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Write To Encourage The Persecuted

United with the Persecuted


Share their stories Knowledge is power!

Our voices cry out for the Persecuted Church

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Please follow all instructions when writing letters and remember to be respectful. We would never want to bring more harm to our suffering brethren.

Norine and Andrew Brunson

Norine and Andrew Brunson

Write A Letter To Pastor Andrew Brunson imprisoned in Turkey

American Pastor Brunson continue to need our encouragement and prayers.

UPDATE: Jan. 20, 2017

Thank you for writing, but we are asking that letters not be sent at this time. It appears they may be preventing letters from his wife from getting through.

His wife has shared that he despairs of ever getting out, of being reunited with her, hugging his children, attending important family ‘life events’, etc. There are long delays for his wife’s visits to be approved. Andrew has not been allowed books so day after day is empty and long. 20 people are crowded in the room, with almost no space to walk. His cell mates are extremely devout Muslim men- prayers constantly going on. They would like to convert Andrew.

Please pray for:
Andrew’s spiritual encouragement – for him to hear from the Lord. That his wife will be granted regular visits with him. That he will be allowed books as permitted. Please continue to pray for his release.



Maryam Naghash Zargaran-Nasim

Maryam Naghash-Zargaran – Nasim was arrested and put into prison for practicing her right to believe in the religion of her choice. In this case it is Christianity. She was sentenced to 4 years on July 15, 2013 in Iran’s notorious Evin prison. Maryam is in ill health, and has suffered a heart attack while in prison. Send her an encouraging message of support to let her know that she has not been forgotten. CLICK HERE




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  1. Margery Conte says:

    To the boy that is a Christian being persecuted in a Muslim school and area ! I am praying for you ! I want to help you ! This is not right what they are doing to you ! Jesus please move this boy , arrange a different scenario for him right away ! Take him out of the hands of evil immediately ! No weapon formed against you will prosper !!! No evil wil befall you or come near your dwelling ! I put the blood of Jesus over you !!! We praise the Lord for his powerful Word that says pray believe and receive !!! Mark 11 22 thru 27 forgive so that the prayer will go through !!! Pray believe receive and forgive ! It works ! I love you from the United States of America !!!

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