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Write a letter to American Pastor Andrew Brunson imprisoned in Turkey

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Write a letter to American Pastor Andrew Brunson imprisoned in Turkey

(Voice of the Persecuted) American Pastor Brunson needs our encouragement and our prayers. Living with his family in Turkey for 23 years, this American pastor has great love for the Turkish people. He was a pastor at the Resurrection Church in the city of Izmir before his detainment on 7 Oct. under Interior Ministry deportation orders. During a trial on Dec. 9, Rev. Brunson was accused of being linked with a terrorist movement. He was then taken to Izmir’s Sakran 3 Nolu T Tipi Prison.  His family and those who know Andrew maintain he is falsely accused. His wife says the news came as a crushing blow, as the family had hoped to be reunited by Christmas.

Please pray his faith remains strong and not discouraged while in prison. Pray doors will be opened to share the Gospel. Pray that God would strengthen and encourage his faith. And pray for Andrews’ wife and family as they are forced to endure emotional hardship without him. For more information about Andrew Brunson  CLICK HERE 

Thank you to those who are praying and sending messages of encouragement to Andrew. Expressing gratitude, his wife shared,

I am sorry I cannot thank each one of you individually for praying and writing. I am so grateful. It’s great to see prayers going up all over the States and even in other countries. Please do not stop! The Lord has to do this.

I got to see Andrew last Wednesday, a one-time face to face. Each visit needs to be granted by the Ministry of Justice in the capital city we are told. He was very down and discouraged. He had been almost completely cut off. The week leading up to Christmas, the lawyer had come two days late. Until he saw her, he had no idea if I was still in the country, if his letters were going to an empty home, etc. as all my letters had been held. 

Andrew turns 49 tomorrow. Please pray that the Lord will no longer remain silent, but will make his presence felt and do something very special for him.

JOIN in the letter writing campaign to encourage our brother, Andrew. Please follow these important instructions from Andrew’s wife.

Please do not write it in English. If they can’t understand and check what is written the authorities may throw the letters away.(everything that comes for Andrew will be opened and checked and passed on only if approved).

To maximize the chances of notes reaching him, it is best to just write in Turkish. I’d love to flood him with notes so he sees the sheer number of people praying for him. If people want to write a verse out in Turkish (looking it up on the internet), it will serve the extra purpose of being a witness to those reading! Do keep it short, though.

Please do not use the word ‘m*ss*on*ry’, as it carries different connotations in this case.

Here are some examples:

senin icin dua ediyoruz (we are praying for you)
Seni unutmuyoruz (we are not forgetting you)

The address to write to is:

Andrew Brunson
İzmir 4 Nolu T Tipi Kapalı Ceza İnfaz Kurumu
Bahçedere Mah. No:63/30 Aliağa/İzmir/TURKEY

(When mailing your letter use a Global Forever stamp $1.15)

PRAY – WRITE – SPEAK OUT – STAND with our brother!

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