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Mosul battle: Priest returns to his church and home in Bartella

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IRAQ: Kurdish forces claim they’ve taken back the town of Bashiqa from so-called Islamic State – as their advance on Mosul continues. But what’s happening in the newly liberated towns? Two years ago we reported the story of Father John Tarachee, who was driven out of Bartella with his entire Christian flock. He’s been living as a refugee ever since. Our correspondent Jonathan Rugman returned with him to his home in Bartella in this exclusive Channel 4 News report.

VOP Note: Please pray for the people of Iraq. Pray for the faith of our Iraqi brothers and sisters. May they have strength and endurance through Christ Jesus and may our Lord have mercy on them.

Father, in the midst of great suffering, the light of Your face is shines in the darkness. Help us to live in the continual fullness of the Spirit and keep our eyes focused solely on you. We ask in the name of Jesus to foil the plans of all who intend to do evil. We pray for a wave of the Holy Spirit to wash over not only Iraq, but the entire Middle East. May Your will be done and your name be glorified. May shouts of praise ring out in the land of Nineveh and beyond.


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