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NIGERIA: Women bury over 40 children after massive attack on Christians

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By Our Nigerian  Correspondent

Nigeria (Voice of the Persecuted) – The deadly attack on Attagara village on June 3, 2014 by Islamic militants, continues to claim more lives as the death toll raises from 168 to 202. More casualties were located in caves where insurgents found and killed the victims where they hid from the attackers.

We are troubled by an interview with an elderly woman who took part in the burial of the corpses. She recounted that, “Over 40 children have been buried so far. Five decomposing bodies of the children were found in the stream.”

“We had no other option than to stay behind and bury our husbands and children,” a witness told our correspondent  “We were told by the insurgents to become Muslim and wear a veil (HAMAR), or else they would come back to kill us. But we preferred to die, than leave our brethren unburied.”

Sources proved that it will be difficult for the survivors to come down from the hills. The area is still under the control of the insurgents. All roads leading to the towns are now occupied by the insurgents. Residents are unable to return to even bury the dead, it is too dangerous.

Witnessing the grisly scene of insurgents slaughtering their families and friends weighs heavily in their minds. The gunmen dressed in military uniforms had convinced residents that they had come to provide protection. One witness of the carnage said, “No military personnel has yet to be seen. And even if they come to rescue us, we will never trust them.”

The affected villages are near the Mandara Mountains, close to the border with Cameroon. Boko Haram has many times targeted the people of the area.

It is confirmed that thousands have fled to Cameroon, Adamawa and Taraba. Survival conditions are grim, as there is virtually nothing there for them to eat.

Verifying the whereabouts of the resident pastors, our correspondent gathered that Reverend David D. Fa’aya in charge of the Church of the Brethren(EYN) in Atagara, had a terrifying encountered with the insurgents at the church compound. He narrowly escaped, but not without sustaining a devastating injury. He is presently receiving treatment in a Cameroon Hospital.

Rev. Bitrus Talaka of the EYN church in Agapalwa and Pastor John Lamisa of National Evangelical Mission church, jumped over a fence and ran bare foot for several kilometers to escape the brutal attack. Rev. Calip Mbahi of the EYN church in Angurva is still missing. Distraught, a victim said, “We don’t know whether he is dead or alive.

Villagers are still missing and the number of dead is still expected to rise. A local political figure claimed, “The killings were massive.”

  • Pray for the our Christian family in Nigeria.
  • Pray for those suffering great loss.
  • Pray for the victims needs to be met.
  • Pray they will be able to forgive
  • Pray for the lost.
  • Pray for peace in Nigeria.

Article may be reprinted with credit to Voice of the Persecuted

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