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Islamic Militants Kill 80 Christians in Bloody Attack in Nigeria

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3 June 2014 (Voice of the Persecuted)—Our Nigerian correspondent has confirmed another brutal attack by Boko Haram Islamic militants near the Cameroon border. They invaded Attagara village in Gwoza, a Local Government of Borno State killing over 80 Christians. The insurgents came in military Helux, disguised as Nigerian Military. They called the Christians to the church premises where over 45 Christians assembled, believing they were military personnel. Unfortunately all were killed at the church compound.

According to an eye witness demanding anonymity, a group of the insurgents overcame 30 nursing mothers and killed 17 of the children. “I saw it with my eyes”, the witness said. “But some of the women that were carrying females babies were not killed”, they added.

Another source who narrowly escaped, blamed the Military for negligence alleging that it was a deliberate attempt to wipe out the Christian community. “How can insurgents pass through Military Checkpoints in military uniforms and vehicles without being arrested? Something is fishy, the military base is not very far from the village but all of them refused to come. And the attack lasted for almost 6 hours, where was the Military?” he asked.

Accounts of today’s attack clearly show that the Boko Haram came to seek revenge in regard to the killing of 7 insurgents by the community volunteer security team in a previous attack. The group had repelled against the insurgents on 1st June 2014, when they open fired on worshipers in the church that killed over 27 Christians. However, today’s attack would prove even more deadly as the number of casualties would not equal less than 80, because so many Christians were randomly shot.

Sources who counted the Christians villages lamented that, “No single Christian’s house is left standing. All were brought down to ashes.” They proceeded to nearby villages in Aganjara, Agamanchiya, Ngoshe, Angurva and also burnt down the churches and the houses.

During the devastating attack, a group of insurgents numbering about 80 came through Ashigasha village with a truck full of petrol and explosive devices. They threw bombs at the churches, Christian’s homes and public buildings. Other insurgents chased down the remaining Christians and killed them. The operations lasted for a span 5 hours. Almost everything in Attagara village has been destroyed. During the brutal killings, it was claimed that Muslims of the community were busy rejoicing and looting the valuable properties of the Christians.

By, VOP Nigerian Correspondent

Though the media isn’t covering it, our people on the ground are confirming the killing of Nigerian Christians is happening almost daily.

We must join in urgent prayer for our Nigerian brothers and sisters. Pray for their faith, strength and endurance. They feel there are no safe places left for them and at any moment they may be attacked. They tell us are abandoned by not only Nigerians, but by the world. They have begged for help locally and internationally, but no one seems to be listening to the Christians. Pray they may see a quick end to the force that is targeting, eliminating and ignoring them

Can you even imagine what it must be like living under these circumstances…it’s a question we ask ourselves. May God hear our prayers and give us the ability to do something for our suffering family in Christ. To be His hands and feet.

 Article may be reprinted with credit to Voice of the Persecuted



  1. This is a great example what happens to the general population in a Nation that does not allow their citizens to have FireArms .

    • Diana Shugar says:

      and who turn their back on God. If God isn’t in a nation, something will fill the void.

      • Dear sister, There are many Nigerian Christians living out their lives, as a sacrifice to God. This is hard to say, but we know Christians in Nigeria that could show many in the U.S. what being a true Christian is all about. We are inspired by their unshakable faith. And sadly, people in many nations are turn their backs on God, including America. We pray for revival, worldwide!

        God bless you!

  2. cjmartel says:

    I will pray for those poor souls.

  3. Walter says:

    I agree with David.When you have no firearms all you are is a target.I dont think God meant Christians to be targets.Have we learnt nothing about Islam?

  4. john ed says:

    Pray for them and send ammo!!!!!!!

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