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Nigerian Christians: Desperate And Losing Hope in Humanity – Breaking The Silence

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5/22/2013 (Voice of the Persecuted) The world attention has been drawn to Nigeria with the brutal and ruthless kidnapping of Christian girls in Nigeria.  The intent of these seemingly evil led individuals is to sell these precious girls into slavery and convert them to another religion.  World leaders gathered in Paris over the weekend to discuss plans to find these girls and attack this evil perpetrating these crimes.  This terror group is actually taking pleasure in the fact that the world is talking about them—morbid and pathetic.

In recent days the radical Islamic rebels attacked a Chinese group of workers in Waza, kidnapping 10 and wounding one.  There was another attack this time in Jos, in a predominantly Christian area of the neighborhood.  Killing 118 at last count.  This darkness is growing, a blackness covering the land.

One thing that is not getting attention is the despair and hopelessness of the people of Nigeria.  Their sadness and desperation is ignored by the Nigerian government and the world.  Even though Africa is rich with minerals the citizens have been left to starvation, and squalor.  When speaking with the people on the ground trying to aid the suffering, the situation is devastating.  The caring individuals helping are senselessly murdered or narrowly escape death, even their food has been poisoned by those who follow closely with the terrorism.

We have spoken with our contacts on the ground. Recently, they were approached and one thing is certain, there is a growing desperation from the people of Nigeria.  They feel abandoned, disillusioned, & hopeless.  The desperation and sadness in their voice is heartbreaking.  Food is short and many are starving, as well as a shortage of medical supplies.  The last attack in Jos was not only in a crowed market, but also planned secondary bomb blast at the hospital while people were being transported for treatment of their wounds.  This is not courage, this is not from God, this is not honorable.  It is cowardice plain and simple.  An evil that that is beyond comprehension.

In our last communication with our contact he said this:

“I want to Thank God for using your prayer team to cover me with the blood of Jesus, I am also glad that your always worried about my safety which left you with a burden of praying for me daily.  I want to state clearly that your prayers are not in vain, I have two compelling testimonies of how God saved me from death in difficult and complicated situations.  I was traveling in a car with a driver when God told me not to travel by road.  The insurgents took my bag, and beheaded the driver who didn’t come with me.  (It was your prayers that changed the situation.)”  He also ate food that was poisoned and although he was severely ill and vomiting quite a bit of blood, God healed him.   He & others continuously give thanks to God for His guidance, and his faith grows with each act of terror.   Through it all, he comforts us.  He say’s I have no doubt, fear or regret in whatsoever situation that would befall me provided I am serving the persecuted believers.  I want you to also have faith and believe that God is watching over me, and HE is the only one to help me stay safe.

The back and forth with Western Governments, and their silence for so long has only fueled and aided this growth of terror.  It was Hillary Clinton who hesitated when she could have labeled them a terrorist group long ago.

The affects of Clinton not calling them a terrorists group.

(CNN) reported Robert Jackson, the principal deputy assistant secretary for African affairs said, “The United States could have acted sooner to designate Boko Haram a foreign terrorist organization, a State Department official told Congress on Thursday, adding that “resolving this crisis is now one of the highest priorities of the U.S. government.”

He claimed the debate within the State Department over a terror label “was really about the Nigerian attitude towards designation” for the Islamic extremist group that advocates Sharia law.

“The government of Nigeria feared that designating these individuals and the organizations would bring them more attention, more publicity and be counter productive,” said Jackson. “For some time we accepted that point of view.”

Pressed by Sen. Marco Rubio, Jackson admitted “in retrospect, we might have done it earlier. I think the important thing is that we have done it and that we’ve offered a reward for the top leadership of Boko Haram’s location.”

The group, kidnapped over 200 [nearly 300] school girls 5 weeks ago in north Nigeria. They have threatening to sell them into slavery. This terror organization was added to the terror list by Secretary of State John Kerry last November .

The terror designation provides greater access to a group’s finances and more capability to limit its movements.

Other political leaders called on the State Department to add Boko Haram to the terror list in 2012 after the bombing in Abujat and fears that it had ties to al Qaeda. The agency rejected that approach fearing the possibility of heighten threats against U.S. and Western interests, or tied to abuses carried out by Nigerian forces.

Former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson, who served under Clinton, told reporters the convoluted socio-economic dynamics of Nigeria required a more holistic and nuanced approach than the security focus of anti-terrorism efforts.

Others feel the the radical group was  “another hard choice where Clinton made the wrong decision.”

Serious prayers are needed for the Nigerian Christians and our correspondent there. His latest report was devastating to hear. They are so weary and feel completely abandoned. Boko Haram has been emboldened by their latest operations and that they are being hunted by authorities. Pray the Lord will cover the innocent Christians in their path. Please pray for the young girls abducted by this evil group. It is almost hard to even know how to pray for this region, so we will let the Spirit speak for us.

By C. Refsland, & L. Kanalos VOP Advocates


  1. John Sharpe says:

    I am praying for you all, please continue to keep us informed

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