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Rebels Claim Assad Used Chlorine Gas Again: It’s Time To Hold The World Accountable For These Atrocities

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chlorinegasattacksyriaSyria’s President Assad has been in the news again, accused of using Chlorine gas on innocent civilians yet again.  Reuters is reporting that these new accusations came after Assad announced his bid to run for president in June.  Also after his announcement there were 2 incidents of bombings one in Homs and the other in Damascus.  Killing at least 50 people, including children.  These areas are government held areas at the moment.  I say at the moment because they were once held by rebels.  According to our sources  this is a game that has been played by both sides.  The Government forces pulled out of Homs at one time and allowed a rebel takeover that killed a number of Christians.  President Assad has protected Christians in the past, so these areas when given over to rebels saw a huge massacre of Christians and innocent civilians.

I have to question the accusation of Assad using Chemical weapons at this point.  He has been under pressure to give up his arsenal, and he is under the microscope of the UN and other western powers.  It is the general opinion of those from there, that Assad did not do this.  I find it hard to believe as he just announced he is running again for President.  And we know that the rebels have had access to chemical weapons plants, and we know that they have been aided by western governments militarily and financially.  Turkey has even proven to aid the traffic of rebels into Syria from foreign lands.  Coming into Syria for ‘Jihad’.

Assad has had his share of blood on his hands.  He is a dictator in a brutal part of the world.  And he has ties to Iran.  However isn’t it time the world holds the rebels accountable and those countries that support them?  It has been said that Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are aiding these rebels.  I say it’s time the media and officials demand accountability and stop the shedding of innocent blood.  It’s time to say enough.  Pray for the people of Syria, pray for our brothers and sisters there.  It was just recently that the rebels brutally murdered a priest.

Priest killed in syria

A priest that was helping both sides.  A priest that stood for peace and freedom.  And that doesn’t include the thousands of Christians who have been slaughtered unmercilessly.  We can’t forget the memory of those who have died in this brutal cleansing.  And don’t forget the pictures of crucifixion mocking Jesus that are surfacing also.  So the rebels who are spotless claim Assad used Chemical weapons and we should believe them why?  Again, it’s time to demand accountability from our Government and other Western and Middle eastern governments.

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