PST

Call in number: 712 775-7035      

Access Code: 281207#

Recommended: For those who may be subject to added charges for conference calls. Please download the app, it’s free!

MOBILE APP: Free Conference Call HD also provides a quick and easy way for you to dial into conference calls without having to remember the dial-in credentials. Save all of your conference call dial-in numbers and access codes using this free app. With the Free Conference Call HD you can instantly dial into a conference call via 3G/4G data network and or regular mobile carrier. Google Play for Android or App Store for IPhone

Persecution: Why is the Western Church silent

(Voice of the Persecuted) Recently I received an invitation to go on a conference call and pray for repentance concerning the wildfires in California. One of the prayer points concerning repentance is that America has not stood with Israel. I find this interesting since according to PM Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and many Israelis, President Trump is the best friend Israel ever had.

In my experience of praying on conference calls, I’ve found that Israel has more intercessors than tortured, imprisoned and endangered believers in Christ. I facilitate Persecution Watch, one of the few, likely the only conference call in North American that specifically prays for the persecuted church. By God’s grace we have labored for over 8 years in his mandate to intercede for those in the shadow of the cross, and that with a faithful, few intercessors.

I continually hear and am told that we must pray for Israel, the apple of God’s eye. At the risk of being construed as Anti-Semitic, I must ask what about the persecuted bride of Christ? Who intercedes for them as He intercedes for us? Given their experience of persecution, even Jewish people wonder why the West doesn’t have more concern for Christians facing extreme abuses, even death.

I do believe that Israel will play a prophetic role in the end times, but I leave that for the experts to work out. I must ask again who stands with persecuted believers, our own family in faith?

The writer of Hebrews tells us, Remember those in prison, as though you were in prison with them, and they mistreated, as though you yourselves were suffering bodily. Hebrews 13:3

We are to remember our persecuted family, at least in our prayers, because we are members of one body. Indeed Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 12 that if one member of the body suffers we all suffer. So how is it that we can easily ignore the wounded part of the Body in Christ?

I find the passages in Matthew 25 regarding the sheep and the goats to be quite sobering. Many of us know these passages found in chapter 25 verses 31-46. Let’s look at how is He’s judging the sheep and the goats. He’s not assessing them on the doctrine they held or their performance of signs and wonders, but if they fed the hungry, gave drink to the thirsty, showed hospitality to the stranger, clothed the naked, took care of the sick, and visited those in prison. He’s judging the sheep and the goats as to whether they practiced the second great commandment, or what is called the royal law. Love your neighbor as yourself. I believe the persecuted bride of Christ is being considered here.

Many cry out for Israel and I respect those who do. Countless churches are active in meaningful outreach programs which I believe demonstrate goodwill and the love expected in our faith. But how often do we hear our pastors leading even a short prayer for the critical numbers suffering for their faith, today? Once a week, once a month, a year, never? To encourage all pastors, we have not met one believer who hasn’t confirmed they would like to hear more about the persecuted in church and to pray with the congregation for them. We thank those of you who are engaging their congregations and lifting up the suffering. We pray more consider to join you.

Will we continue to be silent, or will we speak out and pray for the persecuted? Below is a song written a few years ago at the height of the ISIS persecution of the believers in Iraq. It challenges us to not be silent for our persecuted family.

We stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters who are in the shadow of the cross. I must continue to cry out even though at times I feel as a lone voice in the wilderness.

Your brother at the foot of the cross,

Blaine and the VOP team

Blaine Scogin serves as Prayer Director of Persecution Watch and Voice of the Persecuted.

The Persecution Watch conference call meets 3 times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays. If you are interested in joining the Prayer Team on the call, we invite and welcome your presence to intercede for our brothers and sisters with us. It means more to the persecuted than you can imagine. MEET YOU ON THE CALL!
(Please check your time zones)
9 p.m. Eastern
8 p.m. Central
7 p.m. Mountain
6 p.m. Pacific

Call number: 712.775.7035
Access code: 281207#

Praying Justice for the Persecuted—Thank You Prayer Warriors!

