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2nd Annual Global Prayer Vigil for Saeed Abedini Planned for September 26th

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Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed

Detroit Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed, Sept.26, 2013 sponsored by Voice of the Persecuted

(VOP) Last year, on the day after Prayer Vigils were held globally for Pastor Saeed, President Obama mentioned him and other imprisoned Americans on a phone call with the Iranian President. What will happen this year if we pray again?

Saeed’s wife, Naghmeh Abedini is planning the second global vigil for 6-8pm (in your time zone) on Friday, September 26th. Note: vigils can be held at a time convenient for your location.

We are looking for others willing to join us in standing and praying with Naghmeh, and to be a VOICE for the persecuted in your State and community. Remember, this is a global event and we encourage those outside of the U.S. to also hold vigils in your country and participate in this special prayer event for the persecuted.

Voice of the Persecuted encourages you to consider helping coordinate a prayer vigil in your area. If you are willing to plan a vigil, please e-mail your response to globalvigil2014@gmail.com.  Please also feel free to e-mail any questions you may have about the vigil. You will receive a response back.

Pastor Frank Julian and Pastor Quran Karriem pray at Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed Abedini in Detroit, Michigan 2013

Pastor Frank Julian and Pastor Quran Karriem pray at Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed Abedini in Detroit, Michigan 2013

Along with Naghmeh, we are believing for Saeed’s release and praying for a miracle. On September 26th we will stand together and intercede for Saeed and on behalf of Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith. Our communities must know the value of standing up for Jesus Christ, and our governments must remember the importance of religious freedom.

If you are willing to coordinate the event this year, upon your confirmation, you will receive materials to help aid you in your planning, including information on how to manage any media requests.

Thank you for faithfully praying and learning about our persecuted family. Let us go a step further to support our Brother Saeed who has been languishing in an Iranian prison cell for nearly 2 years. Let Heaven and the whole world hear, he is NOT FORGOTTEN by his Christian family, worldwide.

Encourage your pastor and others to join us. Please feel free to share this update. Let us PRAY together in unity, one Body in Christ! 

DETROITERS: Location for the Prayer Vigil will be at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Ave. at 6pm

If you live in the area and would like to be a part of the Detroit Prayer Vigil Planning Committee,  or 

PASTORS/FAITH LEADERS/ADVOCATES: If you would like to be a guest speaker and pray at the Detroit Vigil for Pastor Saeed and the persecuted Church, contact us at detroitprayervigil@gmail.com 

TO FIND VIGIL LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE visit http://beheardproject.com/prayer-vigil/saeed

L. Kanalos, Founder/Advocate




  1. Vivian Lovlein says:

    Were is a prayer Vigil in Minneapolis MN to pray for Saeed and the persecuted church.

    • Hello Vivian,

      Below are the vigil locations being held in Minnesota. It is not to late to coordinate one in your area. Let us know if you need more info.
      Baxter, Minnesota First Baptist Church (7398 Fairview Road)6 PM
      Duluth Minnesota Rock Hill Community Church TBA
      Fergus Falls, Minnesota Fergus Falls City Hall (112 W Washington Avenue) 12 PM
      Lindstrom, Minnesota PRIVATE PRIVATE
      Mayer, Minnesota TBA TBA
      Perham, Minnesota New Creation Lutheran Church (201 1st Ave S Perham, MN)6-7 PM
      Saint Paul, Minnesota Calvary Chapel Saint Paul TBA
      Saint Paul, Minnesota Calvary Chapel Saint Paul 6-8 PM
      St. Paul, Minnesota State Capitol Building (upper mall)6 PM
      Walker, Minnesota Cornerstone Church 6:30-8 PM

  2. Janice L. Williams says:

    I heard this story about the above mentioned family and this prayer vigil late last night on TBN, immediately after I had just questioned God,Where is he while I’m dealing with my persecution. After hearing this story attentively my answer was felt in all of the stories and scriptures quoted. I’m right here with you, just as he showed up and revealed his spirit and covering to Naghmeh and Saeed as they reconizied their mission with committed passion just as we should be carrying out our purpose for being here.We were created to live through our faith, belief and serving God for the supernatural to have the Glory.We must continue to stand and know its not about me its about Our Father’s Business and the promises he made. This story and the peace I was in while questioning God was my revealation again showing me his covering at a time like this.
    Our job is to take care of the possible and Trust God with the impossible.

  3. Veronicabrissett says:

    This is the prayer n fasting that I have chooses to break the bond of wickedness lose the heavy burden set the Captive free break the yoke. Let’s rise up with fasting and prayer for those who are persecuted and God will show up. Amenxxxx

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