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Praying Justice for the Persecuted—Thank You Prayer Warriors!

United with the Persecuted


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Thank You- Voice of the Persecuted Prayer call event

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:16

(Voice of the Persecuted) A message from Voice of the Persecuted (VOP) Prayer Director to all the Prayer Warriors who joined last weekend’s 24 hour Prayer Call Event.
My Brothers and Sisters,
From my heart, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who participated on our prayer call for the persecuted church.  Thank you to the missionaries who shared the stories and incredible faith of the persecuted church. I believe our prayers filled that bowl Revelation speaks of and that angels worked overtime to add incense to our prayers. I cannot help but think that God was pleased with the sacrifice of prayer and praise that went up before Him.  So again thank you from my heart. More than that, the persecuted thank you. For I am sure they felt your prayers and in that, God was most pleased.
During the call, we were able to ask questions and hear from persecuted brothers and sisters on the front lines. They told us of their joy in knowing we have not forgotten them and so encouraged that we lift them in prayer. It was a touching moment while in their suffering, they prayed for us and a strengthening of faith for the American church. They shared their hearts and current situations helping to direct our prayers. It was a blessing to serve these dear ones by washing their feet in prayer.
While speaking with a Nigerian pastor during the call on Saturday, he informed us that explosions were taking place on the edge of the city. Though not physically in the location, it was as if we were united as one, experiencing the attack with them. We later learned the Boko Haram attack was most devastating. The next day, some of you contacted us to get an update. You let us know that in that moment on the call, something changed…it became personal. No longer were you praying for people on the ‘other side of the world’ caught in a conflict, but for family members, your own brothers and sister connected through Christ. You felt their pain as if suffering with them, as one in the Body of Christ. For Christians, it is personal, as we see revealed in the Scriptures, the Word of God.
Dear saints, may we continue to remember our persecuted brothers and sisters in prayer.  For their first request is always, “Please pray for us”. Our next 24 hour Prayer Call Event will be begin at 9pm EST on Friday, April 29th and continue through Saturday, April 30th until 9pm EST. Mark your calendars!
God bless you,
Blaine Scogin, serving as Prayer Director for Voice of the Persecuted and Persecution Watch.
Though this weekend’s 24 hour call was a special event, many of you joined us again on Tuesday, a regularly scheduled prayer conference call to pray for the persecuted 3 times a week. This call is typically 1-2 hours in duration and is hosted by Brother Blaine, VOP Prayer Director through his ministry, Persecution Watch (a national teleconference prayer call). We are unaware of any other prayer calls praying solely for the persecuted in the USA.
It was so encouraging how many joined again to unite for the persecuted. Much Spirit led prayer went up Tuesday evening, as we pressed in for Nigeria, our suffering brothers and sisters and those lost in the nation. Again, we thank you! We invite and hope you will continue to come on the weekly calls. It means more to the Persecuted than you can imagine. MEET YOU ON THE CALL!
Persecution Watch Weekly Prayer Call Schedule:
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays
(Please check your time zones)
9 p.m. Eastern
8 p.m. Central
7 p.m. Mountain
6 p.m. Pacific

Call number and access code are…….
712.775.7035.      281207#

Information for international callers can be found here

For more prayer call information contact: pwprayercall@gmail.com

We invite you to join in prayer as we advance His kingdom purposes by praying for the Persecuted Church and calling out for the global harvest of souls.


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