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Immoral Silence from New Zealand Christians

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(Narrow Way News) The immoral silence from NZ Christian leaders and secular media on the HOLOCAUST that is taking place worldwide targeted specifically against those who are called Christians. Nowhere have I seen any man from New Zealand who confesses with his mouth that Jesus Christ is his Lord any words at all about what is happening to THEIR brothers and sisters.

Strange and immoral silence from NZ Christians
As Jonathan Cahan puts it, it is a strange and immoral silence from all throne rooms, governments, secular media outlets, religious organizations, those in leadership in the christian sector and the list just goes on. Not so long ago it was reported that Saudi Agents had forcibly removed recently christian converts from New Zealand.

Was there any outcry from NZ Christians, NONE that I could find. Now if this is because secular media outlets refuse to report their comments, then one could understand. But in reality there is no reason at for the comments to be carried via alternative news sites such as, YouTube, twitter, christian blogs. So one can only think because there are no known comments from any Christian leaders here in New Zealand, none were made in relation to what had happened right on their own backdoor step.

Secular media outlets, well the above story was carried in very limited form by the reporters paper and that was minimal at the least. There should of been an outcry over what happened here just as there should be an outcry what is happening in relation how Christians worldwide are NOW the most persecuted group by governments, organizations, Islamic groups, United Nations, and many other secular groups for DEATH, RAPE, TORTURE, STARVATION and much worse treatment just because of their faith in Jesus Messiah, the coming King.

So it is the same for the Christian holocaust that is happening right now, right this minute, we get this strange and immoral silence from all sectors in New Zealand and to our shame silence from the ones who are supposedly the brothers and sisters of those suffering these fates.

It appears that many have Holocaust amnesia, some purposely because this is their intent, to wipe Christians and Christianity from the face of the earth but this should never be the case for those who truly follow Christ Jesus in New Zealand. Where is your voice followers of Christ in New Zealand?

Jonathan Cahn full speech at the United Nations




  1. blainescogin says:

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer said that silence in the face of evil is evil itself.


  2. Christine Shoffner says:

    I do recall reading a few comments on the internet from upset NZ Christians. They were not Christian leaders as far as I know. I hope those poor souls weren’t disappeared from their midst with no outcry. They met a terrible end.

    It isn’t just NZ. I would like to hear more Christian leaders in America raise an outcry about Western creation and support of Al Qaeda and ISIS, and the horrors we have caused in the ME. Maybe we were brainwashed to some extent on Iraq, but there is no way America can be excused for what we have done in Syria and other places.

  3. jeff says:

    Ever read something in the bible and something profound comes to mind ?

    Psalms 7:12 and 13
    If a man does not repent, He will sharpen His sword;
    He has bent His bow and made it ready.
    *** He has prepared for Himself deadly weapons ***

    So, we all know how Babylon was used to punish the Jews people in the bible.
    And I look how far and how quickly we have become so very immoral.

    And I’m thinking of Iran and their production of nuclear weapons……..

    Am I a little far out in making this connection ?

    Some kind of fierce judgment is just over the horizon?

  4. reesm5 says:

    I agree that America hasn’t spoken out about the horrors of the Middle East and especially Nigeria and CAR, but then to my shame England has only just starting reporting these things on the t.v., and still nothing much about the Nigerians and all the captured people, especially 200 still missing young girls. Where we give money, we should make sure they act in a humane way towards people or stop giving, but we seem to be afraid to stand up and be counted.

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