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Persecution Watch: Join the Thursday Prayer Call – Palestine (West Bank)

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(Voice of the Persecuted) Dear Intercessors, you are invited to join us, tonightThursday Oct. 19, on the prayer conference call for the persecuted church. We will be highlighting Palestine (West Bank) but of course, not be limited to it.
Palestine – West Bank
Population: 5.3 million, Christian: 1000 – 1500 Evangelical believers, plus 200-250 MBB believers.
Life on the West Bank is difficult due to political pressures and high unemployment (38% plus). Believers being a minority experience social and economical discrimination by both Muslims and Jews.
At a conference in Santa Ana two pastors from Palestine (West Bank) shared what God is doing in Palestine. The key issue for us here is not to pray for Israel or Muslims in Palestine, but for both. Dr. Munir Salim Kakish is President of the Council of Local Evangelical Churches (22 churches) in the Holy Land and Reverand Nihad J. Salmon the founder and pastor of the Immanuel Evangelical Church in Bethlehem.
·     Pray for MBB who are afraid for their safety if family members and neighbors find out of their conversion to Christ.
·     Pray that the Lord will move more Evangelical Arabs, Muslims and Jews to worship together – as on body in Christ.
·     Pray for encouragement and strengthening of all believers.
·      Guide believers through Your Holy Spirit that they know when to be bold and witness and when to be mute.
·     Pray that Pray for believers to be steadfast and resilient in spite of hardship and discrimination.
·     Pray for NGOs to come alongside the Evangelical churches to support and grow their presence in the communities.
·     Pray that TV, radio and internet will reach more unbelievers and prompt them to ponder and think about the Good News.
·     Pray for the emotional and physical healing for those who have been subject to physical trauma and or imprisonment.
·     Pray that believers will glorify God by forgiving the people who hurt them.
·     Pray to the Lord to grow and multiply the Evangelical Churches.
Many blessings
Andy Keller, Persecution Watch Prayer Call Moderator
Time: 9:00 PM EST
           8:00 PM CST
           7:00 PM MST
           6:00 PM PST
Call in number: 712 775-7035
Code: 281207#

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  1. Only the Lord can work out a peaceful settlement and understanding in the circumstances. It has to be one person at a time. Thank you for your most challenging work.

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