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A poem for the persecuted

United with the Persecuted


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You are not forgotten

Can you see these chains, they are my call
Yet in Christ alone I stand or fall
Though forces dark oppress my soul
To serve my King, my only goal

No matter what He puts me through
Here I’ll stand forever true
I’ve often saw no way ahead
It seems that I am surely dead

Yet in the darkness of my cell
You come to me and I am well
My bondage is a part of me
Though I am bound I’m surely free

No chains of darkness hold me down
Nor keep me from the joy I’ve found
You are my Christ my all in all
You hold me close when I would fall

To every saint whose far and wide
Beneath His wings you’ll surely hide
You’re not forgotten, you’re not forsaken
For through your trials my saints awaken

They see my glory rest on you
And they now pray to see you through
And fire falls and lights the night
And from your knees you stand and fight

Stand in darkness stand in light
Stand in Christ and stand and fight
In Christ alone the battles won
And you will stand till the day is done

Remember this dear saints in chains
Your not alone in trials and pains
For Christ on high He covers you
The Body of Christ is with you too

We clamor for no earthly aid
On Calvary the price was paid
To you alone we bring our plea
For you alone can set us free

So whether Lord, we stand or fall
Our ears have heard that heavenly call
No earthly chains no hand of man
Can alter your eternal plan

To you alone we bring our pleas
With hands outstretched and on our knees
We dare not stand on any ground
Before thy throne we shall be found

It’s not by might these chains erase
It’s not by power but by thy grace
Thy Spirit shall loose and break asunder
Every fetter shall fall and that by thunder

I listen for thy voice on high
And lightening fractures the very sky
I see thy glory move in power
The earthquakes shake this very hour

When every martyred saint reviled
Shall be with Him and reconciled
To walk the earth no more abused
Nor suffer greatly and accused

But know this saint behind those walls
The Master comes for those He calls
And every pilgrim refugee
Shall lift their eyes and be set free

He’s coming with the morning dew
He’s coming now for me and you
To elevate the captive soul
To take you home and make you whole

Rise in Spirit my captive brother
Rise with Christ and one another
For by your chains you testify
To Him alone you live or die                           bro Frank

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