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Tonight on Persecution Watch: Can you pray for those most deem UNWORTHY?

United with the Persecuted


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Our voices cry out for the Persecuted Church

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(Voice of the Persecuted)Recently there has been a lot of movement between Syria and Turkey.   A decades old war resurfaced as Turkey declared war on the Kurds desiring to establish border control and push the Kurd’s back even further.  Soon after Turkey declared a temporary cease fire but not in time to stop prison doors from opening, refugee camps from emptying and releasing ISIS operatives who had been captured and detained—including thousands of ISIS Brides and their children.

For the women of ISIS, it is a desperate situation and one that’s proving very complicated for them.  Most of these women came to the region by way of marriage and the promise of a holiday with their husbands only to find themselves deceived, far from home or help—trapped.  Instead of being with the man they thought they knew, they were in the hands of ISIS.

It’s complicated because no one wants to help them and for good reason.  They are in danger and many of them are dangerous.  Suspicion follows their every move.  Nations are uneasy about bringing these women and their children home.  Refugee camp aid workers approach them with great caution because their colleagues have been attacked by them.  Typically. they are kept in secure areas set apart in the camps. Some loyal to ISIS have befriended other women only to turn on them. With their guard down, the unsuspecting friend or their young daughters are abducted and sold to become ISIS brides.

Desperate, complicated and messy.  But this is exactly what the Bride of Christ excels in when we come together to pray. Staring down the face of evil by penetrating the enemies camp thru the power of prayer and the spoken word God!

Tonight, would you join us as we come together to do just that on behalf of these desperate women and children.  There are tens of thousands who are war torn and battle weary, deceived and lost.  Your prayers have a powerful impact on the lives of those who you pray for.

…And I, I’m desperate for you

…And I, I’m lost without you

Michael W Smith, Song, “This is the air I breath”

Let’s pray that the word’s of Michael W Smith song become reality, a ballad song for the Brides of ISIS and their children. Jesus said to His Bride, the Bride of Christ…”But take heart; I have overcome the world!”…and because of this we have the Victory! Jesus wins, every time!

Join us tonight as we pray!

Sister Leigh

See tonight’s Prayer Points below

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Prayer Points

Satan has twisted the truth through the teachings of Mohammad and Islam.  God has a plan for redemption for each of these women’s lives.

  • 🙏​ Let’s Pray for these lost souls, the Brides of ISIS. Pray that they will discover the unconditional love of the Father thru faith in Jesus Christ and be set free from the oppressive lies found in the Quran.  Pray that they will find courage and hope in the Gospel message and take on a new identity as followers of Jesus as they become part of the Bride of Christ and not fall back into a yoke of slavery as the Word of God warns. It is for Freedom that Christ has set us Free and whom the Son sets Free is Free indeed!

You may recall as President Trump announced to the nation that we had captured and killed the most wanted, horrifically notorious leader of ISIS, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi. The President spoke to the nation and world mentioning several of those who died at the hands of al-Baghdadi. One of those was Kayla Mueller, a humanitarian aid worker from Prescott, Arizona. Kayla was taken captive 2013 in Aleppo, Syria. She was tortured, raped and forced to marry al-Baghdadi. Kayla never gave up hope that she would be set free and able to return home. But tragically, she was caught in a raid on one of al-Baghdadi’s camps. It was bombed and Kayla was killed. The work of a missionary and aid worker is very dangerous. We as Christians believe who God has called to this type of work and ministry, He also equips and enables them to do the work of compassion.

Currently ISIS Brides are typically held in gated areas of refugee camps because they have stoned and stabbed aid workers. Often, they raise the flag of ISIS in plain sight to intimidate the missionaries and aid workers. This of course has made it even more difficult for the them to reach out to these women. There’s also a real threat of being abducted due to limited security available for the workers or those who are being held in the camps. Imagine 40,000 refugees and the daunting task of maneuvering through the tents to help people and not knowing what you may encounter.

  • 🙏 Let’s pray for courage and discernment for each of these workers and that the very presence of God will go before them as they endeavor to help the ISIS Brides. Pray for courage and opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ.  Pray for their safety and for the provision and not only for those they are serving but for themselves as well. Pray that they have real tangible sense of success!  Pray that others will take up the call to serve and that God will make a way for them to reach these women, ISIS Brides.

The amount of abuse that the children of ISIS have gone through is heart wrenching. Most are fatherless and cling to their mothers. They have endured war and have been exposed to all kinds of tortures and abuses. Young children and teenagers have been indoctrinated into the lies of Islam. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

  • 🙏Let’s Pray that these precious children will not be lost to the deceits of Islam.  Pray that God will make a way for them to hear and receive the good news that Jesus loves them.  Pray that the lies they have been taught to hate will be undone and that they will know the truth and be set free.  Pray that the purpose of God for each of their lives will not be snuffed out but that He who has begun a good will work will complete it in them until the day of Christ.

Nations such as Canada have announced that repatriating ISIS Brides is NOT a priority. No-go zones cannot exist without the complicity of a host country.  Both repatriating and no-go zones are a muddied mess for the returning of ISIS Brides and rightfully so. Should Sharia Law supersede the constitution of the United States, no. Clear understanding of the matter coupled with a solution needs to rise out of this muddied mess.

  • 🙏Let’s Pray that the Church of Christ all around the world will step up and begin to tackle the challenge of the ISIS Brides and their children.  Pray that Christians will seek the Lord in prayer and in his Word for vision and fortitude.  Pray that governments will find a way to bring the women home justly.  Most agree that though these women may have been deceived, yet knew very well what they were involved in and that they must stand trial to face the consequences for their choices.  Pray that the church will step up and meet them – the ISIS Brides and their children in their hour of need.  It’s messy but with God not impossible!

Sadly, ISIS is still recruiting and regrouping for its next wave of terror. In the book of Numbers we are told that “…our sin will find us out”.

  • 🙏Let’s Pray that the plans of the enemy to create harm thru militant groups such as ISIS, the Brides of ISIS or any other terrorist organization will be uncovered and stopped.  Pray for the people who are in the military and law enforcement to be able to stay vigilant and informed of any evil plans and that they will be able to track down and capture militants and their leaders such as al-Baghdadi.  Pray for these militants that they too will come to faith in Jesus Christ and lay down their weapons of war for weapons of righteousness!

As we pray for the Persecuted, we also want to pray for the Harvest!  The terror created by Islam in countries has been massive and has created a wave of migration.   There are over 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today.  This has the potential to be the largest Harvest the world has ever seen.  Is the church up for the challenge?

  • 🙏Let’s Pray for the missionaries, the laborers and the average Christian living out their life in their commutes would rise to the occasion and take up the challenge to tell a Muslim about the love of Jesus.  Let’s also Pray that God will touch the hearts and minds of his people and give us vision with which we can engage with the ISIS Brides and their children who are desperate for a way out.  Though the thief comes in the middle of the night to steal and kill and destroy, Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly!”  Pray the Harvest is abundant beyond imagination!

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