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Urgent Prayer Request: Warning of massacre in Syrian border city of Kobani

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Despite U.S. airstrikes, advancing ISIS forces near the Turkish border are a major threat to the Kurdish town of Kobani and could be a few hours away from committing  a large-scale massacre. Kurdish fighters say Islamic State militants have surrounded the Syrian border town of Kobani. The U.N. Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said such brutality may become a reality, warning that “the 12,000 civilians … will be most likely massacred.”

Speaking to CNN, a civilian said that things are worse than ever; the people are forced to endure mortar fire and fears of being beheaded should ISIS take over. “We know — we have seen it — what ISIS is capable of doing when they take over a city … with women, children, minorities and hostages.”

As we pray for those suffering, within the last hour, two brothers have specifically asked us to lift up the Kurdish town of Kobani.

  • prayer-158x238May I add another desperate prayer request? The Kurdish city of Kobani is falling. The Kurds have been helping Christian and Muslim refugees. They are very brave. But their rifles cannot withstand the rocket launchers and advanced weaponry that we in the USA have supplied ISIS. It appears that all of NATO is willing to sacrifice the Kurds. I hope I am misreading this. But they definitely need urgent prayer and a true miracle from God. And I confess that I would love for God to show Himself to the Kurdish people so they might be saved. Thanks!  – Chris
  • Meanwhile, thousands are trapped within the town of Kobani with the very real threat of the conquest of the Islamic State which means many of them will witness horrendous acts of massacre right before their eyes.
    When I take time to think of it I can only groan inwardly. I have no words to express it. I can only think of the prayers of the saints who were martyred in the book of Revelation, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” The King will return! Please intercede for them. NOBODY is doing anything about this.. Our government is doing little, Turkey is watching them being slaughtered from the top of a mountain. ONLY God can cause the enemy to run out of bullets and flee and that is what I am asking for in Jesus name! – Ioan

Almighty God, we cry out for your mercy on the people in Kobani. Father protect them and give them your peace and rest. We pray that the enemy will be confused, their plans confounded. That conversions will occur among them, turning them from the path of death, to the light and life in Christ. Father, we ask all this in the name of Jesus.

A music video of Psalm 13 (How Long O Lord)




  1. jeff says:

    Sadly the Turks want the Kurds eliminated, just like they wanted the Armenians eliminated in the last century.
    And when the dust settles the Turks will march in and begin the gradual retaking of the Ottoman Empire.
    When this administration says we need to look at the bigger picture – there it is – in a nice blood soaked frame.

  2. You are so right Jeff, the west (gen pup) are clueless about the Turk´s, they don´t even know there was such a thing as the Armenian Holocaust, how sad is that. And now this city, the Turks don´t [care about them] Isis or IS is doing their dirty work for them. No western European should visit Turkey period!

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