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Persecuted Pastor Andrew Brunson warns many ‘not prepared for what’s coming’

On Monday night, Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was imprisoned for his faith in Turkey, spoke at the Southern Baptist Convention and warned pastors that he believes the next generation is going to experience more intense Christian persecution and fears they’re not prepared. Persecution is on the move around the world — and gradually moving into American life — but God is at work in the midst of it, according to a panel who spoke on the topic during the Monday evening session. (BP) (watch video coverage below)

During a roundtable discussion at the Southern Baptist Convention 2019, moderated by Timothy George, founding dean of Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School, highlighted three stories of facing persecution. George interviewed Andrew Brunson, a pastor imprisoned for two years in Turkey, and his wife, Norine; Nik and Ruth Ripken, retiring missionaries; and Jack Phillips, a lawsuit-riddled Colorado cake shop owner, along with legal counsel Jim Campbell with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

Sermon by Pastor Brunson begins at minute marker 15:55

Roundtable discussion on persecution with Andrew and Norine Brunson, Nik and Ruth Ripken, Jack Phillips


  1. Lisa Beth says:

    Very valuable message for all! Thank you.

  2. John Patton says:

    Not only Christians, but none of us are prepared for what is comming upon this earth. If we were told our true history, and not the lies we are being by the fake Pastors, and the demon possesed El-ites, most of us would fall to thier knees, and beat our chest begging for mercy. I saw a video today, where the narrator was reading Chinese history in the 1600’s. He was saying that a whole mountain range collapsed, then created a flood that killed millions, and created a 600 mile long lake. Nhen millions more died all over the world from the aerth opening up, poisonsulfer gasses came from the mile wide chasms, diseases from all the bodies(both human and animal’s), swarms of locus that blacked out the sky, earthquakes that lasted 6 days, and crops failing for 13 years. Noahs flood is not the only world wide catastrophe to whipe nearly the whole earths population. There have been more, and most have been proceeded by a comet. There is archaeological evedence of giants, whole civilisations, and high technology all over the earth that the Controllers have been hiding from all of us. Look around you. Has anyone seen the weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, diseases, strange lightning, trumpet sounds, and other strange phenomenon that has been increasing in intensity over the last several years. Now WW111 is eminent. We are in the midst of the Revolation of Jesus, so we all better get our house in order. Death comes to us all, but the horrors that are comming to earth are worse than death. The Controllers of this world have torture down to a science. They are possessed by the fallen Angels, and are very good at deception. Christians are at the top of thier hit list. Don’t wait till you are standing in the Judgement, because; then it will be too late. You will be rewarded according to your relationship with your creator, Yeshua the Messiah. Goats to the left, and Sheep to the right. You don’t want to be on the left. The death and destruction on earth will not compare with the wrath of the Creator of all, if you end up on the left with the Goat’s. “There will be wailing, and grinding of the teeth”.

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