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Perfect Love – Inspired by faith of the Abedini family

United with the Persecuted


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Rosalie Britton – Missouri, USA

When we look with Gods eyes through Pastor Saeed and his family, we see Perfect Love of Jesus enduring before the cross of suffering …. Pastor Saeed and his family are showing how to persevere in Christlike love.. like Romans 5.  This has been a true testimony in my life to be thankful in all, every situation no matter the trials we face as in James 1 as we consisted it all Joy-in this perfect Love, together. We stand in much travail with our brother and sister as the Holy Spirit power leads them into His Glorious Plan and purpose for all to come to His saving grace …in Jesus name Amen
Shalom & Blessings

Love & prayers,
In Christ
Rose & Charles Britton
Fulton , Missouri
John 3:16


Thank you for sharing. So many persecuted Christians are asking us to pray for endurance and that they look to Christ in all situations having joy. We too can be encouraged! Let us all remember that we stand as one, together, ever ready to lift up each member in love, in Christ.

God bless you, Rose and Charles

VOP Project Team

Tell Pastor Saeed that we understand, and we will pick up the cross and follow Christ as he has.

Join in this project to let the Abedini’s know how they have inspired or renewed your faith. Each testimony will be a source of encouragement to them and the Body of Christ. When the family is reunited, we will gather the stories to be published in a book and presented to them as an appreciation for their steadfast faith. Together, we will be able to provide a little insight into how God has worked through them to be a blessing to more than they realize.  Add your testimony below. If your church has been active in praying for this persecuted family, inform them of this special mission so they too can share their thoughts and be an encouragement.

Be encouraged, view submitted testimonies HERE 

 inspired by faith



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