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Voice of the Persecuted Condemns the Burning of a 14 Year Old Boy Simply for Being a Christian

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(Voice of the Persecuted) “Christians in Pakistan live under constant fear for their lives.” We have been watching the story of the torturous burning of a Christian child. It has been widely reported on social media sites, but not by the MSM. We have verified the incident through our network in Pakistan and sadly the reports are true. After being asked if he was a Christian, a gang of Muslims beat the 14 year old boy; then set him on fire. A mere child brutally tortured, simply for being a believer in Christ. There is absolutely no justification for such attacks, and unfathomable for us in the West.

Incidents such as this are all too frequent in Pakistan. The disdain of Christians grow as hostility against them has increased. For this reason, many Christians are fleeing Pakistan. Threats and Fatwa’s have been issued against many normally to silence, keep them from sharing the Gospel, as an attempt to forcibly convert them to Islam, or simply based on hatred towards them. This is why those who flee can never go back to the homeland they love. This is why they can’t function without watching over their shoulder each time they go out in public. A cause for world leaders to condemn and insist that Pakistan follow it’s own constitution.

The Constitution of Pakistan calls for Religious tolerance and freedom, yet the violence is permitted and hardly ever condemned by authorities and the police. Many times those hired to protect all Pakistani citizens do not cooperate, even refusing to file Christian complaints against the perpetrators. Through silence, it is condoned. What a travesty of justice.

According to the Fides Agency, “the incident took place on Friday, April 10, when young Muslims who were going to the mosque met Nauman along the way. They stopped him because he is a Christian, beat him, threw petrol over him and before fleeing they set him on fire.

The police was alerted and registered a complaint against unknown persons. Nauman told the superintendent of the police: “The young people who attacked me were complete strangers. They started to beat me after I told them I was a Christian. I tried to escape but they chased me and poured petrol over my body”. Nauman threw himself on a pile of sand, while some passersby helped him to put out the fire and called an ambulance.”


This precious boy is still in the hospital, in critical condition with severe burns over all of his body. How unconscionable is this and why is it not a priority for every news agency around the globe? Why doesn’t the UN Security Council meet and demand that Pakistan be held accountable for acts such as these? After the recent bombing of churches in Lahore, the violence that ensued after, seems to be all the media is concerned about. The arrests of Christians in the community has been brutal. Police come in the middle of the night, and take citizens to jail without due process.

Pakistan jails have a history of torture and abuse by the very people hired to uphold justice. Some, even the innocent do not make it out alive. And nothing more about justice for the bombings of the church. Nothing solid about how to prevent it, or bring those responsible to justice. Is it any wonder that the Christian community is frustrated, fearful, and angry? Where is the international outcry.

Religious leaders have called for calm and forgiveness. And as Christians, that is what we do. We follow our Savior’s example of forgiveness he set forth—forgiveness for all. But we do have to ask why world leaders can’t put in place a plan to ensure that genocidal/homicidal acts will not be carried out against the defenseless, those who worship Christ, minorities, the innocent and the weak? And to the Western churches/Church Body, why are you still mostly silent about what is happening not only in Pakistan, but the entire Middle East, Asia and Africa? Are they not our brothers and sisters? Are we not one in the Body of Christ?

Christians have become targets. They have suffered at the hands of an evil ideology. It’s spreading like the plague and projected to get worse. The time to speak out is NOW. Ask your representatives why President Obama has not appointed a special envoy and a committee to investigate the genocide happening globally against Christians.

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UPDATE: Breaking News: 14 Year Old Pakistani Christian Boy, Burned For His Faith Has Died

Please be a VOICE—they need us! And please remember our suffering brethren in your prayers. They our God’s Divine Intervention!


  1. Christine says:

    And yet America continues to give them billions a year for our ever expanding and apparently profitable War on Terror.

  2. Mujahid says:

    if Obama has any matter of Christianity in his elf, then he should must take the action against such inequality of christians in Pakistan. Can any one help us????????????

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