Thank You- Voice of the Persecuted Prayer call event

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:16

(Voice of the Persecuted) A message from Voice of the Persecuted (VOP) Prayer Director to all the Prayer Warriors who joined last weekend’s 24 hour Prayer Call Event.
My Brothers and Sisters,
From my heart, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who participated on our prayer call for the persecuted church.  Thank you to the missionaries who shared the stories and incredible faith of the persecuted church. I believe our prayers filled that bowl Revelation speaks of and that angels worked overtime to add incense to our prayers. I cannot help but think that God was pleased with the sacrifice of prayer and praise that went up before Him.  So again thank you from my heart. More than that, the persecuted thank you. For I am sure they felt your prayers and in that, God was most pleased.
During the call, we were able to ask questions and hear from persecuted brothers and sisters on the front lines. They told us of their joy in knowing we have not forgotten them and so encouraged that we lift them in prayer. It was a touching moment while in their suffering, they prayed for us and a strengthening of faith for the American church. They shared their hearts and current situations helping to direct our prayers. It was a blessing to serve these dear ones by washing their feet in prayer.
While speaking with a Nigerian pastor during the call on Saturday, he informed us that explosions were taking place on the edge of the city. Though not physically in the location, it was as if we were united as one, experiencing the attack with them. We later learned the Boko Haram attack was most devastating. The next day, some of you contacted us to get an update. You let us know that in that moment on the call, something changed…it became personal. No longer were you praying for people on the ‘other side of the world’ caught in a conflict, but for family members, your own brothers and sister connected through Christ. You felt their pain as if suffering with them, as one in the Body of Christ. For Christians, it is personal, as we see revealed in the Scriptures, the Word of God.
Dear saints, may we continue to remember our persecuted brothers and sisters in prayer.  For their first request is always, “Please pray for us”. Our next 24 hour Prayer Call Event will be begin at 9pm EST on Friday, April 29th and continue through Saturday, April 30th until 9pm EST. Mark your calendars!
God bless you,
Blaine Scogin, serving as Prayer Director for Voice of the Persecuted and Persecution Watch.
Though this weekend’s 24 hour call was a special event, many of you joined us again on Tuesday, a regularly scheduled prayer conference call to pray for the persecuted 3 times a week. This call is typically 1-2 hours in duration and is hosted by Brother Blaine, VOP Prayer Director through his ministry, Persecution Watch (a national teleconference prayer call). We are unaware of any other prayer calls praying solely for the persecuted in the USA.
It was so encouraging how many joined again to unite for the persecuted. Much Spirit led prayer went up Tuesday evening, as we pressed in for Nigeria, our suffering brothers and sisters and those lost in the nation. Again, we thank you! We invite and hope you will continue to come on the weekly calls. It means more to the Persecuted than you can imagine. MEET YOU ON THE CALL!
Persecution Watch Weekly Prayer Call Schedule:
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays
(Please check your time zones)
9 p.m. Eastern
8 p.m. Central
7 p.m. Mountain
6 p.m. Pacific

Call number and access code are…….
712.775.7035.      281207#

Information for international callers can be found here

For more prayer call information contact: pwprayercall@gmail.com

We invite you to join in prayer as we advance His kingdom purposes by praying for the Persecuted Church and calling out for the global harvest of souls.

Martyred in America for Christ

Christian target

Revelation 6:9

What the Lamb broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who has been slain because of the word of God and because of the testimony which they had maintained;

Yesterday, I had a profound sense of sadness regarding the tragedy that came out of Oregon. I had heard about other school shootings, which always saddened me and I offered prayer for those impacted by the tragedy.

But Friday morning, the sadness and sorrow was different. I felt in some way connected to those who had been slain. The sadness was deep, almost overwhelming. I could not explain the profound sorrow that was enveloping me. That is until now.

Martyr-definitionI received word that the gunman targeted Christians at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Eye-witness reports indicated his focus was on Christians.

The gunman, went into a classroom and shot the professor point blank range. When the students dropped on the floor, he ordered him to get up and state their religion.  If they indicated they were Christian, he said they would see God in one second and shot them in the head, execution style…but shot others of a different or no faith in the legs.

The profound sadness I experienced can only be explained as sorrow for my brothers and sisters who had been martyred.  Martyred in the state of Oregon.

It was only a few months ago that 9 precious saints were martyred in the state of South Carolina. During a prayer meeting, the gunman sent 9 precious souls into the presence of God.

