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Prayer Director Blaine Scogin dies of cancer

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Blaine Scogin, Founder of Persecution Watch Prayer Conference Call/Prayer Director of Voice of the Persecuted

(Voice of the Persecuted) To all who have been praying for Blaine Scogin, we sincerely thank you. In October, test results revealed that he had stage 4 Melanoma cancer. Blaine passed into glory shortly after midnight following Christmas Day. Brother Blaine was a generous, humble man who loved the Lord and God’s Word with all his heart. He strove to pick up his cross daily and live a life devoted to Christ. He was a role model to all who knew him.

Blaine began the Persecution Watch ministry, a U.S. national prayer conference call, that prays specifically for the Persecuted Church and the global harvest for the Kingdom of God. For over a decade, with perseverance and a contagious passion, he faithfully hosted the prayer conference call three times a week and encouraged all to join him. As the Holy Spirit led, Blaine occasionally opened the call for nightly prayer and these devoted prayer warriors were known to meet each night for well over a month. Blaine mobilized prayer for the IDOP and held other special 12 or 24-hour call events. He invited persecuted Christians to share with us and encouraged all to wash their feet in prayer. This deeply touched our persecuted brothers and sisters. They described it as being in the same room praying together with those on the call. I still receive messages of how the prayer team blessed them and they ask for continued prayer. Other ministries collaborated with Persecution Watch during these events and Voice of the Persecuted was privileged to be one of them.

Years ago, Blaine and I met through our calling and desire to serve the Persecuted Church. Not only a ministry partner, he was a brother in Christ and my very dear friend. Our friendship came easy. We understood one another and worked well together. Blaine was also a Board Member and Prayer Director of Voice of the Persecuted (VOP). His passionate heart for the persecuted and prayer was a perfect match for our mission that will be hard to replace. What a blessing to have met and come to know him. I’m forever grateful to the Lord for our meeting, which was truly a divine appointment! Words cannot express how deeply I will miss him and our daily communications.

Blaine was legally blind but he knew his Bible. He would listen to the audio Bible for hours each day. Blaine could quote full chapters and he powerfully prayed God’s Word with enthusiasm. He truly identified with the persecuted and his devotion for those suffering for Christ is unforgettable. He was one of the most gifted intercessors, I’ve ever known! This mighty prayer warrior was also a good leader and he taught in love. We have learned so much on how to pray for the Persecuted Church from him.

I have no doubt the Lord called Blaine to begin and lead the Persecution Watch ministry. Sounding the alarm, he was our wake-up call! His mission was to rouse the sleeping church to the reality of modern-day Christian Persecution, and activate the church to Biblically care and pray for them. Though the Scriptures tell us to relate to the persecuted as if we were suffering with them, persecution is a topic many don’t want to hear. Some, even in the church, still deny it’s taking place or ignore it completely. Anyone in a mission pertaining to the persecuted sometimes feel it’s a lonely place to be. I remember a time when our brother was feeling down. I encouraged him with the Word and told him that he wouldn’t fully realize the effect of his prayers and dedication until he was in glory. As others have shared, we can imagine the martyrs who have gone before Blaine as well as those yet to come, greeting him by name.

2 Timothy 4:7-8  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.

Though we deeply grieve the loss of our dear brother, we rejoice that he is now without pain or sorrow and in the presence of our Lord. I can almost hear his praises bellowing out above the crowd of saints worshiping Him. Until we meet again dear brother, you’re forever in our hearts.

Voice of the Persecuted is committed to continuing the important prayer mission that Blaine, our Prayer Director, began. Through the Lord’s leading, Blaine grew a strong prayer team who will continue hosting the Persecution Watch call. We encourage you to join them and pray united for the Persecuted Church. God had always been glorified on Blaine’s prayer call and In the words of our brother, “Lord willing, God will continue to be exalted on the call.” The Persecution Watch prayer conference call details are below. Please share with prayer networks, prayer teams and all who pray. As we begin a new season, may God greatly bless and refresh you and the mission in the coming year.

Later next week, we will be sharing the sentiments of those who knew and worked with Blaine as a tribute to our brother. If you would like to be a part of this memorial tribute and share your heart for Blaine, please send it to info@voiceofthepersecuted.org by January 12, 2020 to be included. (date extended)

Your sister in Christ,

Lois Kanalos (Founder, Voice of the Persecuted)

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  1. Christine Shoffner says:

    Lois, thank you for the photo so I can pick Blaine out in eternity. I had never before thought of us as people in the flesh; a real tribute to our life in the spirit.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of Blaine’s passing, but I rejoice that he is now with our Lord. He was a dear brother in Christ and a friend to many.

  3. Craig Weber says:

    Good Evening Lois-

    I will grieve and rejoice over Blaine leaving us here on earth. I know your two were extremely close. I am also at such peace he is now in Glory!

    Two thoughts simultaneously ran through my head while reading your well thought out email. I am going to miss Blaine’s voice/heart and he is really, really in Glory!

    He did finish well for sure! I would be honored to engage in a memorial dedication whenever you decide to hold it.

    You and Blaine both have encouraged me in many areas of fighting the good fight in prayer.

    Thank You Sister!

    All For His Glory, Craig

    • Thank you, brother, I will surely miss him but rejoice for him as well. Blaine appreciated your heart for the persecuted and your willingness to be a part of the Persecution Watch prayer conference call. The Persecution Watch mission will continue and the team looks forward to hearing your Spirit-filled prayers on the call. God bless you, brother.

  4. Daniel Barrett says:

    M condolences to his natural and spiritual family members. We take comfort knowing he is with Jesus now, perfectly whole. And we shall see him and he will see us, in most cases for the first time, one glorious day.

  5. James Thomas Davis says:

    This really is a surprise. I have known Blaine since middle school (Alexandria Junior High) — about 55 years, I suppose. We both got saved near the same time through the Jesus Movement in the early 1970s; I was at Louisiana Tech and he was at LSU. We re-connected in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the late 1990s (that was a minor miracle, too), but I did not know his health was failing. I am also glad to know his vision is 100% corrected now.
    Thank you for posting this. JTD.

    • Thank you for sharing, Brother James. Blaine had often shared with me about his coming to faith and the early 70’s. It’s a blessing to know we will be reunited with Brother Blaine and that his sight has been restored! Please join us one evening on the Persecution Watch Prayer Conference Call. The prayer team would love to hear more about your time spent with Brother Blaine and pray for you as well.
      God bless you, Lois

  6. […] for the prayer team and those who would like to receive updates and prayer points. Since the passing of Brother Blaine Scogin, we thank you for your patience as we have transitioned into this new season. We are grateful for […]

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