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Breaking News: 14 Year Old Pakistani Christian Boy, Burned For His Faith Has Died

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(Voice of the Persecuted) Social media sites from Pakistan and the Fides Agency are reporting that the 14 year old boy, Nauman Masih who was burned because he is Christian has died. 

 “This episode shows the hatred that circulates in society. We need to work more on dialogue and harmony among believers of different religions,” notes Fr. Channan. Shahbaz Sharif.

The Prime Minister of Punjab, called for those responsible to be arrested. The Director of “Peace Center” concludes: “I would say that today we are in the worst period in history for the life of Christians in Pakistan. Discrimination, suffering, oppression often become real persecution. Today we ask the government: where is justice? Where are the perpetrators of many incidents of gratuitous violence committed against Christians?”.


  • Pray for the family of this precious child.  His suffering is over, but theirs is just beginning.  
  • Pray for the Christians in Pakistan.  
  • Pray for the leaders to use sound judgement,
  • Pray for them to uphold the Constitution of Pakistan.  
  • Pray for strength, courage, and endurance for the innocent and the Christian population.
  • Pray for more to care



  1. Reblogged this on Tennessee Christian News ™ and commented:
    Horrible. Lord, please come soon and bring justice for all people. Please usher in your reign of peace and truth and justice.

  2. Terrible. We can only say he is in a far better place now with Jesus. This is one more ‘wake up’ call for us in the west to support our brothers and sisters who are living out their faith daily under severe persecution. Can we afford to doubt that we are living in the last days? We should be prepared ourselves, and pray for and inform others.

  3. Btaiwo says:

    Thank you lord that this boy will be in your presence for eternity. I pray peace and hope to the family as well as a heart to forgive those who burned the boy. Lord forgive those who killed this innocent child, for they don’t know what they do. I also pray that those who killed him will also come to know you. Amen

  4. Yes, there are several scriptures that actually ‘promise’ persecution, affliction and tribulation for those who believe in His Name. In past times we may have rushed our eyes over these words as they didn’t seem to apply to us. But they are still there, and we can’t ignore them. We ned to remember it’s not God putting persecution on us. He has fatherly forewarned us that these things would follow (2 Tim 3:12). Rather it is the devil and his followers who hate God and His children who supply the persecution and tribulations. (I just noticed something in the prior verse, where it says “out of them all God delivered me.” That came AFTER persecutions and afflictions were first ENDURED which Paul had described. Something to think about.)

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