Dear saints, persecution is no longer ‘over there’, in the Middle East or other foreign lands. No longer is it only groups such as ISIS beheading saints in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria. Investigators have revealed the UCC gunman was also a student who related with the occult. Updated:It was found that the shooter belonged to an online group who shared common interests in “magick and the occult.” Under the category of “Religious Views,” he wrote that he was not religious but “spiritual” and was interested in “pagan” and “wicca.”

Believers are now shedding their blood for Jesus Christ in America, solely because they are Christians. Martyrdom has become a reality…here, in the USA.

Some may say, “You’re overreacting, you’re being dramatic.”

Brothers and sisters please hear me. Months ago, who would’ve thought that precious saints attending a prayer meeting would never return home to their loved ones?  Instead, they’re now in the presence of the Lord.

Who would have thought young American students on their way to class would be targeted for their faith in Christ, never to return home to their families? They too now rest in the presence of God.

After South Carolina, I felt more such tragedies would follow. Tragedies which would result in the loss of our brothers and sisters being ushered into the presence of Christ. On Thursday, this is exactly what happened in Oregon. There is a culture of growing hatred towards Christians in our own nation.

This is not to say that we should live in fear. For our eternal destiny is security in Jesus Christ.  He said

28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. 32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. 33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.  Matthew 10:28-33

The believer is secure in Jesus Christ. Paul reminds us that whether we live or we die, we belong to the Lord.

The reality of persecution and martyrdom has come to America. We must be strengthened in faith, prepared, even as these young college students to possibly lay down our lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. We read in Romans 10:17, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Let us find strength, peace and joy in God’s word. May we also reflect the light and love of Christ to this hurting world.

Let us remember our brothers and sisters, these precious saints who were slain. Let us pray that their blood not be shed in vain. Let us pray that much seed will come out of their death. Let us pray comfort on those impacted by this tragedy. Let us pray that out of this tragedy God will bring triumph.

My brothers and sisters, let us pray in the midst of this, that Christ be lifted up and His name be glorified.

Your brother in Christ,

Blaine Scogin
Serving Jesus as Prayer Director for Voice of the Persecuted and Persecution Watch


Persecution Watch is a teleconference prayer call that convenes Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights.

The times of the call are…….
9 p.m. Eastern
8 p.m. Central
7 p.m. Mountain
6 p.m. Pacific

Call number and access code are…….
712.775.7035.      281207#

I invite you to join me in prayer as we advance His kingdom purposes by praying for the persecuted church and calling out for the global harvest of souls.

For more information about our call and the persecuted church please visit the website of Voice of the Persecuted.
You may also send an email to pwprayercall@gmail.com

To can also join the VOP Prayer Warrior Team Here

U.S. Prayer Conference Call Joins Prayer Vigil For Pastor Saeed Abedini on Sept. 26th

Persecution Watch, a national prayer conference call who pray specifically for the persecuted Church—will join global prayer vigils being held for Pastor Saeed Abedini on the night of September 26th.

For the past 5 years, Blaine Scogin has led this national network of believers faithfully praying for the persecuted Church and the global harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God. The group normally meets via a free call-in service every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at 8pm CST. But dedicated in their prayers for our persecuted brothers and sisters, these prayer warriors have been known to meet every night for months at a time—lifting them up as the Lord leads. Often, they host callers from nations other than the United States. And on occasion, they pray with and serve the persecuted by washing their feet in Spirit led prayer.

Persecution Watch is inviting all who cannot leave their homes, or do not live within driving distance to one of the many planned prayer vigil events on Friday, September 26th. This call will be open to all who would like to lift up our brother, Saeed in prayer. In silent prayer or crying out—you’re invited to stay on the call as long as you feel led to do so.

VOP encourages you to share this information with everyone, so those unable to attend the vigil locations can still participate in the prayer event.

Friday Night, Sept. 26, 2014
Time of call:
9 p.m. Eastern
8 p.m. Central
7 p.m. Mountain
6 p.m. Pacific
Call number…(218).548.8367
Pass code…261475#

For more information about the call-in vigil or to learn more about joining this prayer network for the persecuted Church—contact Persecution Watch at: pwgh007.bs@gmail.com


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