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Pakistani Christian jumps out FIA window to escape torture/being forced to commit lewd act

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Sajid Masih tortured by Pakistani government authorities

Pakistan – Voice of the Persecuted received news of the injuries and inhumane treatment of Sajid Masih, a Christian, by FIA (Federal Investigation Authority) officers. Sajid is the cousin of Patras Masih who was recently accused of blasphemy by local Muslims in Shahdara, Lahore, an event that caused 800 Christian families to flee the neighborhood where the accused lived. They feared they would be harmed by the angry mob calling for his death (beheading) as they promised to destroy their village unless the accused was handed over to them. Read the report here. In a video interview (translated below), Sajid Masih claimed from his hospital bed that he jumped out of the fourth floor of FIA building because the investigators tortured him and were trying to force him to have sex with his cousin, Patras Masih.

Video translation

They called me to the headquarters. They told me that they wanted to take my statement and check my phone.
They took me to the not audible (maybe washroom). They checked my phone and started beating me there. I asked them, what is my fault. They told me that your only fault is that you are the cousin of the boy. They continued to beat and then told me to curse myself.  My cousin [Patras] cursed himself.

Then they told me take off your cousin’s pants and have sex with him. They quickly took off his clothes. I asked forgiveness from them and told them that he is my brother. When i refused, they were enraged.

I saw the window was open, I rushed towards it and jumped. People kept asking me if i jumped myself. I kept hearing all of it. The person who took me was Khalid Shah and they never found anything on my phone.

What should be enraging is the disgusting treatment of an innocent Christian man by federal authorities. One so frightened that he chose to jump out of a window, 4 stories up!

Please pray for Christians in Pakistan!

UPDATE: FIA authorities deny harsh treatment. A case has been filed against them. see report


  1. Christine Shoffner says:

    God, please let this news be published worldwide! Let your righteousness and justice shine on the deeds of those who oppress your children, even to trying to force them into perversion for the sake of their sadistic minds.

    In this case I like the Good News translation of Luke 8:17
    “Whatever is hidden away will be brought out into the open, and whatever is covered up will be found and brought to light.

  2. jeff says:

    Well………A petition was created for the USA to declare Pakistan a terrorist state – Obama ignored it.

    Are you ready to start another one …………… I’ll bet we can get a million + signatures – and you know TRUMP will take notice.

    go here and lets rock

    We’ve prayed for action – now act

  3. Daniel Barrett says:

    So horrifically sad! Another ‘ally’ of America!!

  4. FaithLife says:

    Reblogged this on THE BREATH OF LIFE.

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