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A Day In The Life Of An Advocate For The Persecuted Church

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(Voice of the Persecuted) A typical day in the life of those that have chosen to answer the call from God, with “Send me. “

My day starts with coffee and the internet.  Viewing reports and researching news, often leaves me in tears as the slaughter of innocents increases daily.  While I read about the latest killings and attacks on our brethren, I hold my breath and quickly check to see if one of our ‘frontline’ contacts is a victim.

Reading daily messages from refugees across the world, I learn about their ongoing suffering, pain, fear, and confusion.  I listen to them heartbreakingly describe the cries of hunger coming from their children and their feelings that nobody cares.  Hours are spent encouraging, praying with and for them.

Headed to my second job, I start out my day with their pain in my heart.  Humbled, I beg others to help, but often met with statements such as:  “you can’t save the world,” or “Jesus didn’t command us to care for everyone.”  Their words cutting like a knife, I realize the scope of the issue is lost on them. But the Holy Spirit tells me, “Don’t be discouraged, I am with you—forge ahead!”

Recently a fellow advocate said, “If I told you all the stories, you wouldn’t sleep at night.”  I can tell you, his words are true.  So many sleepless nights interceding in prayer.  Images of death so brutal no movie could portray it.  This is what goes through our minds everyday during sleep and waking moments as we pray, Oh Lord, how much longer? If I could take their pain for even a moment, I’d gladly accept to give them a time of relief and some peace. For these are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our unsung heroes in these modern times.

Walking in their shoes, requires a heart for the persecuted and total submission to the Holy Spirit.  Submission because unless you allow God to work in your life, bringing you into prayer and through intercession, you might as well not begin the journey, it’s more than any man can bear alone.

When God called Isaiah he said:  “Whom shall I send?  And who will go for us?  Isaiah answered, “Here I am, send me!”  (Isaiah 6:8)

So if you answer this call, be prepared for your eyes to be opened, your heart un-calloused, with ears to hear. Emptied of ‘self’, to be guided by the Holy Spirit and the cries of those suffering. You must be willing to suffer with them as if in bonds—being persecuted with them, as members of one Body in Christ.

This work and attention given to our persecuted family, is done by us voluntarily.  In this way, we can use funds to aid those in great need. My office is my car, a bench, a rock, or the field.  I sit on a couch or a chair at my computer, with my phone nearby to answer the call of one desperate or in despair.  Fortunately, I have a job that affords me phone conferences, prayer time and seeking God’s guidance.  We don’t sit in a fancy office with 6 figure salaries, nor have an extravagant budget to travel the world. I’m in God’s office and He doesn’t need a high rise building to impress and accomplish His will.  The Father is my boss, Jesus intercedes for me, and the Holy Spirit guides my steps.

The true act of mission, or letting God work through you for the advancement of His kingdom, can be a mystery for those who’ve never had the experience, even for some who have. It’s more than simply going to a place to provide short term services to those in need. For followers of Christ, it’s a part of daily life to reach out to those we are called to serve wherever they may be. To be the hands and feet of Christ, though the journey seems impossible. We trust and focus solely on Him, humbled as willing servants.  In a world never more desperate for His hand to move, how can we not cry out, “Use me!”  Our obedience is simply an outward expression of the great love we hold for Christ in our hearts. For the even greater love, amazing grace, and mercy He continues to give us. With God, there are no boundaries. If acting in His will, we can accomplish all He sets before us.

prayer-158x238If you’re unable to devote time to become an advocate for the persecuted, take time to pray for those who do.  Commit to pray for those suffering, and those who intercede on their behalf.  Read to understand what is happening to the Body of Christ, the suffering and tribulation they’re enduring across the world.  The next time you read a report about Christian persecution, take a moment to share and encourage others to pray for them.  It’s time to unite as one Body, loving, caring and lifting up each member as we are called to do.

It may not be easy or glamorous, but God will bless you with understanding, strengthen and encourage your faith and amazing love through your brothers and sisters in the persecuted Church.

C. Refsland, VOP Advocate/News Analyst and the VOP Team

Voice of the Persecuted

Together with your generous support, we can reach the goal to alleviate horrific suffering. In darkness and desperation, let us serve in love, with open arms and giving hands to provide light and hope.


Everyday, we thank God that He is working through you to care for His children and further His Kingdom! As you greatly bless others, may God continue to bless you. Thank you so much for your support. We couldn’t do it without you!

You may also mail your gift to:

2740 Third St
P.O. Box 122
Trenton, MI. 48183




  1. Christine Shoffner says:

    Just this morning I was considering that about half the world, to my understanding, has not had a chance to receive the gospel. Persecution of belief in the Bible is becoming nearly universal.

    It occurred to me to wonder how much work might be done if churches in America would set their thermostats to a less comfortable level. I think we have around 300,000 churches in America. Even a small added gift from those saving might make a real difference. Should we start a movement?

    • Yes! We were recently discussing if church members would give the change in their pockets for the persecuted at Sunday service, what an impact it would have to care for those suffering for Christ. What hope it would bring to encourage that God’s hand is on them. They’re not alone.

  2. Thank you for this excellent article and deeper insight into “your world.” Besides praying for the millions of often mistreated refugees on the run, homeless, hungry, thirsty, abused, taken advantage of, I will also pray for you at VOP. You do marvelous work. The Holy Spirit is using you not only to spotlight the Persecuted around the world, but also to prick our own consciences. Not everyone can go, not all can give (although most could), but all Christians can pray.

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