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Pastor Wang Yi Sentenced to 9 Years in Chinese Prison for Sharing the Gospel

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Pastor Wang Yi and his wife, Jiang Rong

We have learned that Pastor Wang Yi was sentenced to 9 years in prison for proclaiming the gospel. The following is a translation of the official announcement from the court:

“On December 30, 2019, the Intermediate People’s Court of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, publicly pronounced the following judgment in accordance with the law regarding the case of the defendant Wang Yi for the crimes of ‘inciting to subvert state power’ and ‘illegal business operations’: For the crimes of ‘inciting to subvert state power’ and ‘illegal business operations,’ Wang Yi is sentenced to 9 years in prison; he is deprived of political rights for 3 years; and 50,000 RMB of his personal property shall be seized.”

“Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matt. 5:11-12)

Praise God for the faithful witness of our brother in Christ, whose reward is now great in heaven. May the Lord use Pastor Wang Yi’s imprisonment to draw many to himself and to bring glory to his name. “For we who live are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh.” (2 Cor. 4:11)

From Pastor Wang Yi:

I hope God uses me, by means of first losing my personal freedom, to tell those who have deprived me of my personal freedom that there is an authority higher than their authority, and that there is a freedom that they cannot restrain, a freedom that fills the church of the crucified and risen Jesus Christ.

Regardless of what crime the government charges me with, whatever filth they fling at me, as long as this charge is related to my faith, my writings, my comments, and my teachings, it is merely a lie and temptation of demons. I categorically deny it. I will serve my sentence, but I will not serve the law. I will be executed, but I will not plead guilty.


Those who lock me up will one day be locked up by angels. Those who interrogate me will finally be questioned and judged by Christ. When I think of this, the Lord fills me with a natural compassion and grief toward those who are attempting to and actively imprisoning me. Pray that the Lord would use me, that he would grant me patience and wisdom, that I might take the gospel to them.

Separate me from my wife and children, ruin my reputation, destroy my life and my family – the authorities are capable of doing all of these things. However, no one in this world can force me to renounce my faith; no one can make me change my life; and no one can raise me from the dead.


Jesus is the Christ, son of the eternal, living God. He died for sinners and rose to life for us. He is my king and the king of the whole earth yesterday, today, and forever. I am his servant, and I am imprisoned because of this. I will resist in meekness those who resist God, and I will joyfully violate all laws that violate God’s laws.

– Pastor Wang Yi, “My Declaration of Faithful Disobedience”

// […] 我渴望上帝使用我,以失去人身自由的方式,来告诉那些让我失去人身自由的人,有一种比他们的权柄更高的权柄存在,也有一种无法被他们关押的自由,充满了耶稣基督死而复活的教会。







– 王怡牧师 《我的声明:信仰上的抗命》

This update comes by means of the Facebook page associated with Early Rain Covenant Church.

Please share and pray for Pastor Wang Yi. Pray for all Chinese believers who are at a high risk of persecution as the Chinese government is cracking down on them and seeking to wipe out Christianity. Our Lord will never abandon them, not for a moment!

Father God, Pastor Wang Yi is suffering for the sake of Christ and for our Lord’s glory. Please fill our brother with your supernatural presence. Comfort him as he picks up this cross and give peace to his heart and mind. When he opens his mouth may Your words flow from him. Give him the courage that whatever may come your Gospel and saving love will be boldly shared. Help Pastor Yi to love his persecutors and prepare them to hear Your Word.

May persecution never weaken our brother’s faith but make him stronger, a mighty warrior for Your Kingdom. We thank you for this precious brother in Christ. We lament for and with him as if he were our own family member and we were in prison with him. Oh Father, if it’s in Your will, we ask for his release. Lord, we lift up his family as they too go through this trial.

We ask for Your hand to be on every Chinese brother and sister as they face this rapid increase of persecution from their government. In the face of fear help them not retract from the faith. May the fire of the Holy Spirit sweep over and consume this nation, and may a greater Church body arise!

We pray for those who are shunning you and hurting your church. They do not realize what they are doing. We pray for their eyes to be opened and their hearts prepared as you reveal Yourself to them. Show them they have no power over You. That You cannot be removed from any place on Your Earth, it is Yours. Your Gospel will be shared exactly as You’ve said and Your light will continue to shine even in the darkest place. We pray that they will accept our Christ and the invitation of salvation. All for Your glory, alone. In Jesus Holy name, we pray.



  1. Julian Kennedy says:

    Reblogged this on He went leaping and praising God. and commented:
    Shameful but expected and for God’s glory as all in our lives must be.

  2. Chris says:

    I appreciate and stand in agreement with your prayer. Father thank you so much for these mature saints; beacons of your light. I pray that their example will be a seed that causes many in China to yearn for the true freedom that Pastor Wang Yi lives in his spirit and soul. I pray that captive minds will be set free by your Word being made known to them.

  3. Natasha Joanne Sekajja says:

    Praying for pastor Wang yi,God’s with him i believe so,no weapon formed against us shall ever prosper…Amen

  4. Michael Goakes says:

    This is so wrong both Christians and Muslim being persecuted we can and must pray but why oh why will the free World just stand idyll by and let this happen

  5. Daniel Barrett says:

    I agree with Michael above. Western Christians are mostly oblivious to this persecution, especially the U.S., so far. European Christians have begun to experience what Jews have experienced for, well almost forever.

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