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Lunch Lady tells child, ‘You can’t pray’ and ‘It’s not good’



The Daily Mail is reporting the story of a Florida school lunch room monitor telling a kindergartner that she could not pray before her meal.  An  example of how our rights are being stripped as Christians are singled out every day for practicing our beliefs and the rights that our Constitution gives us.  We need more parents like these to speak out on such incidents.

My wife and I were shocked when our 5-year-old daughter began to tell us that someone on staff at her school saw her praying – told her to stop – and said “it is not good”. This is Kindergarten. She was praying to herself for her food, following the biblical values we are working hard to instill in our children. We are so proud of our little princess and as you can see – we continue to affirm her that prayer IS GOOD and that NO ONE can tell her she can’t pray. No doubt we will homeschool going forward.

We live in the United States of America – the land of the free, yet our traditional values and religious freedoms are under assault. This is just a small example.

Disclaimer: Sorry about the background noise! Our son was practicing drums in his room and we were not planning on this video! Which… also explains her messy hair before heading to bed! 🙂


Actor Chris O’Dowd Equates Religion With Racism

This is where it has been heading, inexorably, inevitably, for some time now.

Here is the pic, spotted on Facebook earlier today:


And here is the story from The Sydney Herald.

O’Dowd has told Britain’s GQ magazine: “For most of my life, I’ve been, ‘Hey, I’m not into it, but I respect your right to believe whatever you want’. But as time goes on, weirdly, I’m growing less liberal. I’m more like, ‘No, religion is ruining the world, you need to stop!’.

“There’s going to be a turning point where it’s going to be like racism. You know, ‘You’re not allowed to say that weird s**t! It’s mad! And you’re making everybody crazy!’

“And you know, now America can’t have a president that doesn’t say he believes in God. So we’re f**ked! Like, they f**ked everything!

“You wanna go and live in your weird cult and talk about a man who lives in a cloud, you do that, but don’t.”

He also helpfully adds: “I mean, you really think that Barack Obama believes in God? No way!” The combination of hubris, smug superiority, and embarrassing fanboi hero worship for Obama is really ridiculous. But oh so very common. Liberals are the most predictable of all the animal herds.

This attitude is going to be more and more frequently spoken of. The forces of secular liberalism have no tolerance for Christianity, as I’ve outlined here at The Right Scoop on numerous occasions. And O’Dowd’s comments are coming out at the same time that atheist prophets and proselytizers Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye have been on TV as much as possible denigrating religious belief, with deGrasse Tyson just this week suggesting religious people “go back to their caves.”

And O’Dowd? Well he’s just correct. Religion will become unacceptable in America, if not literally at least popularly. Starting with Christianity. And sooner than you think. Just watch.

By Caleb Howe Right Scoop

Update On Oregon Bakery Persecuted For Christian Values & Beliefs


Evidently the Oregon Bureau of Labor And Industries have ruled that an Oregon Bakery owned by a couple who refused to do a cake for a homosexual wedding has made their ruling.  They have ruled that ‘Sweet Cakes by Melissa’  has discriminated against a homosexual couple and violated their civil rights. Oregon say’s that it’s discrimination based on sexual orientation.  They give a pass to religious organizations but not businesses.  What’s ironic is this same law they are touting also say’s no discrimination based on religious beliefs.  Hello!

They posted on facebook that they were just awaiting news on the fine.  They also thanked everyone for their support, & said this:

I know that your prayers are being heard. I feel such a peace with all of this that is going on. Even though there are days that are hard and times of struggle we still feel that the Lord is in this. It is His fight and our situation is in His hands.” 

It’s not a matter of discrimination, it’s a matter of destroying Christian Businesses.  How fast do you think a lawsuit would have been thrown out if this couple were Muslim?  It would never had made it past the prosecutor.  God does have this, He will prevail.

Isaiah 45:2  I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:

They have come under scrutiny from many, and they have held their ground.  They have stood up for God’s laws and words, and have been persecuted.  What happened to a business has the right to refuse service to anyone?  What happened to the religious  freedom rights?  They are doing the same things to Christians as they say are being done to them.  Forcing their beliefs on others.  They are bullying, tormenting, & intimidating in order to get what they want.  Regardless of what anyone else wants or believes.  I saw this on their facebook page and had to share it, it is so true.

By C. Refsland



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