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Quit Spreading The Gospel Of Christ Or Else! A New Reality For The World

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(Voice of the Persecuted) The Western Church remains silent about the global Christian community as a whole. They are either blinded, or watching in silence while one Christian after another is moved toward genocide and extinction. Do they wonder or see the big picture? The dragon (satan) is working very hard to destroy the great commission given by Jesus to His followers. “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel.” Do you realize that in nearly 1/2 of the world it’s now illegal, or a threat to your life for preaching the Gospel of Christ?

Nepali constitution could render Christianity illegal
(World Watch Monitor) Christians fear this will pave the way for an “anti-conversion clause” to be written into the penal code, which could result in prison sentences or hefty fines for “offenders”. On paper, the proposed amendments read the same for all religions, but no specification is given for what constitutes an “act to convert” and, in a country where 80 per cent of the population is Hindu, the hammer is likely to fall hardest on minorities, including Christians, who comprise between 1.5 and 3 per cent of the population.

Attempting to convert someone to another religion is already prohibited in Nepal, but the proposed amendments would mean that anything perceived as “evangelistic” could be punishable by law.

Article 31(3) states that “any act to convert another person from one religion to another, or any act or behaviour to undermine or jeopardise the religion of another [will be] punishable by law”.

Christians fear this will pave the way for an “anti-conversion clause” to be written into the penal code, which could result in prison sentences or hefty fines for “offenders.”

Amendments like these not only allow, but encourage the expansion of strict ‘Sharia’ law and the like, such as Hindu lands where it is against the law for anyone to convert others to their religion. In Iraq, the region is almost void of vestiges of Christianity. The global community watches one church after another being destroyed.


By Dirk Beyer (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) or CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

The same is spreading in Iraq, Syria, the whole of the Middle East, and large swaths of Africa. Christian communities are completely razed, villagers slaughtered, and those who survive flee for their lives, even crossing borders to other countries to seek safe havens. Families become separated, herded like cattle, often face continued discrimination, as they await freedom or death, which ever comes first.  Sound familiar?  It should, this scenario happened again and again to the Jewish population, most recently in WWll. “Never Again,” resounds in our minds as we see history being allowed to repeat itself. When will we ever learn?

The Fides agency has shared detailed testimony:

“We are hated because we persist in wanting to exist as Christians”

This is orchestrated again by the most vile evil that ever existed.  Pure and simple Satan.  The leftist’s and progressives in the West refer to him as a being of light, the first rebel.  What Christians either don’t understand or don’t believe is that Satan is real, and yes he rebelled against God taking 1/3 of the Heavenly hosts with him, when he was cast out of Heaven.  Why is it so hard for Christians to believe in Satan?  Why is it so hard for Christians in the West to understand what is happening in the world?  Quoting a persecuted, Syrian brother in Christ,  The snake creeps as  the West sleeps.”  This is so true, even of the western Church.  In one fatal swoop the west has created a scenario that has left Christianity extinct in 1/4 of the world.  In countries like Syria and Iraq, where Christians have been around spreading the good news of Christ since the time of His death, they are now a statistic—collateral damage in the world of genocide and at risk of total extinction. Not hyperbole nor a conspiracy theory or fabricated propaganda, it’s happening now, a modern-day truth and reality.

The book of Revelation is exploding in our very time, right before our eyes! And the Western Church cannot see the forest for the trees.  Plump and fat on the blessings from God, hands raised in worship, begging blessings from God totally oblivious to the fact that the Gospel of Christ is under attack even in their own respective free countries. So complacent with their freedom of worship, church for many has become a weekly social event. Many are more concerned about meeting for lunch or the potluck picnic after service than worship, the Word and heart of God. If they choose not to act in their complacency, Christianity as they know it may no longer exist. And the Gospel of Christ will be shared in the shadows, underground and in secret. Take heed in the Word of God, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Look back to the early church, what did the Apostles do when they were faced with persecution and a similar extinction?  They certainly didn’t hide and shrink from their duties. They finished the race, they spread the love and word of Christ, even died for it, for Him.  Does this sound like the church of today?

In the West Christians are told to keep it to themselves, out of public view. you cannot voice your belief, form opinions on moral Christian values or practice your belief in all facets of life. To do so, you may be called a hater, bigot, or risk a court of law.  Many Christian businesses have already been ruined as they dared to say no to the practice of killing innocent unborn children, or no to participating in Homosexual marriages in some form.  Many have already lost their jobs and others are told to either conform or lose your job.  Some have been discharged from the military for displaying Bible verses!

And one of the biggest lies of all is told among our Christian communities.  And that is ALL religions worship the same God. With the scripture and word of God right in front of them, they boldly proclaim ,”There is more than one way to heaven.” HELLO!  The great falling away has begun.  Are you ready?????? Ready or not here I come.  That is what is resounding from scripture.

If you don’t understand the words of Jesus in the parable of the Virgins in Matthew 25, now is the time to find out what it means as it is the perfect picture of what the church today looks like!


Photo of the parable of the Ten Virgins via Wikipedia

 The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.  “At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’

WAKE UP!  Satan knows his time is short, why can’t the Western Church see that OUR TIME IS SHORT.




  1. reesm5 says:

    Why are Christians in the West so blind, is it because we are comfortable and do not want to be made to think of unpleasant things; are we so selfish that we do not care about our brethren in the Middle East and Africa, do not seem to even want to know and when they are told of the horrors of the deaths our Christian brothers and sisters suffer, why oh why does that not make them angry or sad, or anything. I have, in fact, spoken to non-Christians and got more response; many don’t know much of what I say and do ask questions but the ones I expect to care about it and want to do something about it, don’t even seem to want it spoken of in the church service. I am sometimes so disheartened because these are not bad or selfish people, they are my friends and family in Christ, but they are blind to the importance of what is happening all around them. I want us to stand up and say something, all together we could make a difference, but they don’t want to ‘rock the boat’. Oh lord I pray you would open the eyes of those blinded by complacency, help them to see the urgency so that they have sufficient oil for their lamps.

  2. Julian Kennedy says:

    Reblogged this on Go take a jump for God and commented:
    This is true. But remember Satan is God’s stooge. God does tell us persecution is the way of the church and it’s purification and spread, never it’s extinction. Dead churches like Eastern Orthodox which comprise the vast majority in the Middle East may well be wiped out! But God does deliver his own from the flames or through them. Our responsibility is to pray for our brethren that they remain faithful.

  3. blainescogin says:

    It does seem the non believer has mire compassion for the persecuted church then the evangelical western church. There are prayer calls for revival, prayer calls for Israel, prayer calls for America, prayer calls for blessings. Where are the prayer calls for the persecuted. Who cries out for the persecuted church? I ASK AGAIN WHO CRIES OUT FOR THD PERSECUTED CHURCH?

    Blaine Scogin

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