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Persecution Watch: Praying for Believers in Mali

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11/12/2020 (Voice of the Persecuted) Mali – Population: 19,6 million, Christian 461,000

Technically Mali is a republic, a secular state with freedom of religion. The tolerant Islam is on the way out. One of the poorest nations on earth. Subsistence farming and fishing 0cupies 80% of the population. Average income about $1.80 per day. Last year, northern Mali saw a rise in violent incidents, including attacks and kidnappings. While the majority of Malians traditionally practice a relatively tolerant version of Islam, increasing radicalization continues to pressure and physically harm the lives of Christians and their churches. This radicalization has led to intensifying violence against Christians from jihadist groups, such as Al Qaeda, and from criminal organizations that have allied themselves with radical Islamic rebel groups and target Christians. In the northern region, evangelistic activities are especially risky and could lead to attacks by radical Muslims.

With the proliferation of jihadist groups like Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, the vast territory of Mali not under effective government control is becoming a sanctuary for Islamic militants who are a threat to the security of the entire region. Located in one of the hotbed regions for jihadists, the situation in Mali is part of the overall rise of Islamic militancy in the entire region.

In Mali, Christians are experiencing an increase in violence and hostility, especially those who openly share their faith. Believers from a Muslim background particularly suffer the trauma of rejection and intimidation from their families. Plus, traditional, and cultural norms mean that many Christian women and girls are subjected to sexual abuse, forced marriage, under-age marriage, and are denied access to modern education. Christian missionaries operating in Mali live under the constant threat of abduction, and some have been kidnapped by jihadists. Some kidnapped missionaries are still held host

In March 2019, more than 100 people were killed in attacks by Islamic militants. Reportedly, most of the victims were Christians. In June 2019, more than 90 people were killed in Sobame Da, a mainly Christian village in central Mali’s Mopti region.

June 4, 2020Mali: 27 killed, some burned alive in jihadi attacks on predominantly Christian villages.

“Local officials told Reuters that attacks in the villages of Bankass, Koro and Tillé were carried out by armed men on motorcycles whom they believe to be jihadists that claim to protect Fulani herders from Dogon farmers.” The Fulani Muslim militants who have long been persecuting Christians in Nigeria are now expanding their activities to neighboring countries. Also, regarding Mali in particular, Open Doors USA reports: “In April 2012, Islamic extremists established an Islamic state system with a Sharia regime in the north. Although most Christians fled the region, churches in southern Mali have also been negatively affected by the increasing visibility of various Wahhabi (strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect) groups.”

  • The Lord and thank HIM for the presence of the church in Mali. Thank Him that the government allows for freedom of worship and doesn’t try to limit official religious freedom.


  • Pray for peace and a stable government that can control the Tuareg in the North and Al-Quade like groups that cause instability
  • Pray for wisdom and great accountability for the government and its international partners as they work to restore peace.


  • Pray for wisdom and great accountability for the government and its international partners as they work to restore peace.


  • Pray for much grace and courage for the church as they live out their mission in Mali as Christians are still affected by Islamic oppression.


  • Pray for protection of evangelistic activities in the north that are especially risky and could lead to being attacked by radical Muslims. Christian missionaries operating in Mali also live under the constant threat of abduction, and some have been kidnapped by jihadists.


  • Pray that Christian woman, girls and boys are safe from abduction, violence and sexual abuse.


  • Pray for more Bible translations into the 18 languages thar are spoken in Mali.


  • Pray for more oral Bible teaching teams as literacy is only about 20 percent.


  • Pray for more media ministry – internet, FM radio broadcasts and increase Christian TV, both in programming and air time.


  • Pray that the Lord will do a miracle in growing His church as Mali Christians are not keeping up with the growth in population.


Again, we want to lift up persecuted witnesses for the Lord and pray for:

  • Leah Sharibu and Alice, prisoners of Boko Haram. Pray that they will be set free.
  • Pray pastor Wang Yi to be released from Prison
  • Pray for Anita, a Christian convert persecuted for her faith in Iran.

You are invited to join us on Thursday, November 12 in a prayer call for the persecuted church.

Andy, Persecution Watch Prayer Call Moderator

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What is Persecution Watch?
Persecution Watch is a U.S. national prayer conference call ministry that prays specifically for the global Persecuted Church. For over a decade, Blaine Scogin led this national network of believers who faithfully pray for the persecuted and the global harvest for the Kingdom of God.

The group meets via a free call-in service every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at 9pm Eastern (please check your time zone). Blaine also served as Prayer Director for Voice of the Persecuted and our missions became one. The prayer mission of Persecution Watch is an important part of our own.

With the passing of Blaine into glory on December 26, 2019, Voice of the Persecuted is committed to continue the prayer conference call for the persecuted along with our dedicated prayer warrior team.

On occasion, persecuted brothers and sisters have been invited on the call to share the trials they’re facing. The team serves to encourage them by washing their feet in Spirit led prayer.

Time is often reserved for those on the call to ask questions. We believe this helps to gain a better understanding of the situation that persecuted Christians endure in their specific nations. Q&A also helps us to focus our prayers based on their current needs.

Persecution Watch also hosts callers who want to pray united from other nations. If your heart is perplexed by the sufferings of our persecuted brothers and sisters, you no longer need to pray alone. We welcome all who desire to pray for the persecuted church and consider it a joy to pray together with you.

If you’re new to the call and can’t find your voice, listen in and pray silently or on mute. We are grateful and thank the Lord for bringing us all together to pray in agreement for our persecuted family in Christ. We can all be prayer warriors on this call!

NOTE: Persecution Watch has a new email address for the prayer team and those who would like to receive urgent prayer requests, weekly call prayer points and notification of special prayer events and special guest speakers.

Please fill out the form below to be included in our new distribution list to receive this important information. We are grateful for your prayers and to the Lord for guiding us as we continue the Persecution Watch prayer call mission.

Note to Voice of the Persecuted (VOP) readers: The Persecution Watch prayer team is also the prayer team of Voice of the Persecuted. SIGN UP today.

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