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Turkey to put Andrew Brunson on trial

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A Turkish court approved an indictment against Black Mountain native Andrew Brunson, clearing the way for a trial on April 16, 2018 that could result in his being imprisoned in that country for up to 35 years.

On March 28, Sen. Thom Tillis announced that he met with imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson on March 26 at Buca Prison in Ismir, Turkey.

“Pastor Brunson is strengthened by his love for his family and his faith in God, but his health has deteriorated,” Tillis said in a statement. “He has lost 50 pounds and spends 24 hours a day in a cell with limited human contact.  He is attempting to visit a doctor this week, which involves him being handcuffed and transported with several armed guards. He fears the possibility that the American government accepts the indictment and forgets about him, which we will not allow to happen.

“There should be no mistake that Pastor Brunson is the victim of false accusations, and we call upon the Turkish authorities to honestly and transparently review his indictment. Pastor Brunson is being used as a political pawn by some elements of the Turkish government.” Read more

VOP Note: Andrew’s wife asks for continued prayers,

“Today the Lord clearly showed me and another believer to pray for Andrew three times a day – morning, noon, evening. Like mealtimes. I have set the alarm on my phone. I would love for others to join this and pray for Andrew whenever you eat breakfast lunch and dinner – whatever time zone you are in!
As you pray three times a day… please pray that the cord around Andrew would be loosened/untied.
Although I don’t understand this completely, the Lord gave this very clearly so I am praying it by faith. Please join by faith that what we loose on earth is loosed in heaven. We are sooo grateful for you, our huge family in Christ.


  1. Lisa Beth says:

    Sistrr, I am with you in prayer.

  2. deepender mukherjee says:


    Andrew is servant of Lord don’t worry God will certainly comfort him use him for his glory and testimony. I will personally pray for him.
    He will be realesed very soon.


  3. Julian Kennedy says:

    Reblogged this on Go take a jump for God and commented:
    Disgraceful scapegoating of a godly missionary for political ends.

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