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Christmas Messages from the Body of Christ for American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran

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(Voice of the Persecuted) Below are only a few of the Christmas messages, prayers and outpouring of Christian love for our persecuted brother, Saeed Abedini imprisoned in Iran for his faith in Christ. In the weeks to come, we will continue to post these beautiful messages and encourage others to join as we remember, uplift and share Christmas with Pastor Saeed and his family, our family in Christ.

To all of you sharing: Your loving words and prayers have deeply touched our hearts. They’re a radiant example of the true Christian meaning of brotherly love and being ‘one’ in the Body of Christ. Thank you, God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Lois T – Michigan, USA

Dear Pastor Saeed,
I’m praying for you, Naghmeh, Rebekka and Jacob. I also pray for your parents and siblings. I pray you and your family will receive many blessings as we prepare and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Your enduring faith inspires so many, including me…Thank you! Merry Christmas and may the new year be a happy one with our prayers answered to soon send you home. God bless you.

Debra Young – USA

Dear Pastor Saeed,
I pray for you strength and comfort in this time of need.  Know that you are on the hearts and minds of thousands of people every day. May God’s angels surround you and minister to your mind, soul and spirit. May you be a light to those around you!

George Mate – Cumbria, UK

MY Dear Brother, we pray daily for you way up here in the English Lake District 9 miles from the Scottish Border. You are such a great encouragement to so many of us and others across our world. We thank and praise our Lord Jesus for your witness and your faith and for the light that shines so brightly from your prison cell in his wonderful name. I run a prayer group that is mostly friends and there about 30 of us now plus about 9 churches, 3 are in the USA most of the others are here in Northern England. We serve a mighty God and we will continue to hold you up to him.  May The Lord Bless YOU and KEEP YOU

Kay Waldrop – Oregon, USA

Please know that you are not forgotten, Pastor Saeed.  Our hearts hurt for all that you are going through and your family too.  Yet, we know that, through your faithfulness and incredible testimony, many are encouraged and coming to faith in Christ! Praise God! Our church has a prayer meeting Wednesday night. We are very small and there are only usually 12 of us, but God hears our prayers and we are privileged to pray for you.

Kristin Stone – Michigan, USA

Pastor Saeed,
I continue to think of you and your family. I am praying that Almighty God will deliver you back to your family soon. I pray that the Holy Spirit will be with your spirit in constant communion so you know that you are not forgotten. I don’t know how many people are praying for you, or how many know of your plight, but I do know that there are MANY. Please do not despair. May God protect you, hold you, and give you favor with even your enemies.
Love from Michigan, USA

Arlene Fisher – Utah, USA

Dear Pastor Saeed, You are in my prayers.  I pray a lot that you will have deep supernatural encounters with Jesus. That the communion with Him will be so magnificent that all of your suffering will pale in comparison.  You and your entire family are loved and prayed for by millions. Until you are released, which I pray is very soon, may the love, peace and joy of our Lord be with you and may you be surrounded constantly by His holy angels. God bless you always, Arlene

Jim and Lorna Wainscott – Idaho, USA

Dear Brother,
We have not forgotten your imprisoned in Iran. We are praying for you daily and believe that God is in control of your imprisonment and release. Stay strong in your faith and God will uphold you with His right hand! We can’t wait for you homecoming! it will be a glorious celebration of life and freedom from your captors. Remember Psalm 46 – He is our fortress and rock in Him there is salvation and freedom!
Your family is beautiful and thriving here in Idaho. Please know that the Body of Christ is taking good care of them and they are loved and adored. Naghmeh has gone all over the world to many leaders to tell them your story and to give them the Gospel so they know that you are in prison because of your faith in Jesus Christ our Lord! Stay strong, our brother, and we will stay strong for you…

Jessie Diaz – CA, USA

Dear Pastor Saeed,
My prayers are with you! Your family is in my prayers as well. I keep thinking of the Apostle Paul in jail & how he kept the faith & was such a living testimony to the other prisoners. I see you in the same way being the light in the darkness. You are the only Jesus they see. May you Shine your light for our Heavenly Father in that spiritually dark prison. I’m praying for your release, health, safety & strength. Keep the faith! My family & I haven’t forgotten you! Our Heavenly Father hasn’t forgotten either. Im praying that He protect you & send you back home. You are not alone.
– Jessie & family

Jeff Padgett – Idaho, USA

Pastor Saeed, I hope and pray that the light of the Lord shines on you, and through you, in a powerful way this Christmas and always. I can’t imagine what it must be like having to endure what you do for the sake of Christ and be away from your family at this time. I know your suffering is not in vain and your reward is great. I admire you for your witness, your courage and your perseverance under such circumstances.  I think of you often and pray for your release. I hope and pray someday soon I could meet you face to face and and embrace you as my brother in Christ. It would be an honor. It’s hard to say and wish you a merry Christmas without my heart aching for you, but I do want to wish you a merry Christmas in that, Christ fills you, comforts you, and blesses you with Himself in a way that is beyond anything you’ve ever known. Bless you, Pastor and know you are greatly loved, not only by your Savior, but by thousands . -Jeff

Morag Coleman – South Africa

Dear Pastor Saeed, Wishing you God’s presence and his peace and comfort, during this Christmas Season.  We continue to pray often for you and your precious family, you have touched our hearts… that the God of all comfort and strength will keep you all during this very difficult time. Thank you for your amazing testimony of faith, we have been so encouraged and challenged by the faith of you and your family. We pray and give thanks for your reunion with your beloved family. Sending all our love to you all.  The Colemans in South Africa xxx

Deborah Rogers  – Wa, USA

I am so proud to say that I am your sister in the Lord.  I prày that you will be back home to the USA soon.  I know that you will bring a testimony of the time that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit were there for you.  Nation against nation…..they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory…  Lift up your head, your redemption is drawing near.

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  1. Rev.Dr.p.israel says:

    PLease pray for us we are in suffering my family was excommunicated for I and my family was following Christ.

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