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If Chip and Joanna Gaines are bigots, then Jesus was, too – Christian leader

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Christian couple Chip and Joanna Gaines are the hosts of HGTV's highest-rated program, Fixer Upper.

Christian couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines are the hosts of HGTV’s highest-rated program, Fixer Upper.

DALLAS (Christian Examiner) – Christian leaders are pushing back against a Buzzfeed article that questioned HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines for attending a church that opposes same-sex marriage. The Gaines are the hosts of HGTV’s highest-rated program, Fixer Upper.

The Nov. 29 story quickly was labeled a “hit piece” by critics, who questioned why it was newsworthy that a famous couple’s church holds to traditional beliefs that have been affirmed by Christians for 2,000 years.

The story carried the headline: “Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Church Is Firmly Against Same-Sex Marriage” and said in a subhead: “whether the Fixer Upper couple agrees is unclear.” It has been read more than 500,000 times.

Glenn T. Stanton, director of family formation studies at Focus on the Family, said such accusations should be answered “bluntly.” READ MORE



  1. Charles Walter Doughty says:

    It is not strange that it was the abominable sin of sodomy that brought Sodom down through fire and brimstone. Even though the sin was a stench in His nostrils, God was very patient with them. Abraham made intercession, and there were not even ten righteous souls that were not affected by the unnatural behavior of sodomy. Yes, Sodom was infected with the sins of excessive luxury, indifference and unconcern for the plight of the less fortunate, but it was sodomy that caused the cry of the innocent (probably young children) to rise to the heavens.

    If you read my book, “Crucified in Sodom” you will see that “sins will find us out”, “what we sow we will reap”, and the incurable AIDS still weakens, torments and kills it’s victims, both the guilty and the innocent who are affected by the plague.

    I also mention this plague in my latest book, “Revelation Rainbow”, a 900 page Commentary on The Apocalypse that reveals conclusively that God must use such plagues (or catastrophes) to balance the Moral Universe. Revelation Chapters 5-7 reveals judgement warnings under the symbol of Trumpet Calls. Chapters 15-16 reveals the finality of judgment under the symbols of fiery, molten hot, liquid lava being poured out. Yes, our sins find us out NOW, and THEN, in TIME and later in Eternity. The most loving servants of God on earth, Jesus, Paul, Peter and the loving Apostle John wrote much about the eternal wrath of God. The Bible is so worthless without the “Love” and “Perish” of John 3:16, that without the PERISH we might just as well throw the bible away.

    Wise men love justice! Evil men hate justice! It is a fact of life. We would give anything for PEACE, except TRUTH and JUSTICE. Would to God that is the way most people look at life, but unfortunately “The way of peace they know not” (Rom. 3:17) There is only ONE person who has ever been called “Prince of Peace”, or Melchezedek “King of Righteousness”, and He is OUR peace with God and self. When there is no peace there is turbulence, despair and inward strife that leads to hatred of self and fellow humanity. We sin such horrible sins as sodomy because we hate ourselves and even our most intimate friends. Sodomy always leads to sickness, disease an in most cases, premature suicide. There are not many doctors who will warn their patients about the death threat of H.I.V. but The Great Physician will send His Evangelist, Pastors and teaches to do what doctors refuse to do.

    God loved and GAVE, and continues to give, and give, and give,; but He said I will not withhold my wrath forever. The sacred WORD clearly states that God’s wrath is of times revealed from heaven even NOW (Rom. 1:18), and in the context of that verse the wrath falls particularity upon those who have sex with same sex and they receive a recompense of symptomatic diseases associated with behavior that leads to death. God is full of unlimited mercy and fairness. We must work hard at sinning against God and our own selves, and thereby slight His majestic grace and seal our own doom for time and eternity.

    I have nothing but respect for all who rebuke such darkness in this world. They are brave, courageous souls who love enough to hate sin enough to bring judgment upon sin. Judgement always stops sinning. Judgement is the only thing that can stop sinning and eventual death. We do not condemn but judge righteously (Jn. 7:24) lest we be judged for the same things for which we judge others (Mt. 7:1-2). if we JUDGE Angels, it is an easy thing to judge such lesser matters (ICor. 6:1-2). Thank God for such judgement, for it causes sinners to judge themselves and prepare to meet their God!

    Charles Walter Doughty, Author and Evangelist of New Covenant Christianity.

  2. Christine Shoffner says:

    No one is as fascist and intolerant as the Progressive Communist Left. But the Lord is using their own words to expose them for what they are.

  3. jeff says:

    This Saturday I’m going to buy a lottery ticket…………If I win – I will pay for Jimmy Swaggart to make a praise album together with Barbara Streisand.

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