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Muslims Attack Christian Village Celebrating Easter, Stab Priest, Destroy Bibles and Crosses in Bangladesh

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During last Easter, a Catholic Christian village made up of tribal Khasia people living in Bangladesh was attacked by Muslims.

Syed Ara Begum, a Muslim owner of a tea plantation, along with a Muslim mob,  attacked the Christian village as its population was celebrating Mass for Easter Monday.   The plantation owner reportedly seeks to seize the Christians’ land.  Hearing the cries of his flock, Fr. James Kiron Rozario ran to the site of the attack.  Once there, the crowd of Muslims attacked him with a knife, seriously wounding him and threatening to kill him.

The Muslim mob went on to steal items worth 33,900 taka (4,134 EUR).  They also destroyed Bibles, crosses, holy pictures, musical instruments and homes — and slaughtered goats and chickens.

According to Msgr. Bejoy N. D’Cruze OMI, Bishop of Syleht, “We live in fear….  We want justice and security for our priests and our faithful. We hope that the government will find a peaceful solution and that our people can live free from tensions…. They [Catholic Khasia] are a very peaceful community but often fall victims of the Bengali [Muslim] majority.”

Raymond Ibrahim


  1. Kristi Anne says:

    The PERSECUTION of Christians and Jews has been around for Thousands of years!!

    Please PRAY for our Judeo-Christian Nation USA and Israel-Yisrael!! Please PRAY for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus-Yeshua!!

    Only JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY is RIGHT as we have the same GOD who art in HEAVEN!!

    Love Always and Shalom Everyone, YSIC \o/


  2. Christine says:

    It seems lately that there has been a never ending flow of Christian blood and Christians deprived of their homes. Muslims feeling entitled to steal Christian properties appears to be a very frequent catalyst for great violence. Yet the world’s leaders seem to think the only real injustice we face is Jews building homes in Jerusalem. The world seems more perverse and demonic every day. Thank you Jesus for saving my soul! I pray that He will heal and comfort this Pastor, and the parishoners will find means to survive. And if it is possible that any of those attackers are willing to receive a repentant heart I pray they do so quickly. Surely you have to be controlled by demons to do such things.

  3. Muslims from the Philippines to Algeria know all about Christmas and Easter. And they know when they are celebrated because that makes for soft targets to attack churches and increase thenumber of deaths. They hate these celebrations. It agitates their worldview. They believe muslims must rise up to “protect” Allah, Mohammad and their Koran. How shallow a religion that depends on murdering one’s opposition! They also know about Jewish high holidays. Christians and Jews celebrate life and the One True God that gives it. Muslims are more concerned with death, theirs and yours, that somehow, they believe, honors their false god Allah.

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