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Christian Woman Temporarily Released From Iranian Prison for Medical Treatment

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Maryam (Nasim) Naghash Zargaran imprisoned for Christian faith

(Voice of the Persecuted) 36 year old Maryam (Nasim) Naghash Zargaran, a Christian convert, has been released from Evin Prison in Iran and will receive much needed medical care. Maryam requires frequent medical attention as she had undergone heart surgery 9 years ago. She began a hunger strike on May 26 or 27 in protest of the prison’s denial to properly care for her heart condition atrial septal defect, diabetes, severe pain and other complications.

Mohabat News shared she has been suffering from pain in her ears and severe headaches, weight loss, and suffering from depression. While the prison’s medical staff recognized Maryam’s critical need for treatment, the Prosecutor refused to allow her to leave for medical care. Her family and friends were extremely worried for Nasim’s condition and and believed she was near comatose.

16 years ago, Nasim, who came from a Muslim background, was one of the first converts to Christianity under Saeed Abedini’s counsel. She also worked with him planting house churches. Abedini told Baptist Press that shortly after his 2012 imprisonment, Nasim was arrested because of her vigilant evangelism. She was charged with “acting against national security” and in July 2013 sentenced to four years in the women’s ward of Evin prison. A retrial request was refused and she has been incarcerated for nearly three years.

Abedini shared on social media that bail was put up for Nasim and she is now home. He was even able to talk to her and said, “I saw her, and she looks like she is just one step from death.” He also claimed after being released, she went to the hospital to get treatment,but they recognized her and wouldn’t treat her. Her sister in law, a doctor, is now treating Nasim in her home.

Though Nasim has been furloughed, it’s very possible that they will take her back to Evin within a week or so.  “I think they (Iranian authorities) allowed this to shut down the news,”Abedini said.

To all those who prayed and raised their voice, THANK YOU!


Maryam’s (Nasim) family and friends are asking for that we pray for her health and her release. Please also pray for the Iranian government to soften their hearts towards this sister and others imprisoned for their faith in Christ. For the Gospel to go forth in Iran. Pray for the strength and courage of Iranian believers to share the love and light of Christ and for the presence of the Holy Spirit and revival to take place. God bless the Iranian people.


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  1. Praising God for answered prayers!

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