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Extending the length of the exile of a Christian convert, Ebrahim Firouzi, with two new charges

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Exiled Iranian Christian convert, Ebrahim Firouzi,

Ebrahim Firouzi says a new warrant, issued by the Courthouse of Sarbaz county, has added two charges of “insulting the sacred” and “cyber spying” to his case.
Sarbaz is a county in Sistan and Baluchestan Province in southeastern Iran.

(Mohabat News) In addition to two new charges, Ebrahim Firouzi has recently been sentenced based on a warrant issued by the Criminal Enforcement Branch of General and Revolutionary Courts in Robat Karim city.
Based on this verdict, issued on March 11, 2010, eight months have been added to the deportation of the Christian citizen.
Ebrahim Firouzi told Iranian Christians News Agency, “Mohabat News”: I requested a leave of absence because of family problems, but the city’s prosecutor added eight-month deportation to the length of my exile after three months.

This two-year exile of Ebrahim Firoozi to the city of Sarbaz (near the Iran-Pakistan border) began in mid-November 2009. He was imprisoned in Rajai Shahr (Gohardasht) Prison for four years before being deported, and his request for leave of absence was not agreed during all this time! Ebrahim, who has 35 years old, had been in prison for a total of seven years. He suffered much discomfort during his sentence that he was not allowed to attend the funeral after his mother died due to a long illness.

He says, “During the seven years of imprisonment, many things have occurred and the prison authorities did not agree to my request for a leave of absence to resolve these problems.” He added, “I was pressured by the relatives to carry out administrative matters quickly for preparing documents, and I was put on deadline. I applied for a five-day leave of absence regarding my administrative matters, but it was only agreed to six days, due to the paperwork.

“Ebrahim Firouzi says: “After being sent on leave, I was forced to get a layer to pursue administrative matters. Then, I returned to the Sabaz county and introduced myself to the police station, but they said my case is out of exile section. I went to the courthouse but they said you were absent and you left the city without permission and this report (your absence) was sent to Tehran.
Ebrahim Firouzi added, “I went back to Robat Karim and to the courthouse, and they accepted my reasons and announced that my leave had been approved, in a letter to the criminal enforcement division in Sarbaz County. I submitted the letter to the Sarbaz Courthouse but said my leave is unacceptable and my case has been sent to Tehran.

“He said: “It took me about three months to get this sentence and I was in exile all this time. Nevertheless, these three months are not counted as exile and I was fined eight months, namely, a total of six months was added to the exile.

These cases don’t involve all problems of Ebrahim Firouzi. Although he was acquitted of “insulting the sacred” in his first case, two charges of “insulting the sacred” and “cyber spying” were added to his case based on a new warrant issued by the Sarbaz Courthouse. Now, the fate of this Christian convert is uncertain. There have been a few reports indicating this high level of psychological harassment for a prisoner of conscience, if not unprecedented, and his situation is still unclear./ Persian

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  1. Chris says:

    Lord, I couldn’t help but notice in his photograph that Ebrahim Firouzi is really very thin in his face and body. I ask you to bring him nutritious food every day since you said in your Word that you own the cattle on a thousand hills.

    I pray that you will cause his enemies to respect and admire him even in the very harsh Islamist area in which he has been exiled.

    I pray that you are already working on hard hearts that will seek out your servant to find out why he believes what he believes about you. Open their eyes so they can see your gentleness and humility in your servants.

    I pray for his physical protection from enemies if it takes being surrounded by a thousand angels. I pray for his supernatural protection from Covid-19 virus even as your enemies sicken and die.

    I also pray that other Christians who have contracted this virus and any other sickness would receive a healing touch directly from you.

    Please give Ebrahim Firouzi special comfort today in your presence. Help him see that his reward for persecution is going to be very great for all eternity. Help him in his infirmities, whatever they are, and help him be reminded that you will never leave him or forsake him. If I didn’t know that you are able and willing to visit and comfort your children I wouldn’t be able to continue in joy, even if through times of tears from the never ending persecution.

    Father, all of us here share your heart for seeing multitudes upon multitudes of the people of Iran call out to Jesus of the Bible to be their eternal Savior, forgiver of their sins, and healer. Help them see ONLY the true Jesus. Amen.

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